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Wind watch. Have you got wind?

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7 Dec
8:37am, 7 Dec 2017
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Fairly windy
7 Dec
8:38am, 7 Dec 2017
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Normal late autumn here.
7 Dec
8:40am, 7 Dec 2017
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Wriggling Snake
Too many mince pies.
7 Dec
11:51am, 7 Dec 2017
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Standard grim December grey here, but trampoling anchored down just in case
7 Dec
11:56am, 7 Dec 2017
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Trampoline on the line!
Link (roll over me to see where I go)
7 Dec
12:28pm, 7 Dec 2017
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I heard about that, apparently 3 trains on the bounce had to be cancelled.

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