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Wilmslow Half Marathon

Listed by 9Dart
, Wilmslow SK9 UK
55 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
1justin1 Unaffiliated 1:39:51 1:39:51 1:47:11 55.25
9Dart Unaffiliated 1:29:38 1:29:38 1:29:59 1:29:38 66.10
baggio71 Congleton Harriers 1:40:44 1:41:30 2:00:39 49.46
Bew Unaffiliated 2:10:00
bluemikey Unaffiliated 1:29:54 1:34:00 1:38:00 64.50
brock Warrington Road Runners 1:33:09 1:33:09 1:33:09 65.24
caterpillar girl Unaffiliated 1:31:30 1:31:30 1:29:59 1:33:31 73.41
Cazmo Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC, Congleton Harriers 2:02:23 2:12:33 2:12:33 49.67
ChrisDig Unaffiliated 1:27:17 1:27:17 1:26:00 1:27:17 69.62
clairster Stockport Harriers & AC 1:41:11 1:49:25 1:45:00 1:49:25 60.25
contraflow Unaffiliated 1:43:48 1:47:13 1:48:27 56.03
Ehlne Manchester Harriers & AC 1:52:54 1:58:04 2:00:00 2:01:33 54.46
Fluke Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers RC 1:37:46 1:37:46 2:15:00 2:01:15 52.56
Fompungs Unaffiliated 2:06:57 2:18:00 2:20:00 2:18:00 43.46
Gez Sunderland Strollers 1:31:44 1:38:37 1:48:20 54.67
Ghilington Super Doggy No.1 Unaffiliated 1:53:16 1:57:17 2:00:00 1:57:17 50.52
Homer FERC 1:31:53 1:37:03 2:00:00 1:43:32 57.32
Is@@c Stockport Harriers & AC 1:26:48 1:28:53 1:29:30 1:29:48 69.83
Jasper* Scunthorpe & District AC 1:41:48 1:44:50 1:44:50 68.76
Jezzer Chorlton Runners 1:28:25 1:32:51 1:38:12 69.40
JillyB Manchester Harriers & AC 2:09:40 2:28:00 2:28:00 46.04
jmc Stockport Harriers & AC 1:17:05 1:19:30 1:19:30 75.09
jonah Stockport Harriers & AC 1:21:43 1:24:59 1:24:59 74.99
Kwaka Stockport Harriers & AC 1:39:50 1:42:15 1:42:15 62.83
leftachilles Unaffiliated 1:34:24 1:39:33 1:46:42 57.82
Luiz Unaffiliated 2:17:04 2:18:04 2:20:00 2:18:04 47.68
mackers2 UKnetrunner 1:37:15 1:49:37 1:49:37 57.64
Manc Girl Manchester Harriers & AC, Northern Veterans AC 2:00:02
missvivvy Swinton Running Club 1:49:21 1:54:13 1:54:13 57.70
morticia Unaffiliated 1:42:15 1:42:15 1:42:15 65.82
Mrs Seagull Stockport Harriers & AC 2:05:25 2:05:25 2:05:25 55.18
nandez Unaffiliated 1:49:48 1:53:40 1:53:40
Nexus Icon Stockport Harriers & AC 1:09:56 1:23:15 1:25:49 73.67
now andyk2708 Unaffiliated 1:40:17 1:50:07 1:55:00 1:50:07 54.79
Philippe Flop Unaffiliated 1:43:36 1:43:36 1:47:04 59.01
podrunner Chorley Athletics and Triathlon Club 1:31:03 1:31:27 1:37:41 67.40
pugheaven Ellesmere Port Running Club 1:18:16 1:18:53 1:17:50 1:18:53 75.12
Redchilli Unaffiliated 1:17:05 1:24:31 1:25:59 69.02
RobH Manchester Tri 1:18:45 1:27:29 1:27:29 67.72
Route666 Unaffiliated 1:31:50 1:31:50 1:31:50 68.80
running26 Unaffiliated 1:42:10 1:56:57 1:56:57 54.46
RunningBob Wilmslow RC 1:11:29 1:14:13 1:16:00 1:14:13 85.17
runs with monkeys Unaffiliated 1:27:16 1:28:00 1:28:00 67.34
Runtrue Bramhall Runners 1:55:56 2:08:48 2:08:48 54.21
snogard Stockport Harriers & AC, FERC 2:02:20 2:46:12 2:57:00 2:52:00 42.93
Spenda Teign Valley Running Club 1:18:25 1:18:25 1:18:25 78.09
ste Vale Royal AC 1:33:20 1:36:22 1:36:22 63.55
Sully Kirk Hallam AC 1:20:24 1:20:24 1:20:00 1:20:24 74.25
Trackster Northern Veterans AC, Preston Harriers 1:09:57 1:10:57 1:10:57 83.80
Tri Foxy Mersey-Tri 1:36:07 1:37:33 1:40:00 1:37:33 65.86
tri-harder Unaffiliated 2:07:04 2:18:36 2:18:36 45.59
wensleydale Saddleworth Runners 1:54:05 1:58:17 2:00:00 1:58:17 55.67
Wheabs Wilmslow RC 1:35:23 1:36:38 1:38:00 1:42:59 59.46
whereisjen Unaffiliated 2:02:00 2:10:00 2:10:00 50.64
xhosa Unaffiliated 1:39:07 1:42:35 1:42:35 67.02

