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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

SAP Club

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15 Apr
2:59pm, 15 Apr 2019
2636 posts
Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble)
Thanks Nutso - I have two days off as I have anticipated that the DOMS will really kick in tonight (the Gin and Tonic is ready ;-) ).

You are on fire again Nutso :-) Congratulation on the 10m PB bunting Hope the hip flexor is just feeling a bit sorry for itself and nothing to be concern about - get stretching my lovely xx
15 Apr
4:13pm, 15 Apr 2019
33590 posts
Lip Gloss
bunting Nutso

bunting HM PB also
18 Apr
10:09am, 18 Apr 2019
1922 posts
Nutso Lazytoad!
Thanks guys hip flexor has settled down, hamstring and glute a bit sore but off for a sports massage tonight so all should be good.
12:21pm, 20 Apr 2019
3520 posts
Good running all. It's good to hear of the endeavours and PBs :-) Heal well and quickly, ... and bitch-slap migraines and relentless aches back to the ice-age.

Still no running here, will start back on C25k ... at some point :-o

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About This Thread

star star star 2018 ... we are the Slow and Proud Club (now six years old!!) This thread was formerly an offshoot of the Absolute Beginners thread star star star

SAP Club - Join here: http://www.fetcheveryone.com/groups-view.php?id=1038

We are proud that we are getting off our couches and getting out there, no matter how slow!

SAP club motto:

"Anything is possible, it's just hard work and grafting"
- thanks to Sir Mo Farah for the quote :-)

As a SAP club member, you can enter virtual events each month. You can crawl / walk / run-walk or run, it’s all good!

star We have 1 mile, 5km, 5 mile, 10 mile events each month. No fixed date - just run a set distance and record your time on the spreadsheet.


star Being the Slow and Proud club the winner is actually the slowest! RD Womble will write up a run report each month so that we can celebrate bunting

star These events are brilliant - no entry fees, no pressure to perform and best of all no queues for the loos!

[edited Feb 2018]

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