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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Meaningless product descriptions

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15 Apr
7:34pm, 15 Apr 2019
283 posts
Silent Runner
Most of the energy I waste during training is in the form of heat, and unless it's the middle of winter I really don't want it reflected back at me, thanks.
15 Apr
8:14pm, 15 Apr 2019
17480 posts
That is absolute Grade-A, prime quality bullshit from Under Armour

*stands and applauds,*
15 Apr
8:56pm, 15 Apr 2019
17927 posts
among the most egregious examples yet seen here.
18 Apr
8:16am, 18 Apr 2019
112000 posts
This isn’t so much meaningless as odd.

Featuring a smaller headsize, lower stiffness and thinner beam, the Pure Drive VS is engineered for ultimate precision. Dedicated to competitive and demanding players, the frame is sold in pairs with almost identical specifications for consistent feel when switching between the rackets.

As it goes, I have a pair of regular Pure Drives. They are identical, which is kinda the point.

‘Almost identical specifications’ is just a plain weird thing to put in your blurb.
18 Apr
2:59pm, 18 Apr 2019
6479 posts
surprised then don't tell you the accuracies of their tolerances...
18 Apr
8:25pm, 18 Apr 2019
17489 posts
"Experience the next iteration of infinite energy."

Brooks Levitate 2 running shoes.
2:24am, 19 Apr 2019
4251 posts
Levitation and infinite energy. That's me sold. Although I'd search for the Levitate 1 in the sale as they'd be cheaper.

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