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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Menopause and running

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17 Jun
9:29am, 17 Jun 2019
4824 posts
Wine Legs
Maybe I do need to go on the mini pill or something. I was trying to avoid more oral contraceptive / hormone drugs, after all, I've been on them most of my life...except that bit where we wanted to have babies (but couldn't).
17 Jun
11:20am, 17 Jun 2019
592 posts
Wine Legs going to the doctors with this doesn't necessarily mean they will 'put' you on HRT type meds. Hopefully they will give you lots of info and then you can decide.

I managed to get a nurse appt this morning and BP was still high, especially the lower (diastolic?) number. She sent me next door to the doctor who has put me on Ramipril 1.25mg and I have ECG in a couple of weeks, just to be certain. Anyway, the good news is that I can still take HRT. It will be interesting to see if this has any effect on headaches.
17 Jun
12:15pm, 17 Jun 2019
9422 posts
Little Nemo
Right, I've decided that my anxiety has reached ridiculous levels and that I need to do something about it. I've got a doctor's appointment next Tuesday. Wish me luck!
17 Jun
12:32pm, 17 Jun 2019
28158 posts
Good luck!
17 Jun
1:57pm, 17 Jun 2019
6278 posts
Jovi Runner
Sort of running related. I have discovered that rock gigs are much more enjoyable if you wear your running sports bra! Just bnack from two nights in Dublin seeing Jovi. I realise how I am in the minority of ladies of a certain age who are fit and healthy. I like to think it's as a I try to keep fit. I seemed to be just abut the only one amongst my peers who weren't on some sort of medicaiton for conditions!
17 Jun
2:13pm, 17 Jun 2019
4398 posts
The Scribbler
Oh definitely sports bra for rock gigs! I love the fact that I can jump up and down for two hours plus having the time of my life thanks to the work I put into these legs.
17 Jun
3:20pm, 17 Jun 2019
6279 posts
Jovi Runner
I looked at my heart rate on my Garmin on a couple of occasions whrn i was dancinv around last night. It was recording 140ish. So I'm counting that as 2.5 hours of cross training :)

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