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Rose Inn Series Race 3

Tue July 8 2008 Listed by Zoom
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Rose Inn Series Race 3
Run 4 miles
Terrain: road
Included in our PB listings
No route specified
Asc 0m / Desc 0m (0ft / 0ft)
Journey: 3565.68 miles

11 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Gerund Unaffiliated 25:15 25:15 25:15 77.06
Hanneke FELL PONIES 29:51 29:51 29:59 29:51 66.42
Midpack San Domenico RC 24:19 24:53 25:07 69.99
Oatcake Unaffiliated 38:06 38:06 38:06 50.72
Quickstepking Glenwood Active 29:11 29:11 30:00 29:59 55.46
sluggett Chepstow Harriers 35:56 35:56 36:00 35:56 58.44
stuartmc Les Croupiers RC 22:45 23:47 24:08 71.26
The_Saint San Domenico RC 25:38 26:00 26:17 68.42
wheresthefinishline!!! Chepstow Harriers 32:10 36:25 40:00 36:25 53.94
WildeRover Lliswerry Runners 28:08 30:45 30:45 31:56 54.24
Zoom Chepstow Harriers 31:56 31:56 31:58 31:56 60.09

Comments From Runners

Ended up pacing Zoom to a 32 mins (apologies to the person who bet on me).................and she did it. Well done Zoom.
Didn't feel sharp or quick and it was windy so a bit of a surprise to PB
Yay! What an excellent little race this is! PB by 41 seconds, in a tough race because of the strong winds :-) Happy!
Going for that magical sub 32! And got it!!!
Much better than last month!

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  • On 23rd Jun 2008 at 10:31pm, The_Saint wrote: Starts 19:30
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