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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

How was your swim today?

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15 Feb
3:27pm, 15 Feb 2019
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Not prying! I guess I just like to stand on my own two feet, which I guess is silly, since we've been together 20 years and always supported each other. He earns a lot more than me, and I guess I just feel on some level that if I'm buying running kit and entering races, and buying presents for my family and friends, it's not fair to expect him to pay for something that's more essential. Probably worth thinking about it a little more, as of course I would pay for him without a thought if the roles were reversed.
15 Feb
3:31pm, 15 Feb 2019
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Well. If you are able to swim and dress/undress etc without pain I can imagine you will have more energy and therefore more of you to give to your nearest and dearest. He will benefit too. You are right though, you would pay for him without a moments thought, and I suspect he'd be very happy with paying for you and helping you to a pain free life. heart
15 Feb
3:32pm, 15 Feb 2019
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Thank you. You are right. And it has really helped to think it through a little more. On my run I was thinking about what I would say to someone who said to me that they couldn't afford physio yet someone else was willing to pay for them. I had a little word with myself :) heart
15 Feb
4:59pm, 15 Feb 2019
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Quite, Linds. I'm sure your OH would prefer a pain-free partner to money in the bank!

Lovely swim in the Sidmouth pool today. As regards fellow-swimmers, everyone was really pleasant. I got in a little before the pool was laned, and there was just one lane roped off which had a notice suggesting it was for private swimming lessons, but I wasn;t sure. I started to ask the two chaps chatting in the shallow end what the lane was actually for and one of them said with a big smile, 'It's for everyone!' So I set off and the three of us co-existed very happily. It was only when I got out that I saw that the lane sign had been changed to 'Fast Lane' at some point. I'm never normally brave enough to go in the fast lane :-)
5:35pm, 16 Feb 2019
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Hope your shoulder get better LindsD, frozen shoulder was not nice for my wife and it took ages to fix.
I will swim tomorrow :)
5:54pm, 16 Feb 2019
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I was a bit late getting up this morning, so the lanes session had finished before I had time to complete my 1km. However, it was nice to be greeted at the pay desk by the ED for Exmouth parkrun (he's the manager of the pool) and he remembered me from the time I 'guest-RD'd' there :-)

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