100 Marathon Challenge

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2 Jun
6:25pm, 2 Jun 2013
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In the past few years Gt. Langdale has clashed with #2 sons birthday weekend. I'm hoping one year it won't. :-)
2 Jun
6:27pm, 2 Jun 2013
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paul a
Get your priorities right FR ;-)
2 Jun
6:29pm, 2 Jun 2013
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Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah!!
21 Sep, FR
2 Jun
7:57pm, 2 Jun 2013
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I am unable to do Gt. Langdale as it clashes with a rather flat Tooting Bec 24 (thankfully)
2 Jun
8:01pm, 2 Jun 2013
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I may be providing sherpa services at Gt Langdale this year ;-)
2 Jun
8:17pm, 2 Jun 2013
14393 posts
I'm unable to do Great Langdale as it clashes, this year, with the Harvest Hobble: Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Less than 20 miles away and somewhere I've done a lot of LSRing in the past. It'd be rude not to.
2 Jun
10:48pm, 2 Jun 2013
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Hilly races are the work of the devil. Flat or slightly downhill are the best ones. If I can get a cab to the finish thats even better.
3 Jun
12:47am, 3 Jun 2013
413 posts
London Nici
I'd like to join please.

Have calculated if I do at least two a month I can have my very own 100 shirt by my 45th birthday :-)
3 Jun
8:34am, 3 Jun 2013
14400 posts
Speaking of which, TZ/Traviss anyone else "important".

It's 26 miles off-road: Link (roll over me to see where I go)
Can it go on the list?
3 Jun
8:46am, 3 Jun 2013
28816 posts
Welcome Nici :-)

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