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Dinner tonight shall be...

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9:54pm, 20 Nov 2014
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Butternut squash soup with homemade walnut bread; baked apple with date, cinamon and ginger.

2:31pm, 21 Nov 2014
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Scallops and bacon with cheesy tomato mash and mixed green veggies. One from Jamie's 15 minute meals
2:41pm, 21 Nov 2014
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chicken and bacon pasta bake
2:57pm, 21 Nov 2014
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Chicken Tinola, spring greens, probably with toasted coconut flakes. The chicken part is fairly frugal.
3:07pm, 21 Nov 2014
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Hot smoked salmon in soy and chilli sauce with some plants, unless VP gets to the salmon first.
3:20pm, 21 Nov 2014
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Sea bass, couscous and roasted vegetables.
6:44pm, 21 Nov 2014
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Sea bass, roast sweet potato & onion, roasted peppers and spinach.
8:35pm, 21 Nov 2014
433 posts
Chicken curry with brown Basmati - made a big pot o fit, so a couple of portions will be frozen for next week. Nice 'n spicy with mushrooms, tomatoes and red peppers thrown in: a sort of cupboard Rogan Josh.
10:45pm, 21 Nov 2014
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A car picnic whilst driving 200 miles to mid-Scotland.....

Where it is currently pi$$ing it down.....
9:23am, 22 Nov 2014
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Sausages, cauli cheese, curry, naan bread, lime pickles (Pattaks obvs ;-)), rice plus anything else lurking in the fridge Oink!

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