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10 Apr
7:11am, 10 Apr 2019
4076 posts
Eynsham Red
Good morning everyone. I’d value prayers please for my wife who has had a call back following a mammogram last week. She has an appointment at the hospital on next Monday 15th for the follow up.

Obviously we pray that there would be nothing cancerous, but also for peace during this period of uncertainty.

Many thanks.
10 Apr
8:53am, 10 Apr 2019
9073 posts
Thinking of you both. Keep us posted, ER.
10 Apr
12:29pm, 10 Apr 2019
8718 posts
Yes ER. Will be bothering God on your behalves.
10 Apr
12:31pm, 10 Apr 2019
17919 posts
happy to do that.
11 Apr
12:31pm, 11 Apr 2019
13700 posts
Will do ER.
11 Apr
12:34pm, 11 Apr 2019
111822 posts
Will do
15 Apr
4:07pm, 15 Apr 2019
4105 posts
Eynsham Red
Thank you everyone. A brief update on today’s appointment. A second mammogram has confirmed a lump and my wife has had a biopsy. We have now to wait until a week Friday for the results (benign or otherwise). This is delayed due to the Easter holiday period which is a little frustrating to say the least, but it is what it is.
Your continued prayers would be valued.
15 Apr
5:25pm, 15 Apr 2019
8749 posts
Grr, ER. :-(
Will keep on.
15 Apr
5:49pm, 15 Apr 2019
2316 posts
I know how tense that wait can be - praying for peace for you both.

Ignore me if this is all stuff you already know or don't really want to think about - the chances are high that the result will be inconclusive (even if all the cells they get in the biopsy are fine there's the chance they just missed the interesting bit because biopsying isn't an exact science), which may not seem terribly reassuring.

Mrs ER will probably be looking at having the lump -ectomied either way (if the biopsy shows nothing interesting they'll take the rest out ot be on the safe side, if it shows anything to be concerned about they'll take the rest out with a bigger margin and look at what else they may need to do). In my experience (small lumpectomy last summer that turned out to be 100% benign) this is not nearly as unpleasant as some other surgical procedures, though will require abstaining from anything that would induce significant jiggle for a little while afterwards.

No matter what know that He is in control and has a much bigger imagination than any of us - so can find ways to bless you even in situations where we might think it impossible.
18 Apr
8:09pm, 18 Apr 2019
4174 posts
praying ER

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