This event is listed on these dates:

Set off well, reached 10 miles at 60:12 but then lost it due to headwind in last 2 miles... bummer
Part of Edinburgh training but will go for the sub90 - update: Really really pleased with the sub90!! I knew I had it in me, it's just putting it all in on the day. Great start, quickly into stride, went through 5miles in 33:10 and felt superb. Paid for it slightly but still went through 10miles in 1:07:43 (although the official time called out by marshall was 1:08:22*). Hung on against an unwelcome headwind in the last 3m and scraped under! Great race, well organised & well supported, excellent memento etc. Will def do again. * - only thing that would improve things would be chip timing. I've entered offical time but I crossed line at 1:29:34 according to race clock and watch time was 1:29:02!!
What a great day for racing. Was just going to take it easy and settle into a comfortable pace but after going through half way in just over 50 mins I thought what the heck and started to slowly pick up the pace. A hard last mile but it was worth it in the end. pb by about 35 secs.
My last race as a senior and on home turf as well!

All was going well until the last 2 miles - not really sure what happened but I don't think I should have taken on water after mile 10.
Managed to bob a pb.

There was a fair wind behind on the way out and in the face coming back leading to some interesting splits:

2 miles: 10:45
5 miles: 27:05
10 miles: 55:59
Really pleased - a pb.
Found the last 2 miles tough but excellent race & organisation.
My first half and what a day. Great course, great support and a nice goodie bag. Everything just seemed to work. Big blister, sore legs and very very tired but on top of my little world!
now andyk2708
Knee pain got severe at the 8 mile marker, forcing me to slow down a touch.
I'd really like to manage under 2:15 for this one, but this would mean knocking around 10 mins off my PB, so may be a tad optimistic.**update** Really dissapointed with the time - was on for a 2:10 finish, then my calf went *pop* at 11 miles. Limped home in 2:18
oh what a horrible day, had to fight for every step :(
Gun time or watch time - thats the real question - PB'd whichever one you look at but need to drop below that 90 minute smark so lets go off the watch time.
Quite a tough day at the office. Was shooting for 1:25 and was on that pace for the first 5 miles but had to ease off. Miles 6-8 were tough but started to feel OK again and tried to up it at the end, only to get hit by the headwind on the last 2-3 miles. Anyway, PB by 2 minutes so it's not too bad I suppose!
This was a tough race. I hadn't trained properly, and had struggled to motivate myself to run for months prior to this. I really wanted to do this half marathon though, since I'd entered a few years previously and sprained my feet in training the week before (from trying to run in ordinary trainers!), so I couldn't do the race. Then last year the race was full when I came to register, so this year I was determined to do it. The last 3-4 miles were a real struggle. I vow never to run a race again without adequate training. It's very unpleasant and unsatisfactory!
PB by 2 and half mins so happy.
Sub 1 20 would have been nice
My first competitive run - Modified entry 27-Oct-07 to show official time 2:01:00 -> 2:01:15
