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17 Jan
9:20pm, 17 Jan 2017
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Writing a blog - I may be some time!
17 Jan
9:26pm, 17 Jan 2017
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Under a cat
17 Jan
9:34pm, 17 Jan 2017
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Lip Gloss
Off to bed..don't feel very sociable tonight :-(
17 Jan
9:35pm, 17 Jan 2017
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"Cave" as any fule kno, is Latin for "beware".
17 Jan
9:47pm, 17 Jan 2017
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As in "cave canem".

Fleecy, how about keeping a bag of frozen mixed vegetables in the freezer as an emergency "accompaniment" to whatever else you're giving Mr. Fleecy?
17 Jan
9:48pm, 17 Jan 2017
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Good night LG. Hope you feel better in the morning.
17 Jan
10:03pm, 17 Jan 2017
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Back from choir (first session I've made since the beginning of December :-O) My friend and fellow alto Val has had/is having as crappy a start to 2017 as I have. Singing 'I've had the time of my life' cheered me up though :-)
17 Jan
11:04pm, 17 Jan 2017
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Shattered. Failed to do any meaningful work. Going to bed.
17 Jan
11:13pm, 17 Jan 2017
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Mazlin - it's a bus with a cave inside :-)
1:06am, 18 Jan 2017
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Feeling drained but wide awake, sod all on tv.

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I have replaced the batteries in the TV remote.

The old ones were flat, so it wasn't working.

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