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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Cows advice?

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11 May
9:50pm, 11 May 2018
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Fizz :-)
I’d happily talk to them for ages over that gate, but I probably wouldn’t run through them on my own.
11 May
10:42pm, 11 May 2018
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A farmer writes:

Most farm animals are used to humans and are relatively benign. These are bullocks and have a tendency to be inquisitive. Hardly surprising as they have a lot to cram in in the 30 months they have before ending up shrink wrapped in Sainsburys.

Strangely my near neighbour and farming colleague D2 has recently blogged about a couple of Bullocks on her land that have something of an attitude problem. Sometimes the chopping off of the dangly bits doesn't do the trick.

My advice is to behave as if you have the right to be there. Act in a relaxed and friendly way. Say hello if you like (I'm known to say things like "Hello my lovely") but speak in a low friendly voice. Waving and shouting isn't advisable. If necessary give them a gentle push.

If you have a dog with you either take it through the field loose (if you can trust it) or be prepared to let go of the lead if the animals take an interest in the dog. Cattle and Sheep often associate dogs with being herded into confined spaces and having things stuck in up or over them. If they sense the chance to get one over on the dog they'll possibly charge.

Oh and if you see the farmer about stop and have a chat. We like a quiet life but we're generally not unfriendly.....
11 May
11:04pm, 11 May 2018
7206 posts
Fellrunning's advice is probably worth a million times more than anything I can offer, but I heard once on *I think* Farming Today (but could have been The Archers as I have in the past believed them to be the same programme ;-) ) that when confronted by a herd of inquisitive cows/cattle if you have something that you can drop on the floor (a jacket, hat, buff or I guess in desperate measures any item of clothing you can get off quickly enough) then the cattle will stop to investigate the dropped item giving you a chance to get away. I've never tried this myself but I never go out running without either a large handkerchief or a buff just in case (although I would hate to lose my Fetch buff in such circumstances, but a buff trampled to death can be replaced more easily).
14 May
7:15am, 14 May 2018
5497 posts
Pity I've only just read this thread as I had to get through a herd of bullocks a few days ago.
I worked on the assumption that copying the noises made by a farmer I'd watched would be most effective and it did work, but I was very aware of the size difference.("ey up, moooove over in my best Yorkshire accent, in Herefordshire...)
Once I was safely the other side of the gate they looked gentle and inquisitive. In the field they looked big and unpredictable, and I'd already read D2s blog!
15 May
8:42pm, 15 May 2018
241 posts
I may just leave the teenage bullocks to themselves ... on SWCP this week and things are far more docile. Even when I wear a bright red shirt (without thinking)

Helegant - these ones need a Dorset accent, not Yorkshire.
And they were quite happy - as long as we walked round them rather than them have to move :-)

Thanks all, esp FR, for advice (and yes, I also saw D2's blog earlier)
16 May
8:19am, 16 May 2018
5499 posts
I asked yesterday's farmer for advice as he had a lot of mixed age and gender. He said they were mostly Ok, but suggested ignoring the bullocks completely. Summary - be as uninteresting as possible to bullocks, never go into a field of cows with calves, and don't trust any bull.
16 May
9:25am, 16 May 2018
244 posts
Did you ask the next question H?
ie you are half way through a field when the cows/bull become interested in you ...
Run? Or gentle assertive talking?

Quite a few fields here on the Purbeck section of SWCP have mixed cows & calves, just calves/bullocks, sheep (can cope with those) or sheep and bull. Luckily the bulls have so far, been a long way over the other side. Yesterday's 'teenage bullocks' were more interested in bashing heads with each other than us - but I didn't stop for a photo.

I'm working on the principle that they must see lots of humans walking past ... and if there had been trouble, would have been moved.
16 May
1:41pm, 16 May 2018
5500 posts
I did ask and he said best to ignore them. Easier said than done when they weigh a lot more than me and are cantering in my direction.

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