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Senior Moments - log them here

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13 Dec
11:43am, 13 Dec 2017
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I do the staring at something for a second because on some level I know something is wrong . . . or standing in front of a cupboard I've just opened for a specific purpose but between deciding to open the cupboard and opening it I've forgotten momentarily what I want and stare at it until I remember . . . sigh . . . I don't spend my day wandering round aimlessly forgetting everything but it does happen
13 Dec
11:43am, 13 Dec 2017
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^^^ looks worse when you write it down!
13 Dec
8:23pm, 13 Dec 2017
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:-) looks familiar to me
13 Dec
8:35pm, 13 Dec 2017
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Pressed stop on my garmin on my bike when I got home. Turns out I never actually started it, and so by stopping it, I started it, so it's recorded the WHOLE journey up the back steps and into the shed. FFS. If only that was the first time I've done that.
13 Dec
9:22pm, 13 Dec 2017
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Did you set a PB?
13 Dec
9:39pm, 13 Dec 2017
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Oh no, my keys are not in my shorts pocket! They must have fallen out when I was runniing home! They could be anywhere! Oh wait, they're in my hand from when I used them to get into the block.
13 Dec
9:59pm, 13 Dec 2017
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Never done that megster. Nope. Not me. Nooo.
13 Dec
11:03pm, 13 Dec 2017
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I've never done that, Badger....
13 Dec
11:12pm, 13 Dec 2017
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Fragile Do Not Bend
I’ve just found out that you can’t smell food burning in an aga.
10:21pm, 14 Dec 2017
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I lost my office security pass...couldn't find it all week, though I did get out of the office last Friday so it's somewhere at home. That will be my first task tomorrow...after my run and breakfast.

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