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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

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8 Nov
5:27pm, 8 Nov 2018
3243 posts
Good running foxx! Yeah I would always regard a brief uncorroborated HR spike as a technical issue rather than a health issue. Briefly breaking/making contact can trigger false beats, I used to get that all the time with a chest strap though the optical wrist version is much better. (for me: I know some people don't get on with them).
12 Nov
1:34pm, 12 Nov 2018
1456 posts
Catching up on this thread (and thinking about what year my body will fail its MOT - Looks like I have about 3 years. Thanks gang!).

Just been listening to the news about the 69 y/old guy who wants to identify as a 49 Y/o. I presume if this chap is a runner he would also give up his senior vet category as a reasonable trade off for his "perceived" anticipated increase in activity on his tinder profile.
12 Nov
1:50pm, 12 Nov 2018
39590 posts
I think I may opt to identify as 54 for as long as it takes for the really fast F60 on my patch to turn 65.
12 Nov
2:00pm, 12 Nov 2018
45 posts
My TomTom watch gives me a fitness age of 67 - but there's no way I'm going to compete with M65's......not at 86!
12 Nov
2:35pm, 12 Nov 2018
3254 posts
More power to him, I've also got the body of a 24-year-old....


...in my freezer.

Actually I think given the option I would go the other way, and clean up in the V120 category. As well as picking up those winter fuel payments and a free TV licence.
13 Nov
11:49am, 13 Nov 2018
46 posts
Funny you should mention that jdarun. My £300 winter fuel payment arrived last week so I'll be able to keep snug and warm now - down in Madeira.
I'll try to get there and give you a cheer in that V120 category. Then again, if TomTom is still being as generous with my fitness age, you could have your work cut out....

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