Evangel M65

Current Status

I'm an old wrinkly now. I had a thigh/calf/hip problem since late June 2011; after seeing the chiro, 2 consultants,having x-rays and physio, it was given a name - Spinal Stenosis. Amitryptiline has at last made me pain-free.

About Me

I first started running in 1983, when at 38 I realised that I was pretty unfit. I've nearly always trained alone. I did my first race in 1985 - a 10K. I've done a couple of Half-M's, and then the Dublin Marathon at age50. Since then I've done very little regular running. At the end of 2007 I started running again on a small scale just before I became semi-retired. I'm now 65 - old enough to know better!

Update Sept 2009. I hope to make my targets in next 12 months :- Sub-24min.5K; Sub-50 min.10K; sub-1hr 50min.HM. I also hope to improve my WAVA rating, and reach 70% for at least 1 distance.

Update Sept 2010 - I didn't manage to achieve any of my targets in the 12 months, but I am moderately confident of getting 1 or 2 of them before 2010 ends.

7th October I achieved 2 targets tonight (PTL) - sub 24 minute 5k and a WAVA over 70%; in fact I did the 5k in 23:26 and got WAVA score 70.93%.

Update June 2011 - As I reached age 65 last November, I trained for a Marathon to celebrate! I ran in the Orpington Marafun, but I hadn't properly recovered from flu, and had to walk a few bits of it, finishing in an undistinguished 4:42. Now I'm concentrating on improving performance on short distances - from 1 mile to 10K.

Update January 2013 - Since June 2011 I had a problem in left leg with acute pain at times; it was finally diagnosed as Spinal Stenosis, and after about 21 months of pain, Amitryptiline has made me virtually pain-free. I hope to achieve a 70% WAVA again, but it will take a long time to get back to where I was.

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Best Ever Times

Distance Race Time Pace WAVA Date Races
5 km The Burnham Esplanade 5k 23:26 7:33 70.93 Oct 2010 6
4 miles Crymych Fun Run 34:10 8:33 62.07 Jul 2009 1
5 miles Weston Prom Run 8/9 40:28 8:06 67.9 Apr 2010 2
10 km Shinfield 10K 40:37 6:32 69.43 May 1985 2
13.1 miles Cispotel Half Marathon 1:35:46 7:19 68.74 Oct 1994 2
26.2 miles Dublin Golden Pages Marathon 3:40:16 8:24 62.75 Oct 1995 2

Annual Bests

Distance 1985 1994 1995 2008 2009 2010 2011 2014
5 km 25:14 24:12 23:26 26:42
4 miles 34:10
5 miles 40:28
10 km 40:37 50:55
13.1 miles 1:35:46 1:59:03
26.2 miles 3:40:16 4:42:06
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