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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Meaningless product descriptions

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11 Feb
12:02pm, 11 Feb 2019
38353 posts
Is it a packet of condoms?
11 Feb
12:27pm, 11 Feb 2019
8319 posts
It did feel like a Bilbo Baggins type riddle, and I wouldn't have got to McG's answer in a million years!

I was assuming it was a cheap running jacket!
11 Feb
12:29pm, 11 Feb 2019
30407 posts
Isn't there something about water closer to body temperature is more easily absorbed? Maybe heating up your water is not pure bobbins? :-) G
11 Feb
12:41pm, 11 Feb 2019
6716 posts
Found the product on Amazon - I think I'll pass...
11 Feb
2:42pm, 11 Feb 2019
4679 posts
Wine Legs
Apparently they're not pockets, they're a "3-hour energy solution".

14 Feb
8:44am, 14 Feb 2019
110727 posts
Perfection is a journey, not a destination.
14 Feb
5:00pm, 14 Feb 2019
17791 posts
So are most things.
16 Feb
5:58pm, 16 Feb 2019
17801 posts
This BOOK may be kept out Tffi&^ffiE&S

ONLY, and is subject to a fine of -SWE"

CENTS a day thereafter. It is DUE on the

DAY indicated below:

(an e-book from a US university site)
20 Feb
10:20pm, 20 Feb 2019
17808 posts
A gym machine I use, but I feel quite deterred now:

ARTIS® enhances the style of a premium wellness environment and encourages users to move naturally, inspired by its non-intimidating, frameless geometry and driven by its motivating digital content.
20 Feb
11:28pm, 20 Feb 2019
17240 posts
Motivating digital content :-o

Built in fingers which poke you to work harder? Although some might find that intimidating, even in a frameless geometry.

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