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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Newbury Duathlon

Listed by Corona
Hermitage, Hermitage Thatcham RG18 UK
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4 Entrants Pred Run Pred Bike Pred Run Run T1 Bike T2 Run Total
Agent Orange 1:06:00 23:30 1:00:36 23:30 1:24:06
Corona 28:59 1:06:04 38:34 2:13:37
Evil Peter 0
Nick Cook 52:00 27:00 54:13 25:16 1:19:29

This event is listed on these dates:

Nick Cook
Very hilly!!
Finished in 2:17:16.
1st 5k - 28:59
T1 - 1:34
25k bike - 1:06:04
T2 - 2:02
2nd 5k - 38:34

Heck, that 2nd run was tough :-/
Agent Orange
So I'm now a duathlete. Had a great time at this event.

First 5km in 23.20 (started perhaps a bit gently and overtook quite a few people as I moved up to mid-80s place
T1 56 seconds
Bike 1 hour 0 minutes 36 seconds. My fastest bike ride ever. Actual cycling time was under an hour. The rest was getting to and from transition. Lost a hatful of places as the cyclists were seriously fast
T2 57 seconds
Second 5km in 23.40. Storming run, really gritted my teeth and brought it home. Overtook at least half a dozen people and came from over 5 minutes back to catch one runner.
Final 1 hour 49 mins 29 seconds. Ten minutes ahead of my target and 99th place out of 140.



Corona 26th Mar 11, 18:15