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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Not entirely mundane thread

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11 Nov
8:58am, 11 Nov 2018
36548 posts
George Formby grill - makes great ukuleles
11 Nov
9:37am, 11 Nov 2018
31883 posts
I had one earlier, it turned out nice again
11 Nov
1:56pm, 11 Nov 2018
16929 posts

George grill was fine but its replacement has too heavy a top plate, resulting in somewhat squashed toasties (and indeed most things - it does have a floating hinge top but there is insufficient radiant heat).

Not had a proper Breville for years - there is a machine in the cupboard.
11 Nov
2:41pm, 11 Nov 2018
1617 posts
Walked into the pharmacy in the covered out-of-town shopping centre. Walked out and suddenly stopped. Something was wrong. It was empty and quiet. Then I realised it wasn't empty and there were people everywhere I looked but they were totally still. And silent. I realised that asda had just announced the 2 minute silence. I stayed in place and thought what a respectful bunch of people live in my town.
11 Nov
7:59pm, 11 Nov 2018
14884 posts
Nick Bullock just followed me on Twitter
12 Nov
1:41pm, 12 Nov 2018
31924 posts
I found out today that I can get superfast fibre broadband from BT where I live. I'm just about to phone Sky and tell them the good news too. There's a good chance we could join the 21st century before the end of the year.
12 Nov
1:54pm, 12 Nov 2018
31925 posts
Sky have detected my previous comment and denied me access to their contact details.
12 Nov
2:26pm, 12 Nov 2018
9458 posts
I'm evaluating my Virgin TV subscription with a view to ditching it in favour of subscribing to Amazon Prime and using BBC iPlayer. I don't watch 90% of the channels that we get on Virgin. It's like Canada - zillions of channels but absolutely nothing worth watching! I'll keep the broadband and phone (which we rarely use either).
12 Nov
4:01pm, 12 Nov 2018
24492 posts
We really only pay for Sky so OH can watch Eurosport on Sky Go when we're at the seaside house where we don't have Sky.

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