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Pro cycling thread

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14 Jan
11:22am, 14 Jan 2018
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Well unless he Effs it up by being cocky this MU23 race isn't a lot more competitive than the womens.
14 Jan
1:58pm, 14 Jan 2018
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I know that if you choose to ride up a category in a UCI event, then you then can't drop back down in subsequent events - this was the case for both van Aert and van de Poel in the world champs over the last few years. However I'm not sure why the organisation could say you couldn't go up a category.

One thing a colleague (who has raced U23 World Champs CX for GB) suggested was the team sponsors may prefer riders to not have riders go up a category if it markedly reduced the chance of them being able to win a national/worlds jersey.
14 Jan
2:04pm, 14 Jan 2018
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I'll admit I'd hoped she'd ride the elite though. Namur was a very technical course that suited a MTB rider. I'm not sure I've seen much of her racing heavier courses this season though, so it would have been interesting to see how she adapted to that.
14 Jan
2:11pm, 14 Jan 2018
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They seemed to be saying it was the event organisers who wouldn't let her step up rather than team/sponsor objections. I may have misunderstood though.
14 Jan
2:16pm, 14 Jan 2018
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They repeated it, and it sounds like BC being an arse and not allowing her to race up. Which is just a bit crap really (though given the amount of cx Evie races could mean we'd rarely see the national jersey)
14 Jan
6:30pm, 14 Jan 2018
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Dai Bank
BC have a long history of not agreeing to younger riders moving to a higher category.Nicole Cooke suffered while still a junior among others.
CX magazine have US national live streaming, elite women at 2115, men at 2300 our time.
Junior women and u23 women live now.

Evie always hits out early, Pidcock waited a lap before he went up the road.

Belgian champs went with the favourites, yet to see the Dutch men,s results
14 Jan
8:02pm, 14 Jan 2018
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Just watching the US U23 men, after watching the women earlier. That off-camber looks insane. Not sure I'll be awake for the elites, though the Compton, Noble, Keough tussle could be tasty.

I gather the Belgian men's result hides a decent fight, with Sweek looking dangerous at points. Will have to look for a replay.
15 Jan
1:52pm, 15 Jan 2018
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First Fantasy Game of the year on Link (roll over me to see where I go) with the tour down under, teams have to be done by midnight tonight. Only Ā£10 a year for all the World Tour Events, which must be over 250 days of racing. Alternatively you can do a number of events free (up to 8 per year) which can include all the Tours, Spring and Autumn Classics, World Champs etc.
We have a fetch fantasy league (myself and Debbie G usually), to join the name is: Fetch Fantasy Cycling League
and the i.d. number is 78250

I need to approve you before it is activated, but i will try to check in about 11.30 tonight for any last minute arrivals.
15 Jan
2:11pm, 15 Jan 2018
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As an aside, i have used a translator on a Danish site, see if you can guess the first two riders.

BMC Racing Team

1 Richie Door Australia

2 They Are Rich Australia

3 Simon Gerrans Australia
7:34am, 16 Jan 2018
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Debbie G
Hi Chrisity šŸ‘‹šŸ» Iā€™m back in for more Road CC action šŸ˜€ thanks for highlighting the league code

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