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What do you know today, that you did not yesterday?

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15 Jul
12:49pm, 15 Jul 2019
113291 posts
Apparently Jetski is another one you have to be careful of.
15 Jul
1:07pm, 15 Jul 2019
43512 posts
[It's not good for the original company if their brand gets used generically, since it means the brand has limited value and doesn't encourage buyers to choose it. This comes up in managerial economics, which I've studied so you don't have to.]
15 Jul
1:13pm, 15 Jul 2019
13258 posts
[thanks for taking the hit GlennR]
15 Jul
1:15pm, 15 Jul 2019
113292 posts
Ill take your word for it, although I’m sure many people would rather buy, say [this is a bad example but hopefully you get the idea] a Land Rover Defender rather than a Suzuki CU Jimmy because they are buying the brand and not really the car?
15 Jul
1:23pm, 15 Jul 2019
43513 posts
[Completely true Greppers, but that's the whole point of branding and it's what is lost if the brand becomes generic. The Range Rover is a better off-roader than a Subaru Forester, the Forester is cheaper and a lot more reliable. If you're only going to use it on the road then the Forester is the obvious choice, but we know how many tossers like doing the school run in a Range Rover. Not that I recommend the Subaru for that purpose either.]
15 Jul
1:52pm, 15 Jul 2019
113294 posts
[i used to know two farmers with Foresters - never met one with a Range Rover. Foresters also have a reverse cool ‘content over style’ chic too.

At the other side of the argument we have our friends at Babolat. Great kit, big image problem - loud, brash, yoof/thuggery seems to be almost a cultivated image]
15 Jul
2:59pm, 15 Jul 2019
9293 posts
[Thanks Glen. :-)

Like Burberry=Chavwear, Greg!

And I thought Jetski was the Polish National Airline? ;-) ]
15 Jul
3:14pm, 15 Jul 2019
113297 posts
[spot on M3 - exactly so]
15 Jul
8:51pm, 15 Jul 2019
9867 posts
Bill Nighy lives in Caterham

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