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Wedding Day 7k

Fri July 30 2010 Listed by Vincent
Wedding Day 7k
Name Wedding Day 7k
Distance Run 7 km
Terrain mixed
Official PB Race Yes
Route None specified
Ascent / Descent 0m / 0m (0ft / 0ft)
Distance From You 3552.92 miles

18 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
AndyWooHoo Ranelagh Harriers 29:01 29:01 30:00 29:01 67.15
Athlete In Progress Ranelagh Harriers 36:52 36:52 38:30 36:52 50.90
cazza1 Unaffiliated 42:46 42:46 42:46 51.40
Choccie Monster Ranelagh Harriers 25:25 25:25 26:20 25:25 84.46
Dave B Unaffiliated 29:06 29:11 29:11 64.60
DIY Diva Ranelagh Harriers, Vets AC 33:29 33:46 33:46 67.35
DocBones Stragglers 29:37 29:37 30:00 29:37 64.82
Fi fi Epsom Oddballs RC 32:09 33:34 33:34 64.27
inwoosa Unaffiliated 49:40 49:40 50:00 49:40 49.12
July67 Unaffiliated 29:59 31:25 31:25 62.95
katec Runnymede Runners 32:16 40:40 40:00 40:40 51.83
lesleyanne Unaffiliated 48:04 51:04 50:00 51:04 53.14
Magpie Rob Ranelagh Harriers 30:47 33:25 36:00 33:25 58.74
MisterCG Unaffiliated 0.00
Peteb69 100 Marathon Club, Serpentine RC 27:52 27:52 27:52 70.97
rangermouse1967 Mornington Chasers 32:15 32:15 33:00 32:15 61.32
Rod the plod Cambridge Harriers 25:46 27:31 27:31 67.94
slow coach caz Runnymede Runners 44:43 44:50 44:50 55.82
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Comments From Runners

I think this is cause for dressing up - so look out!
Position: 310

Pre-Race: Legs were very achey and stiff from a hard sprint training session on Tuesday after 10K Race on Sunday.
Usual Foot pain also twinging but not throbbing!

Felt flat all the way round and really hard work forcing legs to move....

Race seemed to go by quite quickly, although when seeing peers & friends pass me felt a little dissapointed I could not stay with them as I just couldn't get rid of the tight leg'd feeling. Left hamstring also started twinging and from there on all I was thinking about was completing without stopping.
A main positive was that I was under 37 Mins which I had set myself a goal to be under, If over would of been really peed off! My ambitious goal was to run pb 5k pace all the way round, but this was just going to happen the way the legs were feeling.
Overall quite happy with run and never done this one before so no previous time to beat.
Athlete In Progress
New distance for me at a very local race - just two minutes up the road lovely.
race number 540 - 96th out of 505

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Athlete In Progress 30th Jul 10, 23:06