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Ian Williams aka Fetch

700 miles in 2019

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3:20pm, 15 Jul 2019
9733 posts
Glad she's OK, Sweetie x
3:36pm, 15 Jul 2019
34955 posts
Lip Gloss
Omg, Sweetie that's been a lot to cope with - go read Sweetie's blog and glad your DD has only superficial injuries

Finally summer here today :-) - in the garden just now but not fancying a 4 mile tempo run later :-O
3:46pm, 15 Jul 2019
8673 posts
Glad she is ok Sweetie, so frightening
4:03pm, 15 Jul 2019
3375 posts
Sweetie (()) Glad she is ok x
7:00pm, 15 Jul 2019
28534 posts

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About This Thread

Welcome to the 700 miles in 2019 thread, everybody welcome. The thread motto is:
'700 miles is neither necessary nor sufficient'

All you have to do is run about 1.91 miles per day or 13.46 miles per week or 58.33 miles per month and take a picture when you get to 700 miles of either you or the spot where you reached the target or both if you want to. Extra points for bins :-) And if you go under or over 700 miles nobody will mind.

Join in the chat on the friendliest thread around - all things discussed and sometimes even some running is talked about.

Group link is here:

Mileage league is here:

You can set your mileage targets for 2019 here:

If you do reach 700 miles before the end of the year, please consider resetting your targets, it is encouraging to keep moving up the table :-)

If you have any target races you want highlighted for 2019, send an fmail to Serendippily and they will appear here:

Jubilant July
03/07/19 Hard as Nails 15k, McGoohan medal pb, Fleecy
07/07/19 NDW Half - McGliebling
07/07/19 Sweetie - Porthcawl 10k
07/07/19 RRR-Caz - Burford Bolt 10K
07/07/19 LindsD - Ickenham 5
10/07/19 12barDavid Brighton Phoenix 10k medal pb
11/07/19 RRR-Caz Dinton pastures 10K race 3
13/07/19 WtnMel - Nudefest 'Naked' 5K/10K
13/07/19 McGliebling, SarahWoo, Jigses, Rosehip - Bedford Bridges Challenge
13/07/19 parkrun LindsD medal SB Wava pb, Badger medal pb
14/07/19 Dooogs - Toss’O’Coin 6miles
14/07/19 NSC - Ilkley Half Marathon
14/07/19 Turkhish - Salcey Forest 10k
14/07/19 Sigh - Cheadle 4 Mile
20/07/19 McG(Liebling) - Elmore 7
20/07/19 Groundhog - Space Race Marathon - Silver
21/07/19 Groundhog - Space Race Marathon - Gold
21/7/19 Lip Gloss - Alford 10k
28/07/19 Sweetie - Outlaw Triathlon

Astonishing August
08/08/19 RRR-Caz Dinton pastures 10K race 4
11/8/19 Ferret - Round the Rock
18/8/19 Lip Gloss - Hatton 10k
25/08/19 Sigh - Badgers Atherstone 10k

Superb September
08/09/19 Groundhog - Farnham Pilgrim Marathon
08/09/19 McGiebling tbc - Pilgrim Half Marathon
08/09/19 Turkhish - Great North Run
15/09/19 Ferret - Littledown 5
15/09/19 Dooogs - Shepley 10k
15/09/19 Sigh - St. Thomas' 7 mile
22/09/19 Turtlemama - Balsall Common 10k
29/09/19 LindsD, Serendippily - Ealing Half
29/09/19 Dooogs - Holme Valley Half
29/09/19 alpenrose - Run Jurassic 10k

Outstanding October
06/10/19 Groundhog - Bournemouth Marathon
4/10/19 Atlantic Coast Challenge 3 day - Bint McSkint
12/10/19 Pompey Paul - A100
13/10/19 WtnMel - Tring Ridgeway Run
13/10/19 Groundhog - Cabbage Patch 10
14/10/19 Sigh - Farndon 10k
20/10/19 Mrs Jigs - Poznan marathon
26/10/19 alpenrose - Beachy Head 10k
26/10/19 Serendippily, McGoohan, Liebling, 12barDavid, Groundhog, Badger, Bint, Fleecy - Beachy Head marathon
26/10/19 Sweetie - Snowdonia Marathon

Nicely Done November
03/11/19 SouthCoastPete - NY marathon
03/11/19 FML - Golden Gate half
17/11/19 alpenrose - Wimborne 10

