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Ian Williams aka Fetch

100 a month in 2019.

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14 Jul
5:56pm, 14 Jul 2019
595 posts
Two days off before North of England Track & Field league today. 5k race went only ok., ran 6 miles total

14 Jul
10:20pm, 14 Jul 2019
92 posts
I’m way ahead of schedule with 70/100. It appears that the running is just feeling good and as my next race isn’t until September it feels like there is no pressure and that I’m running for fun.

I hope everyone is enjoying their running and if you’re not your mojo will return.....trust me.
15 Jul
9:38am, 15 Jul 2019
9286 posts
63 / 100 for me. A slightly lighter week this week coming up - but still enjoying having the miles back under my belt.
15 Jul
9:48am, 15 Jul 2019
67376 posts
75 at halfway is a bit different to the last 2 months and will see me get home with no need for a late surge.
15 Jul
10:41am, 15 Jul 2019
3207 posts
21/100, my 100+ streak may come to an end at 33 months.
15 Jul
1:54pm, 15 Jul 2019
34590 posts
Hills of Death (HOD)
46/100 been ill for 2 weeks so done ok considering (abcess and virus) Thunder Run this weekend so should be ok ;-)
15 Jul
8:26pm, 15 Jul 2019
596 posts
Usual Monday night bootcamp with a nice run through the park beforehand.

15 Jul
9:14pm, 15 Jul 2019
2241 posts
51/100, after coaching with the Beginners tonight.

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Exactly what the title says. A thread for if you’re targeting 💯 a month.


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