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How was your run today?

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8 Jul
2:43pm, 8 Jul 2017
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Sounds good DT.........ran 9 this morning......the furtherest Ive ran since my back and knee op in Feb 2016......ran it steady and well ........felt good.
17 Jul
8:40pm, 17 Jul 2017
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Eynsham Red
Really hard work! It was pretty warm, and I had to make a detour of about 3/4 mile to avoid a field of sheep that I didn't want to spook, which meant running through some rather long grass.
It feels like I've run about eight or nine miles rather than just under six.
24 Jul
9:19pm, 24 Jul 2017
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First post holiday run tonight. Went ok to be honest.
24 Jul
9:22pm, 24 Jul 2017
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Fenland (Fenners) Runner
My run today was totally epic lowest ever average bpm. Well happy. :-)
24 Jul
9:29pm, 24 Jul 2017
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Well done Fenners
24 Jul
9:36pm, 24 Jul 2017
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Lovely evening run as the sun was setting tonight. Had to extend it an it to stop at the public conveniences
7 Aug
12:18pm, 7 Aug 2017
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My run was really good today. My legs somehow ran 8 miles before needing a little walk. That is the furthest I have run in 2017....and probably 2016 as well.
10 Aug
12:04pm, 10 Aug 2017
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Longest run in a long, long, time - 12.5m slog. Pace was appalling, obviously, other people could probably walk faster, but pleased to get a longish run under my belt after such a long lay-off

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