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The 5:2 diet

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6 Feb
11:05am, 6 Feb 2017
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Well done kwala :-) I hope the scales were nice to you this morning.

Another 1.3kg gone for me last Friday, which was something of a surprise. Fasting today & tomorrow again as OH & I have decided we quite like just getting it over with.

Next week will be more of a challenge as he's away a couple of nights and it's half-term.
6 Apr
1:57pm, 6 Apr 2017
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Been back on the for the last 2 weeks - 4lbs off and back under 14st again :-)

Trousers deffo feel loose but not quite ready to take my belt in a notch just yet !
6 Apr
9:09pm, 6 Apr 2017
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Yep working well for me again this time around too :-) been about 6 or 7 weeks and over a stone down , being able to be eating "normally" for the 5 days really helps :-)
7 Apr
7:40am, 7 Apr 2017
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Tav H
I keep on trying this, stopping, trying again, stopping.

I'm not massively overweight, so would be doing it half for weight loss and half for supposed health gains. I also sometimes do it for a couple of weeks, just to feel like I'm getting back in touch with the feeling of not always having a semi-full stomach, and learning to appreciate food.

The weather's nice outside though, which is a good time to start again!
7 Apr
7:52am, 7 Apr 2017
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I'm failing badly by trying to eat less generally, mainly because I'm a weak willed glutton, so may give this another go, it's only one day at a time....
3 May
8:36pm, 3 May 2017
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4 or 5 weeks in (can't remember when I started) - about 6lbs down and a belt notch in :-)
4 May
2:07pm, 4 May 2017
4949 posts
Well done bigleggy!

After a bit of a hiatus I'm back on consecutive fast days (still supporting hubby really). Still surprised that I can quite happily run on a fast day.

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5 days of 'normal' eating and 2 days eating 600 calories (men), 500 calories (women).
Fast days are best not done on consecutive days, unless you have amazing willpower.

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