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19 Apr
8:56am, 19 Apr 2018
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My early runs are now light enough to go into the woods. It was the wonderful bird song that paced me along the muddy paths. Best soundtrack ever written.
My celandines were plentiful.. but too sleepy to show their faces.
It’s not a SSSI .. just an old spinney but deciduous woods are very special.
19 Apr
9:20am, 19 Apr 2018
38139 posts
I'm happy to be able to do part of my evening runs on country lanes now too, instead of round the same small span of lit streets. Looking forward to evening bike rides soon. I was optimistic yesterday, because my desk was clear at 6.20pm, but then one of my colleagues came in wanting to debrief about a million different things and it was 7.30pm by the time I got home. Maybe tonight :-)
19 Apr
9:45am, 19 Apr 2018
2154 posts
Surprised to find myself 7th in the Run the Sum list, especially considering I have a couple of rest days most weeks. I think it's too hot to run this morning, such a change in just a couple of days.

Love the bluebell pic, LD, looking forward to seeing some round here too. The warm weather has definitely brought out the insect life, have already swallowed one on a run. Intrigued to see if we get tree bees nesting again this year (if only to annoy the neighbours who were horrified when we just left the bees alone last year and didn't destroy the nest).
19 Apr
3:36pm, 19 Apr 2018
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I like that quote struthious, it's a little more gentle than the lines written in Tim Noake's book "The Lore of Running", although what he says is true too:
"..the runners at greatest risk of overtraining and injury are those who have always run and were once competitive. It takes great insight and wisdom to know that the glory days are past and a new perspective must be reached".
He also reminds us that it's worth trying to achieve as much as possible on a minimum of training if you're over 45 or have been competing for more than twenty years. I'll guess that a lot of folks won't go for that!
Lovely pic LazyD--- bluebells are way behind this year as are all plants. My rowan tree is forty days later in coming into leaf, primroses are still flowering in abundance when usually they would have been long gone...
It'll be an interesting London Marathon if the temperature remains as it is.
19 Apr
4:39pm, 19 Apr 2018
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40 days late! That is indeed a late Spring. I was surprised to see two VLMers join our Thursday club run this morning as I'd expected them to be resting but one said she wanted to test out running in the heat. Something tells me that it's a bit late to acclimatise now but maybe I'm wrong?

Personally I'd rather run in cooler weather but another runner this morning said she couldn't possibly wear shorts yet as it was far too chilly :-O

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