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Joke of the day........

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21 Jun
12:39pm, 21 Jun 2017
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Jock Itch
If you're here for the yodeling lesson, please form an orderly orderly orderly orderly queue
21 Jun
12:45pm, 21 Jun 2017
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Jock Itch
A midget goes into a library asking the assistant, "Do you have any books on midget discrimination?"

Librarian replies "Top shelf sir!"
21 Jun
2:44pm, 21 Jun 2017
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While we are on that subject...

Police report that a midget mystic who had been imprisoned for fraud escaped from custody today.

Police are looking for a small medium at large
21 Jun
2:50pm, 21 Jun 2017
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Please don't make jokes about a midget with learning difficulties.

It's not big and it's not clever.
21 Jun
4:56pm, 21 Jun 2017
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Jock Itch
Set up nicely there Binksy Baby! :-)

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