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Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers, Ranelagh Harriers
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Friends know me as Dan. :-)

After hitting 16 1/2 ST in December 2006 and being so unfit that found it a struggle to run for a bus (A matter of seconds let alone minutes or hours) I decided to use running to get fit, even though I didn't enjoy running.

After running my 1st parkrun, I got competitive with myself to improve and addicted to running parkrun which really started my running in motion.

After joining Ranelagh Harriers my running has moved forward with great progress and get to train with a great bunch of people. Coaches are fantastic along with a great atmospheare from all runners, I really enjoy running now!

2012 Update: However after PF Injury in 2010/2011 which caused a near stop to any consistant training throughout this period, I've lost fitness to almost my pre-running level. :(
The London 2012 Olympics was absolutely fantastic and shows how a number of athletes can develop so well in four years to achieve their dreams, so I set myself my goal now to see what can I achieve from August 2012 to 2016.

My Aim, To be the best I can be! I will always strive to find new goals and better my time.
Watch this space! Athlete In Progress.


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Current Status

Needing to stay injury free and stay determined to getting back in shape!

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