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Giants Head Marathon 2013 pluggy plug

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9:00pm, 19 Apr 2014
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Nope...genuinely can't do it. You know I work in a shop and you also know that I have the previous weekend off to run through the night with you. :-)
9:04pm, 19 Apr 2014
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Lol :-):-) ok, ok! I'll let you off this time!
9:09pm, 19 Apr 2014
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You also know that that kind of remark would have made me do it if I could get the weekend off :-)
9:18pm, 19 Apr 2014
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I was slower on the downs than the ups!!!!!!

10:00pm, 20 Apr 2014
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I dunno i turn my back for 5 minutes and theres 50 posts
Camping and food update emails going out end of the week
Barn Dance band booked too
3:04pm, 17 Jun 2014
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Couple of spaces left in 2014 Giants Head marathon if ya wanna get em
9:19pm, 22 Jun 2014
672 posts
Both races now full
1:11pm, 1 Jul 2014
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I'm still on a post event comedown after GHM this year, what a fab weekend and so lovely to see so many Fetchies :-) I got loads of sweaty hugs at the Lovestation - I was in my element!! Hope everyone had as good a time as we at White Star Running did :-)
4:30pm, 1 Jul 2014
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I'd be lying if I said I enjoyed every minute- there was a lot of pain and self doubt in there about whether I'd actually finish- but now the pain is over, I can say I did love it overall :-) what a fabulous race and so well organised, and anybody that can hug me when I'm as sweaty, snotty, and spit covered (incident where I swallowed a fly) as I was deserves a medal (with a big willy on it...)
3:07pm, 2 Jul 2014
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Sweaty hugs make my world go round :-)
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