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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Senior Moments - log them here

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10 Jan
12:18pm, 10 Jan 2019
9994 posts
Tuesday I ate my lunch too early (one of the 10:30 munch on lunch) and figured I'd get a snack for mid-afternoon before I jog back to Waterloo... Nope, left wallet at home, but I raided the fruit basket - at least there was an apple I could munch on.
11 Jan
7:06pm, 11 Jan 2019
3946 posts
Fragile Do Not Bend
At the moment I appear to have a virus that isn’t too bad but has turned my brain to mush? Luckily I don’t have to do much thinking today.

However I went to Waitrose and used the scan as you shop thing, but I forgot that meant I could pack my bags as I went round, so I ended up putting it all in the bags whilst standing in one of the aisles and feeling like I must look rather suspicious. I also scanned the barcode for my free coffee before I realised I’d forgotten my coffee cup.
11 Jan
7:25pm, 11 Jan 2019
5986 posts
Yesterday I left the flat in a hurry, annoyed that I’d forgotten that it was Friday and therefore the day for putting food waste and other rubbish out into the street.

It took me at least a minute to realise but thankfully before I got to the point of texting OH and asking home to do it.
11 Jan
7:48pm, 11 Jan 2019
19453 posts
Lizzie W
I was scan and shopping in a rush this afternoon. I stopped myself from putting the scanner on the shelf, then scanned the coffee and went to put that back on the shelf...
11 Jan
8:19pm, 11 Jan 2019
13903 posts
I was just about to leave on my run commute to work today and realised I didnt have my pass which has my locker key on it.

A bit of thinking back and I knew it was in my cycling jacket pocket as I cycled yesterday. But I put that in the washing, glance at the machine and what do I see but the jacket spinning around with 43 mins of the cycle left.

Luckily I switched off the machine and after a minute I could open it and retrieve my pass/key, with a bit of water spillage.
12 Jan
12:07am, 12 Jan 2019
17636 posts
good one!
12 Jan
8:09am, 12 Jan 2019
16326 posts
I picked up a hairband and my brush this morning, brushed my hair and plaited it. Looked for the hairband. Couldn't find it. Kept looking.
Eventually found it - on my wrist.
12 Jan
11:53am, 12 Jan 2019
11532 posts
I do that nearly every morning Carp :)

I couldn't work out why my neighbour was laughing at me telling the dog off for chasing the parsnips..


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