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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

How was your swim today?

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3 Oct
10:11pm, 3 Oct 2018
38320 posts
I can only dream.
4 Oct
10:29am, 4 Oct 2018
17540 posts
TRO Gompers Chomper
Thanks - but I want and need 1:30 ish.

Never really broken through the 1:40 barrier, fell back earlier in the year and was swimming about 1:47-8 for 100, so good to be back amongst it at 1:40 but would love to make the next step.

PS key to getting under 2:00 is breathing. I was stuck at 2:10-2:15 for a couple of years until I got breathing properly. Suddenly whoosh, 1:55. Been a lot harder getting the small increments since then, mind.
4 Oct
10:57am, 4 Oct 2018
9346 posts
Do you know what "sorted" the breathing?
4 Oct
3:07pm, 4 Oct 2018
1968 posts
Elsie Too
And what was the problem with the breathing prior to it being sorted?
4 Oct
9:45pm, 4 Oct 2018
First-time poster!!
First comment on the forum! I swim most mornings Monday to Friday. Missed it this morning as work gets in the way!
4 Oct
10:00pm, 4 Oct 2018
38341 posts
Evening James. Welcome.
5 Oct
9:22pm, 5 Oct 2018
407 posts
hi James, times sound super impressive to me, I am just starting to see improvements in my speed, still around 2:30 for 100m though!
11 Oct
1:43pm, 11 Oct 2018
159 posts
Really happy this morning, did a CSS test and got 6:59 for the 400m and 3:29 for the 200 giving a CSS of 1:45 per 100m. Started the year with a 400m PB of around 8:30 so made some real improvements this year. Similarly to TRO I got my breathing technique sorted - moved to single side every 2 strokes rather than struggling with bilateral on 3 strokes.

In reality it should be more like 1:48 but the last length of my 200 was stalled by some dopey twonk doing the worlds slowest backstroke in the fast lane FFS. When challenged the response was "this lanes quieter" than the slow lane - Fortunately the lifeguard was on it and asked them to move. When will people cop on to the fact that by picking the correct lane they will get a better swim themselves?
19 Oct
8:39am, 19 Oct 2018
161 posts
30 minute Time trial this morning in an attempt to change things up a bit. 1525m done at a moderate effort level.

Happy with that but still some room for improvement

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