Dinner tonight shall be...

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14 Aug
8:23pm, 14 Aug 2016
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Random blitz of fridge & cupboards! Fried/grilled pesto tuna, with lemon cous cous & black olives, steamed green beans & bbq butter corn on cob
14 Aug
8:44pm, 14 Aug 2016
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Lip Gloss
Sounds nice I_W.

Spaghetti bolognaise
22 Aug
10:03pm, 22 Aug 2016
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...salmon with roasted vegetables. Carbs in the form of beer.
22 Aug
10:12pm, 22 Aug 2016
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Pasta bolognaise
22 Aug
11:05pm, 22 Aug 2016
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22 Aug
11:06pm, 22 Aug 2016
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Cottage Pie (low fat). Enough gump made for this evening's meal, for SWMBO to have a good portion to take to work tomorrow, for a good portion to in for dehydration for vacuum sealing and putting in to camping foods stock, and Wednesday evening's dinner :-)

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