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FetchPoint: The Game

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3 Nov
11:30am, 3 Nov 2017
4037 posts
That's a shame :-(
3 Nov
11:30am, 3 Nov 2017
676 posts
There's also an anonymous Fetchie at no.43 in the league today, which I noticed a week or two back.
3 Nov
1:13pm, 3 Nov 2017
18389 posts
Doc Moye
How odd
3 Nov
1:15pm, 3 Nov 2017
29508 posts
I noticed that about mick the other day.
3 Nov
1:33pm, 3 Nov 2017
18664 posts
I'm not sure what happened there - but I hope he's ok.
3 Nov
2:16pm, 3 Nov 2017
812 posts
Shortcut Cam
He had that avatar that made me chuckle if I remember rightly
13 Nov
9:36pm, 13 Nov 2017
1467 posts
My FetchPoint is broken.

The map loads, but there are no markers at all and no circle round my house.
Cheeky thing has taken 104 points worth of bug penalties still though. :-)
My account all appears to be there.

Don't know if anyone else is experiencing problems...
13 Nov
10:13pm, 13 Nov 2017
26120 posts
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
Mine is fine, wonder what is going on with yours........
14 Nov
8:56am, 14 Nov 2017
1468 posts
It's working fine on my PC at work. Maybe just one of those things... Will check again when I get home tonight.
14 Nov
11:11pm, 14 Nov 2017
18678 posts
There used to be something to toggle items on/off, not sure if it's still there, maybe check you haven't hidden things by mistake?

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