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13 Jun
8:07am, 13 Jun 2019
17655 posts
As it is on a thirty day cycle, likely you had a big scoring day drop off. You can see this quickly on the bar graph (at the foot of the detailed daily scores, if in a phone), or by looking at the totals of those daily scores.

You have alerted me to the fact that im about to lose two red days (red is a positive score) in the next three days. As i only have five red days up, that's not good.
13 Jun
8:32am, 13 Jun 2019
210 posts
Rog T
Thanks - that makes perfect sense now.
13 Jun
7:16pm, 13 Jun 2019
1658 posts
A bit late to the reply, but yes, the rotate-to-see-more-columns works OK on my smaller Moto G screen, thanks Fetch.

Having run a very long way today, I am too tired pint to nip out and squish today's bug on my bike. Might be the first time I've not done that for quite a while; that's probably a good thing.
16 Jun
5:57am, 16 Jun 2019
3918 posts
Orange, that was a very long way :-) Congratulations!
16 Jun
2:01pm, 16 Jun 2019
1527 posts
Harrumph! Picked my training route specially to collect some diamonds. Ran along the lane. Diamonds still there. Training log has me running alongside the lane :-(
18 Jun
9:44am, 18 Jun 2019
4001 posts
Vancouver Jogger
My daily commuting neighbour hasn't logged a run or a cycle for over a week and has now either moved, gone on holiday or left the game (just noticed my density = 0) Hopefully he's OK and will soon be back - I rely on twice daily cycles through my traffic lights and the occasional flower picking cycle every 2-3 weeks!
18 Jun
10:19am, 18 Jun 2019
1461 posts
I had noticed his absence as well. I hope the lack of any recently logged training is just due to holiday.

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1) The scoreboard and markers don't 'reset' on the first of the month any more. They work on a rolling 30 day system.
2) You only need to worry about red bugs.

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