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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Do a New Thing for Spring (2018)

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3 Apr
1:54pm, 3 Apr 2018
4809 posts
*Starts researching sheep and other small livestock*
3 Apr
2:20pm, 3 Apr 2018
13197 posts
How do you feel about a few chickens?
3 Apr
2:48pm, 3 Apr 2018
4326 posts
Wine Legs
I don't know how I've missed this the other years. I suppose I may have been busy with very small people previously, and not working / browsing Fetch so much...
3 Apr
2:57pm, 3 Apr 2018
13198 posts
More important New Things, Wine Legs :-)
Nice to have you this year though.
3 Apr
3:18pm, 3 Apr 2018
4327 posts
Wine Legs
(I didn't contribute much in the end, although i am sure there were a lot of newts...
...planting sunflower seeds with Pip & Squeak
...hiding Easter eggs in the garden
...doing baking with Pip & Squeak (chocolate crackles)
...getting first poos in the potty (them, not me, obvs)
...getting Pip & Squeak to ride their bikes home from the childminder
...organising the toys into tidy(ish) boxes
...making soap
...making beeswax cloth
...making a bacon bouquet
...making that insane birthday cake butterfly (including my own marshmallow fondant)
...going to the zoo
...knitting some dolls clothes
...taking Pip to a lambing event at a farm (Squeak was poorly/asleep)

That's it that I can think of)

I'll be back.
3 Apr
3:24pm, 3 Apr 2018
8449 posts
Little Nemo

You've all been very busy, WL :-)
3 Apr
3:31pm, 3 Apr 2018
13199 posts
There's some brilliant ones in there - and not 'all' twin related!

There really were some pearlers this year. Perhaps its a bit like Strictly* - every year better than the last!

* insert own favourite television competition here. Or not.
4 Apr
9:42am, 4 Apr 2018
13410 posts
Just read back, give yourselves a big pat on the back for all the fabulous newts - can't think of a place I'd rather hang out in spring that newt-town in the fetchiverse x
4 Apr
10:38am, 4 Apr 2018
4813 posts
OK I need to know more about making soap, making beeswax cloth and bacon bouquets...

Hmm. I’m not really a fan of chickens. Also I don’t really like eggs. And Rory is a BIG chicken lover, which could be an issue. I prefer ducks, but maybe best to steer clear of birds...
4 Apr
9:02pm, 4 Apr 2018
25447 posts
WL those are some lovely newts. Baby/toddler newts are utterly wonderful. I want to know more about beeswax cloth too. I am slowly working towards reducing plastic use.

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