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Pro cycling thread

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25 Sep
3:27pm, 25 Sep 2017
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Dai Bank
Cassani has taken the blame but really, after Nibali, surely an italian DS or a rider would have known not to take a sticky bottle.

It seems that Moscon may not be the sharpest and with this DQ and the charge of using racist language earlier in the season, there must be more than a marginal gain for Sky to teach young Gianni.

Good to see Ben Swift in contention, shows his San Remo credentials are still valid for really long races.
17 Oct
2:16pm, 17 Oct 2017
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Dai Bank
TdF 2018 Cobbles baby, woo hoo.
Know where I shall be on the 2nd sunday of the Tour, if plans fall into line.
Bit early to start a new thread.
Velowire got most of the route correct and have been following his updates over the last few weeks.
Formal launch was this morning. Pro cyclists do not look comfortable out of lycra, Nairo looked like he was off to church in his sunday best to sing in the choir.

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