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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

How was your bike today?

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30 Jun
1:51pm, 30 Jun 2018
1169 posts
Great new about the insurance payment :-).

Another 30+ ride for me today taking me to 205 miles for the week so far and 801 for June. Mostly very enjoyable miles into the countryside. What a difference using my excellent Hewitt touring bike makes, compared to my workhorse tourer :-).
1 Jul
10:54pm, 1 Jul 2018
16286 posts
That's a decent trip, Wolf Dancer.
9 Jul
8:23pm, 9 Jul 2018
1183 posts
I'm still continuing with the daily rides, averaging over 30mpd, with some very nice long rides on my excellent tourer out into the Flatlands :-).
10 Jul
11:33pm, 10 Jul 2018
16325 posts
Enjoyable :-). Fifty minutes mainly up country: I saw two deer, a hare, then another two deer. Left at 9:40 pm and still enough light to water the garden on return.
11 Jul
6:43am, 11 Jul 2018
6784 posts
Bikea not happening as much as it should due to damaged ribs but need to try to do 75 miles this weekend or ride London may be dodgy
11 Jul
8:53am, 11 Jul 2018
7081 posts
Rode my ‘race’ bike and then Nic’s race bike as I have the option to buy it. Can’t decide as I still really love my bike. There’s not much in it, though Nic’s race bike is top end and stiffer than mine...
11 Jul
10:07am, 11 Jul 2018
6785 posts
Can never have too many bikes.....
11 Jul
3:29pm, 11 Jul 2018
1186 posts
True, especially if they are all superb bikes :-).
Mandymoo, hope you get your 75 miles done and Ride London as well.

Another 40+ miles ride today, through the marvelously named Grunty Fen to Ely for a ride around the city and some shopping before setting off home.
11 Jul
5:43pm, 11 Jul 2018
38601 posts
eL Bee! took me to the seaside, then out for lunch, then he half-killed me.
22 Jul
1:37pm, 22 Jul 2018
1195 posts
After last week's 300+mpw, thanks to a trip to Sheringham, I've had a "rest" week and cycled 200 miles, still averaging ~30mpd. There will be another long ride tomorrow to go to a hospital appointment, plus more during the rest of the week while this weather lasts :-).
Saw a buzzard and a red kite yesterday, and presumably they felt I was to big to be a meal ;-).

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