Delicious December
22/12/19 Groundhog - Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon

bunting Hall of Fame bunting

Joyous January
01/01/19 McGiebling Worthing Hangover 5 medal SB
05/01/19 Badger Coldham’s Common pr medal pb
06/01/19 Sigh Centurion 5 mile (race 3) medal pb
12/01/19 FERC parkrun ageingtractor medal pb
20/01/09 Groundhog Winter Tanners 30 medal pb
27/01/19 Doooogs Meltham 10k medal course PB
27/01/19 ageingtractor Farnborough half medal pb

Fabulous February
17/02/19 ageingtractor Bramley 10 medal pb
23/02/19 parkruns LindsD 1st age cat medal; Badger medal pb; Groundhog medal course pb
24/02/19 CStar DD2 Wokingham half medal pb
24/02/19 Carpathius Tarpley 20 medal pb
24/02/19 Ferret Bournemouth 10 medal pb

Marvellous March
03/03/19 KimCanRun Smokies 10 medal pb
10/03/19 Fradley 10k Keegan medal PB, Sigh medal SB
10/03/19 Mrs Jigs The Big Half medal course pb
16/03/19 KimCanRun D33 Ultra medal pb
16/03/19 RedAlex Saturn Doh-Nut 50k medal pb
17/03/19 Sinj999 Reading Half medal pb
17/03/19 ageingtractor Brentwood Half medal pb
23/03/19 parkruns: Sigh Walsall Arboretum medal SB; Columba Builth pr medal 1st age cat SB; Thornton Runner medal post injury

Astounding April
05/04/19 Sweetie 400mswim medal pb
06/04/19 TeeBee Brooklands pr medal 1st age cat
07/04/19 Manchester Marathon Badger medal pb, RRR-Caz medal sub 3.30
07/04/19 Sigh - Centurion 5 mile (race 6) medal pb
07/04/19 Tay Ten Lip Gloss medal SB, Corrah medal SB, KimCanRun medalpb, Maltdrinker medal pb
20/04/19 Hale Village 5 Autumn leaves medal 1st age cat
28/04/19 London Marathon - sinj999 medal pb
28/04/19 Turtlemama Shakespeare Half medal 1st half pb
28/04/19 RRR-Caz Düsseldorf Marathon medal pb

Magnificent May
04/05/19 Mrs Jigs Taman Pula Ula parkrun medal age cat record
05/05/19 Three Forts Challenge (Ultra)marathon - 12barDavid medal under 5 hrs
05/05/19 Baker Hughes 10k KCR medal pb, Maltdrinker medal SB
11/05/19 The Ox - CStar medal 1st ultra pb
11/05/19 Chiltern Ridge 50k - Badger
11/05/19 Parkrun - KCR medal pb, Thornton Runner medal sb, Lip Gloss medal 1st age cat
12/05/19 Lichfield Half Marathon - Keegan medal pb
12/05/19 Bury to Clare 18 - Carp medal pb
12/05/19 Alton 10 - ageingtractor medal pb
12/05/10 Dunecht Dash 5k - Lip Gloss medal SB
19/05/19 Hackney half - Pothunter medal course pb
19/05/19 Clanfield Challenge - Fleecy medal 20k pb
19/05/19 Great Manchester Run - AL and Team Halle medal 1st place
25/05/19 Mývatn marathon - ITG medal comeback
27/05/19 London Vitality 10k -McGoohan medal WAVA pb

Jiving June
08/06/19 Henley 24hr - Linds team medal Silver podium
09/06/19 Two Castles 10k - Turtlemama medal pb
09/06/19 Cotswold 113 Triathlon - Sweetie medal pb
09/06/19 Fraserburgh 10k - Corrah medal SB
16/06/19 Alresford 10k - Ageingtractor medal pb
22/06/19 parkrun - LindsD medal SB medal best WAVA medal 1st age cat
29/06/19 parkrun - Groundhog medal 1st age cat
29/06/19 St Cuthbert's Way Ultra 45m - Yumee medal ultra pb
30/06/19 Round Sheffield Run 15 - Sigh medal pb

Frequently Found here
bunting = * bunting * without spaces. Knitted furiously and strewn about thread.
appleapple = * apple * * apple * without spaces. Pompoms (Fr)
Morning / Mooring / Mornage etc = estimated 70% thread conversation.
“A dogs bumhole of a day” = a glorious day.
The injury bench *plumps cushions and rattles drugs trolley*. Happens to the best of us at some point :-(
The umbrage. Mostly left ironed and neatly folded.
Sharktopus = Bint’s fierce pet, set loose on anyone foolish enough to be hanging about when they could be out running goo.gl

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