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Elite Athletics Thread

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15 Sep
7:41pm, 15 Sep 2019
1378 posts
Half marathon WR
15 Sep
7:52pm, 15 Sep 2019
8665 posts
Kamworor is mildly unlucky that the unglamorous HM distance is his strongest. There's really too big a gulf between 10k and marathon in terms of globally important distances, but he's the king of the HM (and xc) currently.
26 Sep
10:32am, 26 Sep 2019
8786 posts
Anticipation building (slowly!) ahead of Doha.

With the women's marathon this weekend, talk about the heat etc and the impact on runners is interesting, with the GB athletes seemingly unworried about it (e.g. Purdue has been training in heat chambers and adapting).

I do wonder what running in 35deg heat is like in the dark. Presumably on a warm British day in bright sunshine we are exposed to being externally heated up via radiated energy over and above what the air temperature is doing, so equally there'd be quite a difference in the heat accumulation / dissipation in Doha between running in 40deg in the sun vs 35 deg at night, even if the air temps and humidity are not that much different.
26 Sep
11:59am, 26 Sep 2019
5292 posts
I would reckon that sun is additional to air temp so 35 in dark should be more like a cooler temp in the day. Which may be what you meant larkim. Ventilation makes a huge difference too as anyone who's run on a treadmill can attest...
26 Sep
12:11pm, 26 Sep 2019
8791 posts
Yep, that was what I was getting at. If you're picking up no heat from the sun, you won't be overheating as much as if you were running in the same air temperature in full sunlight. I just wonder how big that impact is.

bbc.co.uk has Purdue talking about it being OK, and that she feels she's done the acclimatisation work. Also interesting with McColgan saying she's not got any concerns about the track with the aircon in the stadium.
26 Sep
12:29pm, 26 Sep 2019
6622 posts
paul the builder
(^) that's a lot of words to say that temperatures are measured in the shade, and those in the direct sun are not the same :-)
26 Sep
12:41pm, 26 Sep 2019
8794 posts
Indeed it is. But equally that's oversimplifying things because the impact of solar radiation on an object in direct sunlight is related to factors such as their reflectivity etc. i.e. a black object (I believe?) would absorb solar energy and heat up faster than a reflective one?

So I am curious as what the quantum is of the heat on a human body running in the dark vs running in direct sunlight on a day with the same air temp (measured in the shade!).
26 Sep
12:55pm, 26 Sep 2019
1585 posts
Just noticed that that HM WR linked before is exactly the same time I ran for my 10 mile PB in York last October.

It certainly helps me visualise just how impressive these top elites are. In my head I was really 'travelling' that day, but the WR holder would have completed the course and then run a 5k on the end of it.
26 Sep
12:58pm, 26 Sep 2019
8796 posts
Yep, it's mighty impressive isn't it. I'm not sure I'd get much past 200m at WR marathon pace in a flat out sprint.
26 Sep
1:05pm, 26 Sep 2019
1385 posts
Yep, so impressive.

Here’s a gratuitous excuse to share my plal’s splits from this year’s London marathon. I’m in awe.

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