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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

What are you listening to?

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10 Dec
11:16pm, 10 Dec 2018
27855 posts
Derby Tup

10 Dec
11:28pm, 10 Dec 2018
51893 posts
*Nods head approvingly at new stuff learnt* :)
11 Dec
7:13pm, 11 Dec 2018
27859 posts
Derby Tup

I am a huge fan of Buzzcocks. They were the first band I felt were mine; the first I really loved
11 Dec
9:26pm, 11 Dec 2018
27864 posts
Derby Tup
Spotify tells me this is one of my fave records of the year. Pat Kelly - Talk about love

11 Dec
9:33pm, 11 Dec 2018
27868 posts
Derby Tup
Another fave. Peech Boys - Life is something special

12 Dec
11:35pm, 12 Dec 2018
51923 posts
Barrington Levy - Praise His Name

14 Dec
12:32am, 14 Dec 2018
51938 posts
Break-up songs don't come any more intense than this.

Richard & Linda Thompson - Walking On A Wire

14 Dec
11:10am, 14 Dec 2018
13637 posts
Never been a Cohen fan, but I keep on hearing songs from his last lp that floor me. All because of the Black Earth Rising theme (which prompted me to discover the fantastic late period Lou Reed track Vanishing Act)... (Killing Eve had similar great tracks, but I knew a lot of them already as they were more obscure).

Leonard Cohen - Travelling Light

14 Dec
7:55pm, 14 Dec 2018
2750 posts
Curtis Mayfield - Kung Fu

14 Dec
10:22pm, 14 Dec 2018
2752 posts
Funkadelic - Standing on the Verge of Getting It On


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