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Fetchie Flab Fighters

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19 May
12:11pm, 19 May 2008
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Lizzie W
Social weekend = all of week's points eaten - must exist on Core food until Friday! Hopefully my hilly 10K on Wednesday will balance things out a little...

NSC - eating chocolate cake on birthdays is essential ;-)

Hugs to all who want them

gg - what are the fitflops meant to do?
19 May
12:57pm, 19 May 2008
389 posts
weekend away, meals out, alcohol, icecream - sts was never really gonna happen was it!
*whispers* 3lb on :-(

But positive head on today - it will come straight back off for next week :-)
19 May
1:14pm, 19 May 2008
2354 posts
Chicken Licken
trying to eat yoghurt with a fat lip is birlliant ..... will read back over da thread in two ticks
19 May
1:18pm, 19 May 2008
180 posts
Slow *Cuddly* Phoenix!
Good Afternoon all!

I'm very pleased to report, that my first week of re-joining WW, has left me 3lb lighter!!! Hooray!! At last a bit of weight off.

After my appalling week (work and stress wise), I've managed to stay on the wagon. I'm still undecided what to do about my job, I'm being the ostrich at the mo and sticking my head in the sand!!

Off to see the Pod tomorrow too, so I'm trying to remain positive and not to wallow in self pity, even though I am missing my running dreadfully.

Take care all
19 May
1:35pm, 19 May 2008
150 posts
Hi Flab Fighters. I hope you don't mind me joining your group?

I lost a lot of weight about 2 years ago when I first started running, but I'm still classed as overweight and want to get down to around the 9 stone mark (currently 10st 9).

I've joined myself up to the online version of Slimming world, as the diet worked really well for my Mum and sister. I've paid my first 3 months membership upfront, so now I'm on to the hard task of actually losing the weight.

Anyone else on Slimming World? I'm starting with a red day today, so I get to eat steak for tea tonight! Wooohoo
19 May
1:38pm, 19 May 2008
112 posts
im thinking of joining slimming world online, any good luiz?
19 May
1:39pm, 19 May 2008
2355 posts
Chicken Licken
Hey Luiz good luck hunny ;-) welcome to our little corner :-)
good luck again
Just going to run off and do some work tsk how boring!!
19 May
1:40pm, 19 May 2008
391 posts
positive head broke already - I am sitting stuffing my big fat face with banoffee pie
19 May
1:44pm, 19 May 2008
1215 posts
hi luiz

welcome, there's an article here Link (roll over me to see where I go) to add your losses :-) and geckogirl does a list each week :-)
good luck!

well done SN, fingers crossed for the pod tomorrow

pats the koala on her positive head ;-)

thought fat lip would stop you eating - should have known better Chick ;-)

thanks for the validation Lizzylou and sounds a good weekend :-)
19 May
1:45pm, 19 May 2008
1216 posts
eeeek - cross post


steals spoon

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