Dinner tonight shall be...

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10:23pm, 26 Apr 2016
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Spaghetti fried with garlic and bacon.

Home made coffee ice cream.
10:36pm, 26 Apr 2016
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10:37pm, 26 Apr 2016
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I also had a mango lassi. A fabulous thick, mangoey lassi
10:41pm, 26 Apr 2016
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A 6-course feast..

French onion soup, baked St Marcellin cheese with sourdough toast, Confit of duck leg with potatoes & veg, sticky toffee pudding, a cheese board, coffee & chocolates.

It was all very tasty but far far too much. I won't need to eat for a week.
11:19pm, 26 Apr 2016
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...mostly inedible.
7:57pm, 1 May 2016
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...salmon and samphire with some new potatoes for me.
7:58pm, 1 May 2016
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Oven chips and Chin Chin! Time for a Gin!. In a second I'll cook some asparagus too.
8:02pm, 1 May 2016
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Good idea Fleecy, oven chips :-)
8:44pm, 1 May 2016
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...and then some cheesecake.


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