Pier to Pier

Sun May 17 2009 Listed by nochickenstrip
Pier to Pier
Run 7 miles
Terrain: mixed
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No route specified
Asc 0m / Desc 0m (0ft / 0ft)
Journey: 3801.05 miles

34 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
aj74 Elvet Striders 53:00 54:53 54:53 56.34
alisterrobson FERC, Durham Triathlon Club 53:04 57:23 58:00 57:23 54.85
batmouse Sunderland Strollers 59:30 1:06:56 1:25:00 1:06:56 53.28
Black Cat Stocksfield Striders 59:57 1:03:36 1:05:00 1:04:15 51.65
Coulson Elswick Harriers 51:26 54:55 54:55 56.31
craig_d60 Jarrow & Hebburn AC 42:33 45:12 45:00 45:12 67.80
dizzie1981 Elvet Striders 1:00:22 1:04:58 1:04:58 52.98
gailbell Unaffiliated 50:38 50:38 50:38 68.48
Grayster Unaffiliated 1:04:00 1:04:00 1:04:00 47.71
Ha! Ha! North East Veterans AC 50:36 58:47 55:15 58:47 56.02
ivanhoe Tynedale Harriers & AC 47:35 52:17 1:00:00 52:17 62.03
Joggerbaz Unaffiliated 55:12 1:01:09 1:10:00 1:01:09 58.37
JoH Elvet Striders 55:00 55:00 55:00 62.59
josephine Unaffiliated 55:33 55:33 54:59 55:33 62.61
knighty Durham City Harriers & AC 44:35 44:35 44:35 71.65
Lisa T Blackhill Bounders, Northumberland Fell Runners 1:02:31 1:02:31 1:07:00 1:02:31 56.69
LP Pensby Runners 52:03 52:03 52:03 66.15
macca 53 Unaffiliated 58:44 1:03:57 1:00:00 1:03:57 56.76
MelanieLH Elvet Striders 1:01:37 1:01:37 1:01:37 55.93
Narrow Feet Unaffiliated 46:48 46:48 46:48 67.75
nochickenstrip Crook & District AC, Durham Triathlon Club 40:48 42:18 42:18 74.95
Old Croc Forres Harriers 53:43 53:43 56:00 53:43 60.37
ouztriks PB Fitness Running Club 52:28 52:28 52:28 59.24
Plan9 Low Fell RC 54:57 58:18 58:18 54.38
rf_fozzy Airienteers, North Leeds Fell Runners 48:48 49:50 49:50 61.26
Robbo76 Elswick Harriers 1:13:04 1:13:04 1:13:04 47.33
Robsta Durham City Harriers & AC 54:20 54:20 52:00 54:20 61.08
RunFatBoyDunn North Shields Polytechnic AC 54:29 54:29 55:00 54:29 58.63
runs like a fish Unaffiliated 1:20:00 1:20:00 1:20:00 44.05
rupert tb Elvet Striders 48:09 48:46 48:46 72.58
Screeners Elswick Harriers 1:07:13 1:07:13 1:07:13 52.17
The Scribbler FERC 1:02:54 1:04:00 1:04:00 54.79
Velo Boy Unaffiliated 1:03:39 1:03:39 1:03:39 51.74
Vicki: Graceless Whippet Jarrow & Hebburn AC 54:05 55:57 55:00 55:57 62.68

Comments From Runners

Found this fairly tough going. The sand at the start and finish just pulled the strength from my legs and the grass paths were very uneven and rutted so I felt I was running unevenly and that started me worrying about my back. Saying that, it was a gorgeous run, fantastic scenery, very well organised and the sun stayed out the whole time. I would have liked to have run it a bit faster but if I do it again, at least I will know what to expect.
Sorry but am taking my Garmin reading as final. No idea how there's 30 seconds difference between the official results! Hard, damn hard. I'm blaming my cold.

Results here Link (roll over me to see where I go)
10th Position.
Looking forward to this. Update - Found it a bit tough but got inside the time I predicted. Thanks maccas dad for the encouragement, Joggerbaz for the company in the first couple of miles and cuppacoffee for being bag lady in the nicest possible way!
Black Cat
Hmm This looks fun. So THAT's where all those runners were going past my kite buggy last year :-)
Brilliant Run... Great friendly crowd... met a load of Fetchies.... we're taking over the world.
FAb. Tried to take it easy as the last thing I wanted was an injury at this stage. Chuffed with my time. Loved the run. Sand hard though. I maybe need to train more!
.Had an absolute nightmare achilles went at the lighthouse hobbled last 2 half miles didn't enjoy the experience at all and I'm down about this injury that won't go away.
Official time 55:57, actual time was about 30 seconds quick, which is still bloody slow when compared to last years 50:44 lol. Full report on my blog: Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Enjoyed the race as I always do, and got to chat to loads of folks before, during and after - bonus! :D
Vicki: Graceless Whippet
a struggle today for me..devoid of energy from the off..phew!tough!
Ha! Ha!
Good race, but very hard work. Legs felt very tired from cricket on sat, and a mile across South Shields beach on the sand drained whatever strength I had left - was then just concentrating on keeping going for the last 6miles! Still ran ok though and was good fun.
LOL - just realised last 7 miler was a very different race. Looking fwd to run - not the drive back up north after it though. See you all there.

Official times now updated to a bit more realistic. Hard run but good fun - was tired all the way legs heavy from bike races Sat and Tues.
Old Croc
Windy this time round!
rupert tb
Legs turned to jelly after the sand at the start and really struggled for the first 1.5 miles. Found the terrain pretty tough at times. However, I made it ... yeaaah! Weather was fab, scenery great and mars bar & crisps at the end most welcome. Could fit a few dozen fetchies in my windjacket though as no mediums left!!!
Lisa T

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  • On 27th Jan 2009 at 3:38pm, Robsta wrote: Haven't done many races but this is the best i've ran in so far
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Old Croc 18th May 09, 10:37
Black Cat 17th May 09, 16:05