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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Long Distance Walking

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12 Apr
6:33pm, 12 Apr 2019
25248 posts
OH has 2 sections left to finish of the London Loop
12 Apr
6:54pm, 12 Apr 2019
210 posts
I belong to two walking groups so generally get out at least once a month for a decent walk. Not necessarily major distances but good fun and a break from the running.

On the extreme side I did hike up to Annapurna base camp in October last year with some people from one of the groups. 6 days to get up and 3 to come down. Not intentional altitude training but I managed a half decent half marathon two weeks after coming home!!
12 Apr
6:55pm, 12 Apr 2019
30507 posts
Derby Tup
WHW in six days sounds a nice itinerary :-)
12 Apr
7:07pm, 12 Apr 2019
27881 posts
I’ll let you know in a few weeks DT.
12 Apr
7:13pm, 12 Apr 2019
30509 posts
Derby Tup
I’m sure you’ll enjoy it ;-)
12 Apr
7:16pm, 12 Apr 2019
39205 posts
Not wishing to open old wounds, but are you doing it with a packhorse company this time HP? Or under your own steam?
12 Apr
7:26pm, 12 Apr 2019
27883 posts
I have booked all accommodation myself and a baggage transfer company for excess bags (mostly dog food and snacks for the week). I shall be double checking all my bookings.

Whatever you do folks if you book with a company make sure you check them out or get recommendations.
12 Apr
8:12pm, 12 Apr 2019
39206 posts
I'm glad to hear it HP. Hope it goes swimmingly.
12 Apr
9:04pm, 12 Apr 2019
12232 posts
I'm trying to work out how much of the Cumbria way I can get a time-out pass to do. I know some folks seem to be able to run it as an ultra - so wondering what the minimum time to walk it with tent etc might be
Cumbria way this year, hopefully - coast to coast to follow
14 Apr
10:08pm, 14 Apr 2019
6219 posts
Glad your trip is now becoming a reality HP. I hope you love it.

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