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Ultra Marathons

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6:42pm, 2 Jul 2015
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That's the other thing I'd need to do in advance - force myself to use Harveys to get used to their colour coding and (re)learn to navigate by altitude and contour lines since there's not a lot of other info on them!

Did they leave the grid lines on the maps to allow you to locate yourself with GPS?
7:29am, 3 Jul 2015
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flanker, yes they left the grid lines on! Actually, that was one of my revelations - using my watch, (garmin Fenix) to give me a OS Grid Ref which I could then use to locate myself (roughly) on the map. Very, very useful - especially in the cloud and mist.

On Day 4 the maps changed to OS Explorer-style which was really confusing for a while as the colours changed, trails went from red to green etc. It also had all the additional detail you'd normally get on an OS Explorer map - navigation was SO much simpler!
12:53pm, 3 Jul 2015
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I've got the long press on the lap button of my Fenix set to give grid ref. Can be very handy at times.
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