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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

1500 miles in 2018

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17 Oct
7:31pm, 17 Oct 2018
1122 posts
Snowdonia all the cool kids are going, plus me ;-)
17 Oct
10:24pm, 17 Oct 2018
24633 posts
Better add you to the list
7:02am, 18 Oct 2018
1124 posts
Thanks DocM. :) Morning, all.
7:15am, 18 Oct 2018
24636 posts

Damp but not drizzly
8:25am, 18 Oct 2018
382 posts
Hmmm after being so pleased with my running yesterday I set out for my hill session, all felt fine, but after the first hill rep my other calf felt sore, a brief massage and more running failed to resolve it so I decided to head home... hope a few days rest / ice / massage resolves it...
8:54am, 18 Oct 2018
24637 posts
Take it easy Richard ☚ī¸
2:07pm, 18 Oct 2018
2424 posts
Sorry to hear that, Richard-M, hope it settles soon.

Little 4 miler for me this morning, bringing me to 1501 miles according to Fetch. Not a very exciting 1500 mile point though, the local racecourse and an advert for health checks for the No-Longer-Young:

My runs upload to 3 different places, which bizarrely give me 1495, 1501 and 1504 as current totals. I realise there are probably differences in the way they treat the data and round up/down, but it does seem quite a wide range from the same watch data. I'm going to go with Fetch!
2:50pm, 18 Oct 2018
24640 posts
Fetch is always right
That's a great finish photo 😁
3:54pm, 18 Oct 2018
2426 posts
Ha, have just received an email from the official Yorkshire Mara photography company, showing me a selection of the photos they took of me during the race. On just about all of them, I look pretty much how I actually felt, which was extremely old, miserable, and totally crap. No way would I ever splash out actual money on buying any of them.

I therefore feel I must take issue with their advertising slogan: "You'll never look better!" - that's a very depressing thought.
6:09pm, 18 Oct 2018
224 posts
Congrats JK for crossing the 1500 line!

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About This Thread

welcome to the 1500 thread. We love to have contributions from all even if you won't be running the full 1500 miles...

Please make sure you join the group

and set your mileage target to 1500miles so that we can include you in the monthly round up fetcheveryone.com/training-targets.php


monthly round up
Jan. Mrs Jigs

Feb Jigs
March Ian
April. Neillio

May RichHL
June. Bez-Head
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Sept Westmoors
Oct. Garfield

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Dec. DocMoye

Target Races

7th Chester Marathon Bonners, Jenny Far Far
7th Cardiff half. Jennyh
21st Abingdon marathon stuH and Flatlander
27th Snowdonia marathon. Jennyh, HOD, Fenners and Toks

28th Worksop half Pikelet


11th Remembeance Marathon Toks
25th Downton half Westmoors

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1500 miles in 2018