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28 Apr
12:57pm, 28 Apr 2019
8843 posts
Oh ER. 😒.

Praying for you both.
10 Jun
7:02am, 10 Jun 2019
4387 posts
Eynsham Red
Pre-op for Sherry today in preparation for her operation on Tuesday next week.
11 Jun
1:11pm, 11 Jun 2019
3034 posts
Surrey Phil
I'll be praying for you both, ER.
11 Jun
1:55pm, 11 Jun 2019
9525 posts
Sending prayers x
11 Jun
3:36pm, 11 Jun 2019
9113 posts
And more prayers, for both of you.
16 Jun
7:40am, 16 Jun 2019
3039 posts
Surrey Phil
Is everything still set for Tuesday, ER? Just remember that many people are praying for you (Matthew 18 v. 19-20).
16 Jun
7:50am, 16 Jun 2019
3040 posts
Surrey Phil
Our church's annual 10k is next Sunday and, for the first time, we are having a service afterwards. Rest assured, we are not doing it so that when runners finish, they have to stay but the offer will be there.

The only problem has been that many of those who marshal regularly are needed to set up and serve in the service so I am still about 5-6 people short. Hopefully, I can fill those spots at church this morning. Sadly, we have many who tend to sit on their hands when it comes to the race. I am trying to change their mindset in that our marshals are serving the community on behalf of the church and not just volunteers at a 10k event.

At present, we are looking at 50-60 runners based on a projection of how the final two weeks usually goes.

I would be grateful for your prayers for a positive response from prospective volunteers and runners, and that everyone gets around safely. Thanks.
16 Jun
9:00am, 16 Jun 2019
4431 posts
Eynsham Red
Thank you Phil. Everyone’s prayers are truly appreciated.

Yes everything is still on track for Tuesday. We have to call the hospital on Monday to find out whether it will be a morning or afternoon list. We’d prefer morning because there is a good chance that Sherry would able to come home that day.
16 Jun
9:04am, 16 Jun 2019
4432 posts
Eynsham Red
I hope that you get the additional volunteers that you need from your appeal this morning Phil, (and that it’s not raining when people arrive at church as this might sway their decision!)

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