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My wife - latest news

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27 Jan
8:23am, 27 Jan 2017
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It was five years ago yesterday.

This morning Facebook reminded me of a post I made 27/01/12.

It was me expressing just how stunned I was at the support and also the generousity of the Fetch community - who just 14 hours after I had annouced earlier that day that I would be running VLM in memory of my wife - had surpassed the minimum sponsorship I needed. And it didn't stop there. The final total ended up being nearly 50% of all the total monies I have raised in all of my 5 VLM's combined.

I'm still stunned and impressed by the Fetch community, enough though currently I don't run and am a much more infrequent visitor either here or at races.

You guys are amazing.

27 Jan
8:52am, 27 Jan 2017
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5 Years ago???? Wow.
27 Jan
9:06am, 27 Jan 2017
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it's true that the individual days are long but the years are short.
Hope all is well with you and yours Stander
28 Jan
10:44pm, 28 Jan 2017
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5 years... good heavens! Hope all is well with you.
28 Jan
11:11pm, 28 Jan 2017
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Lip Gloss
Remember being a newbee and reading some of the posts here - can't believe its 5 years. Hope you are all well
28 Jan
11:30pm, 28 Jan 2017
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29 Jan
6:52pm, 29 Jan 2017
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Gosh! 5 years. It doesn't seem that long ago.

Yes. I hope you are well.

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Since my wife crashed on the ward last Friday and was rushed into the intensive care unit I have had...

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