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Cabbage Patch 10

Listed by sallykate
67 London Rd, 67 London Rd Twickenham TW1 UK
52 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
a7083 Mud Crew Trail Runners, SHAEF Shifters 1:05:22 1:12:27 1:13:41 60.99
ancient Trent Park Running Club, Watford Joggers 1:04:34 1:07:40 1:08:06 77.92
ascoey Windle Valley Runners, Dorchester RIOT 1:19:47 1:29:02 1:29:02 52.24
Brian1964 Unaffiliated 1:23:32 1:34:46 1:45:00 1:34:46 52.31
Bumface Purple Patch Runners 1:02:58 1:03:27 1:03:27 77.49
Burto Hatch Warren Runners 1:24:25 1:31:33 1:34:15 48.24
Curly45 Ranelagh Harriers, Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC 1:06:47 1:10:51 1:15:00 1:10:51 70.15
Darlo Darlington Harriers & AC 1:14:30 1:19:56 1:19:56 62.53
Daz M Bedford Harriers AC 1:10:58 1:14:21 1:14:50 63.63
DIY Diva Ranelagh Harriers, Vets AC 1:14:49 1:18:55 1:26:54 62.56
elliot_worth Unaffiliated 1:06:18 1:12:04 1:14:00 1:12:04 65.04
englandlynda Hillingdon AC 1:25:32 1:25:32 1:30:00 1:25:32 65.80
Fizzy Springburn Harriers 1:31:45 1:43:56 1:43:56 48.27
Funky Chicken Unaffiliated 1:09:24 1:15:44 1:19:00 1:17:37 58.21
gavpugh Mornington Chasers 1:05:45 1:07:11 1:07:11 68.70
HelenJane Unaffiliated 1:21:31 1:21:31 1:21:31 66.02
Houblon Unaffiliated 1:35:28 1:35:28 1:30:00 1:35:28 51.50
Inertia Unaffiliated 1:21:12 1:22:22 1:22:22 58.74
John66 Barnes Runners 1:41:26 1:45:58 2:00:00 1:47:54 45.20
johntz Sandhurst Joggers 1:08:31 1:09:57 1:09:57 68.61
Kenny_Boy Serpentine RC 1:09:56 1:14:54 1:15:00 1:14:54 62.58
londonpride Runnymede Runners 1:23:38 1:29:59 1:29:59
Magpie Rob Ranelagh Harriers 1:10:50 1:10:50 1:12:00 1:10:50 66.69
Mandymoo Unaffiliated 1:37:02 1:48:20 1:48:20 49.68
MB3 Unaffiliated 1:12:47 1:19:15 1:19:59 1:19:15 56.70
Mel Ranelagh Harriers 1:22:25 1:26:53 1:30:00 1:26:53 59.09
MissChappo Unaffiliated 1:52:36 1:52:36 1:50:00 1:52:36 45.59
not built for speed 26.2 Road Runners Club 1:19:34 1:35:57 1:35:57 51.78
PaulaMc Dulwich Park Runners 1:26:16 1:27:47 1:27:47 60.20
Pebble76 Ranelagh Harriers 1:25:34 1:25:34 1:25:34 58.83
PhilPub Kent AC 54:06 56:01 56:00 56:01 83.04
Running Beer 26.2 Road Runners Club 1:20:56 1:35:32 1:35:57 46.26
sallykate FERC 1:39:27 1:49:19 1:49:19 48.34
scollins78 Unaffiliated 1:08:10 1:09:13 1:09:13 64.63
SheBuLady Serpentine RC 1:19:24 1:20:03 1:20:03 70.31
Sleepy Sloth London Heathside Runners AC 1:26:55 1:26:55 1:28:18 57.24
slow coach caz Runnymede Runners 1:54:06 1:59:24 1:59:24 50.24
Spidergirl Ealing Eagles Running Club 1:14:20 1:14:23 1:14:23 68.62
spoke Runnymede Runners 1:01:32 1:01:32 1:01:32 81.91
StorksRock BeaRCats running club 1:28:37 1:28:37 1:29:59 1:28:37 60.73
surreystriderâ„¢ Unaffiliated 1:14:47 1:28:36 1:28:36 53.32
TeeBee Ranelagh Harriers 1:27:26 1:29:47 1:29:47 58.38
Tom Bedwell London Heathside Runners AC 1:03:17 1:18:05 1:18:36 56.72
TriClanger Clapham Chasers 1:19:59 1:26:26 1:26:26 57.35
Trophywife Watford Joggers 1:07:40 1:07:40 1:08:00 1:07:40 74.14
UglyNephew Mornington Chasers 59:40 1:00:47 1:00:47 73.02
vghorne Sandhurst Joggers 1:42:57 1:42:57 1:42:57 49.70
Vixrice Unaffiliated 1:22:20
WestCountryLad Dulwich Park Runners 1:07:43 1:07:43 1:09:00 1:07:43 65.84
Windsor Wool Datchet Dashers 1:02:41 1:02:41 1:02:41 73.63
Yazoo Runnymede Runners 58:54 1:00:45 1:00:45 76.57
youcanrunfasterlynne BBC RC, Mornington Chasers 1:13:50 1:17:04 1:17:04 73.03

