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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Senior Moments - log them here

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13 Nov
2:23pm, 13 Nov 2018
5776 posts
I left my glasses (necessary for PC work) on a random desk and spent a couple of hours trying to figure where on earth they'd gone. I finally worked it out when I was walking past the stationery cupboard, which triggered the thought that the last time I was there I was looking for sellotape but had had to go to Sadie's desk for that...cue lightbulb moment and there they were, still with Sadie.

Someone shared a while ago why going from one room to another can either make us forget what we were planning to do or trigger remembering something.
13 Nov
2:40pm, 13 Nov 2018
36597 posts
That was me, I think. Liebling read it in New Scientist. I annoy her by calling it Nude Scientist. Every. Single. Time.
13 Nov
5:51pm, 13 Nov 2018
44020 posts
The Mighty Fleecy
I often retrace my steps when I’ve forgotten something I want to remember. It works 90% of the time
13 Nov
6:02pm, 13 Nov 2018
1086 posts
[+1 for re-tracing my steps when I've lost something]
13 Nov
7:33pm, 13 Nov 2018
13625 posts
I unpacked my kit to run home from work and found 2 pairs of shorts. I was worried there was no top, but there was. Just thankful it wasnt no pairs of shorts :-O
9:42am, 14 Nov 2018
11166 posts
Walked past airing cupboard on way to shower and turned on the immersion heater.

Found shower cap, as no time to wash hair.

Turned on shower - no water. Turn off immersion heater and turn on shower pump.
Get back in the shower and proceed to shampoo my shower cap....
10:00am, 14 Nov 2018
3707 posts
Fragile Do Not Bend
Oh dear RH.

I’ve had one of those mornings as well, I probably put on deodorant twice as I couldn’t be sure I’d put any on when I got out of the shower, and I had to check if my toothbrush was wet to be sure I’d brushed my teeth.
10:25am, 14 Nov 2018
6404 posts
Lol at shampooing your shower cap

Lol at having a shower cap in 2018

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