Walked the first 10km, 3 x 3 intervals for the rest. Had difficulty running over the line
took 2 mins to get over the start line, not chip timed.
1 Mile = 5:47
2 Mile = 5:52 (11:39)
3 Mile = 5:49 (17:29)
4 Mile = 5:47 (23:16)
5 Mile = 5:46 (29:03)
6 Mile = 6:01 (35:05) Slightly Up Hill
7 Mile = 5:52 (40:46)
8 Mile = 6:15 (46:58) Uphill Section
9 Mile = 6:12 (53:13)
10 Mile = 6:01 (59:25) Slight Invlince through town...
11 Mile = 6:13 (01:05:26) Head Wind and Inclined
12 Mile = 6:13 (01:11:39) Head Wind and Inclined
13 Mile = 6:13 (01:17:53) Head Wind and Inclined
0.1 Mile = 37.64 (01:18:30)

Finish Time [b]1:18:30[/b] (5:59 m/m)

As for me at Wilmslow... well, decent conditions, apart from the

wind picked up from 10 mile to the finish (and it wasn't just me,

everyone lost time)...

However, went out steady, holding back, holding back... got to

[b]2 mile[/b] and thought right, I'm in a rhythm here, and feels

decent... couldn't feel twinge in butt cheek that I've had all

week... so pushed onwards...

Could see a women called Gill I think her name is, who's a solid

solid runner... and made an effort over the next 2 mile to just

close onto her and stick with her for as long as possible...

caught the pack at [b]4 mile[/b]... tucked in behind her wonderful

arse... and settled down... went through [b]5 mile[/b] quicker by

40 seconds than I wanted to, but even then, felt very very easy...

and confidence was starting to rise... and wanted to blast past

them and push on, but [b]held back[/b] which as you all know,

isn't the usual Puglet!

So, basically the next 2-3 mile upto [b]8 mile[/b] was

uneventful... and churning out nice miles... as I went past

[b]8[/b] though, I noticed my breathing was a little heavier...

and knew this was when the work had to start to maintain any kind

of pace. Also, the second half of this course (which I HATE by the

way) is tough... with a couple of nasty hills...

Went through 10 mile in bang on 59:25 which was smack on 5:57 pace

which is what I wanted... however, the wind started picking up on

the run in... which was a bugger...

So dug in, tried to catch a couple of runners, went past them...

but deep down knew my 1:17:50 attempt was slipping away...

however, instead of giving up and throwing me dummy out the

pram... carried on... and just worked at a slower pace, making

sure I lost the least amount of time possible...

At this point, 11 mile, could see Helen Lawrence suffering (she

did Trimpell with me in 2:03) and knew I might get her over the

last 2 mile... kept an eye on GILL's arse though to bring me


The last mile was torture, as it's just one long curving road...

that you can't see the end.... times flashing by, and you can't

see the end, hard to keep your head together... but did it... and

trotted over the line... (no sprint though, unusal for me!!!)...

Not sure of positions as it's a good quality field... but I'm

happy with that run and the pacing... on a flatter course? Who

knows... however I can only do what I did...

over all... a 9/10 race... and the best I've raced since New Year

and know has banished a few doubts and I can move onwards and

upwards from here.
First big race after giving birth to Alexandra last September. Did fairly well. Was motivated to run a bit faster at the end when I noticed solicitor/shoes just behind me. I was not going to let her beat me, whether I just had a baby or not :o)