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Based on 3 reviews
Bit disappointed with time. As usual, gave it good go, and conditions good. Slow start, with lots of fun runners ahead!!
My first 10mile race so in effect I set a new PB/PR this morning around the suburban roads and riverside paths of Twickenham, Kingston & Richmond. The Cabbage Patch 10 attracts some serious runners, and a few years ago was won by the 5K + 10K Olympic Champion Mo Farah! Indeed this year it was won by Kenyan Andrew Lessuda in 47:37. He's won a string of events in the UK this year and is one to keep an eye on in the future.
Seeing as I've not done a lot (well, any) running during the week to supplement my weekend medium distance runs I'm quite happy with my time today. Although, on checking the official time they have me at 1:12:56 which is nearly a minute slower than my watch, something isn't right there and I don't think it's my watch as my splits all look spot on.
The first mile or two was a bit stop/start. Around 1600 runners took part and although I thought I was in a reasonable spot in the holding pen I had to spent a bit of time and energy passing some slower runners until the field began to spread out a bit. Plus the roads weren't entirely closed so a bit of pavement/kerb jumps were needed throughout to negotiate frustrated drivers!
I still managed a decent 1st mile split of 7:21 though mile 2 was a bit quicker at 7:11, it felt a bit too quick so I allowed myself to ease back on mile 3 to run a 7:23. It was probably around now "Purple Girl" as she will be known as, came into my race strategy. Often during races you'll end up getting to run at the same pace, or fractionally slower, as someone else and that acts as a perfect target to follow for as long as your pace remains similar.
Purple Girl (she was wearing a purple top) seemed to keep varying her pace though which I think explains some of my up and down splits - mile 4 was a speedy 7:07 whereas mile 5 dropped right back to 7:28. I kept gaining on her and then she'd spurt away and I'd have to keep Purples lead in check. Mile 6 was a good pace at 7:18 though it was not long after that mark that she started to pull away once we entered the Richmond area & King Georges Field, that's the last of her I thought. But I kept my pace steady and mile 7 was a decent 7:15 split as we ran past Ham Polo Club and towards Richmond bridge, at which point the track started getting quite slippy and muddy.
The plan was to kick at 2 miles out but I knew we had to negotiate the up & down route over Richmond Bridge so I thought it was wise to wait until I was back on flat ground. By this time I'd reeled in Purple Girl and was on her shoulder as we got to around the 8.3 mile point having done another decent split of 7:18.
I thought it was time so kicked on, feeling pretty comfortable in the step up and soon started picking off runners one by one, Purple Girl being the first & she was not to be seen again! Mile 9 was a 6:54 and I managed to maintain the momentum over the last mile on a pretty fast run in to the finish line, clocking mile 10 in 6:41, with perhaps just 1 or 2 runners going by me. Another pleasing close out of a race.
That might be the last race of the year as I don't have anything else lined up and I'm not getting enough run time in these days with my change of job and working location. If it is, not a bad end to the year although I fell I'm still running short of my potential which is something I'd like to look at next year.
Nice run in the Saucony Fastwich's again, definitely won't be running races in the heavy support shoes again. HR peaked at 181 at the end of the race which is the highest rate I've seen all year, I thought the days of 180 were gone - given that's at the very top rate at which my heart can work these days!
Lovely flat race - first 10 miler in 16 months and felt very good
Windsor Wool
Big race, 2nd year in a row that it has trialled 2 chips and there is still no chip time!! Further, what kind of big race can't get the mile markers remotely right 7-8-9? Still an excellent race.
Time was taken from Garmin as race time was start time not chip time (took 50 seconds to start)
Funky Chicken
Garmin time 1:16:28. Would have been nice to have a mat at the start seeing as we were trialling two different chips for them, but hey ho - just need to start nearer the front next time!
Gun to chip time so probably would have been more like 1:52 something but my Garmin has broken down.
gun time 1:36:03 - as seen on the clock took about 35-40 seconds to cross the line so actual time 1:35:28.
Went off what I thoight was Ok but turned out to be too fast with Ally. Started to suffer at 3M (kingston). Got stomach cramps from 4-6 miles but got better.

Crossed half way at about 45 mins but was never going to maintain the the pace for the last 5m
Brian caught be about 7m. Felt better for last 2.5 miles.

bit disappointed with time as wanted under 1:30
Hopefully do better next time when I have my garmin back to pace me better
Thanks to the Ranelagh ladies and the Fetchies who kept me going!!
I have gone for the watch time (1:30:22 gun-chip) for now. I made a rookie mistake in not realising that it was gun to chip. I lined up near the back determined to keep to a steady pace and it worked. I overtook loads of people, steadily. Had I read the info carefully enough and known it wasn't chip to chip I would have taken up a position 30 yards further forward and altered my pace. My fault and will adjust the time here in a few days. For now, I want that sub 90 minute time recorded.
slow coach caz
Foot pain and a cold put paid to a good time this year
do not bet on me please as i wont get a pb!
Garmin time
Hamstring injury. Pb until 6 miles then leg hurt. Stopped forms bit


Funky Chicken 22nd Oct 12, 14:57
Curly45 22nd Oct 12, 07:03
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