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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Draycote Water 10/20 + Dun Cow Social

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23 Sep
9:03am, 23 Sep 2018
24387 posts
I'm in the cafe. Not seen anyone else
23 Sep
9:32am, 23 Sep 2018
8415 posts
I'm not well, HB - will come over later for a cuppa when you've finished.
23 Sep
2:29pm, 23 Sep 2018
3480 posts
It was great! The sun came out 😀 nice to see those I saw. Get well soon Sarah
23 Sep
5:48pm, 23 Sep 2018
4032 posts
Well done HB and Fetch, you both looked fab (and Nat too of course :-)), jogging around in the opposite direction was so much fun and I'm sure easier! xxx
23 Sep
8:12pm, 23 Sep 2018
7316 posts
Lovely to see everyone. :-) What amazing weather in the end.

Clare you looked so relaxed with your jogging opposite way, I was quite envious.
HB-amazing effort with that fab PB.
Nat- I called out several times as you passed the finish area but you were very focussed and your club mates making such a lovely racket for you I don't think you heard.
SarahW- thank you for coming out despite feeling poorly, I didn't realise, but it was great to see you.
SS and NJ made it to the pub with us and our two Bedford pr friends, and we had a good meal and got home about 5pm. Both a bit tired now.
23 Sep
8:58pm, 23 Sep 2018
4033 posts
Lol @ 'club mates making such a lovely racket', rowdy bunch aren't they / we?! 🤣

Lovely to see you Katie, looked like you were giving fab support to the man himself and everybody else, hope you didn't get too cold / wet! X
23 Sep
9:28pm, 23 Sep 2018
3481 posts
I did look out for you again Katie but yes you were drowned out 😆
24 Sep
9:53am, 24 Sep 2018
7318 posts
Lol- it was lovely to see them all giving massive support to every club mate. Love running clubs for that reason. I also enjoyed the "Let's go round again" song.
24 Sep
7:56pm, 24 Sep 2018
3482 posts
Yep. I was with my old club 10 years but I’ve found a good one over here.

Was nice our chap who took the club record in the 10 mile race hung around for another 3 hours to see me and my pal over the finish line 🙂

So... when is the next Draycote race?!

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23rd September
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