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Edinburgh Half Marathon

Listed by Screeners
, Edinburgh EH7 UK
53 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
-Craig- Carnegie Harriers 1:45:02
alan l Elswick Harriers 1:36:50 1:40:11 1:40:11 63.58
amazingpace Dunbar RC 1:56:59 2:17:04 2:17:04 49.94
AndyDavies1 Unaffiliated 1:46:06 1:46:06 1:58:30 50.05
Baza Carnegie Harriers 1:23:13 1:28:18 1:28:18 67.57
bedlam_g Bellahouston Road Runners, Cumbernauld AAC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 1:13:23 1:16:21 1:16:37 79.89
Bengalcat woman JSK Running club 1:23:39 1:35:56 1:39:44 67.15
Bonio Harmeny AC 2:03:09 2:07:41 2:10:00 2:07:41 67.78
born2run Kinross Road Runners 1:21:06 1:24:22 1:24:22 70.19
Captain Malcolm Reynolds Unaffiliated 1:41:23 1:49:28 1:49:28 57.26
CK2 Brecon Running Buddies 2:03:16 2:06:10 2:05:00 2:06:10 52.18
Cluaran Edinburgh Running Network 1:48:17 2:00:15 2:00:15 54.29
Crambo Kirkintilloch Olympians 1:34:04 1:38:34 1:45:00 1:46:50 55.65
Disco Ron Unaffiliated 1:45:03 1:52:11 1:59:24 50.21
Fid Kinross Road Runners 1:23:57 1:26:43 1:27:44 81.90
froggyfeet Unaffiliated 1:28:50 1:37:08 1:37:08 62.38
Gee-Force Kinross Road Runners 1:29:04 1:38:08 1:40:00 1:38:08 60.34
Gymaddict Athelite 1:46:16 1:47:30 1:50:00 62.41
hssghj London FrontRunners 1:41:26 1:41:26 1:41:26 58.38
jamborigg Lothian RC 1:23:48 1:38:50 1:38:50 63.92
jamesstewart13 Unaffiliated 1:16:33 1:55:48 1:55:48 51.52
JammyLu Harmeny AC 1:37:26 1:40:30 1:43:10 64.00
jazzjo Unaffiliated 1:34:57 1:34:57 1:45:00 1:34:57 72.30
KevHead Unaffiliated 1:38:32 1:54:16 1:54:16 51.91
keyring Carnegie Harriers, PH Racing Club 1:36:35 1:37:55 1:37:55 68.38
Kimbles Unaffiliated 2:32:41 2:41:26 2:40:00 2:41:26 43.68
Knacked Matt Linlithgow AAC 1:30:15 1:30:15 1:30:15 70.00
larrry Giffnock North AAC 1:49:39 1:57:00 2:00:26 57.05
leeroytwist jogscotland 1:32:39 1:40:27 1:40:42 59.04
Limmynis Unaffiliated 1:44:11 1:44:11 1:44:11 65.89
magoo Scottish Prison Service AAC 1:15:50 1:20:08 1:20:08 80.80
Mags M Unaffiliated 2:00:13 2:04:00 2:20:00 2:04:00 54.27
mal73 Jarrow & Hebburn AC 1:33:09 1:45:03 1:48:06 55.78
markl200 Falkirk Victoria Harriers 1:26:27 1:30:29 1:31:00 65.88
Maxrating Jogscotland WFT Aberdeen 2:36:23 2:30:00
mickb123 Unaffiliated 1:31:31 1:39:45 2:00:03 1:52:10 53.45
mowatb Unaffiliated 1:34:23 1:46:40 1:46:40 55.94
Mr. White Unaffiliated 1:48:26 2:06:08 2:06:08 48.52
mydodgyfeet Jogging Buddies
pfitzp Unaffiliated 1:30:47 1:30:47 1:40:00 1:30:47 66.42
Pistola Unaffiliated 1:31:46
princesszee Lothian RC 2:17:31 2:26:00 2:26:00 45.09
RicC Edinburgh Athletic Club 1:15:24 1:21:32 1:52:54 52.66
Rossco Peeko Unaffiliated 1:23:22 1:27:37 1:30:00 1:27:49 68.67
runningbug BOABY HILLDODGERS 1:33:34 1:46:40 1:52:00 59.27
Screeners Elswick Harriers 2:06:01 2:09:39 2:09:39 52.56
sctfoggy Jogscotland On The Run Cumbernauld 1:36:46 1:50:39 2:09:32 46.28
SilverSlogger Falkirk Victoria Harriers, Polmont Joggers 1:29:20 1:30:59 1:31:50 72.29
sloth Unaffiliated 1:41:45 1:56:51 2:00:00 2:02:43 51.07
stixnick DH Runners 1:49:53 1:49:53 1:55:00 1:49:53 55.89
SunPrincess Jogscotland On The Run Cumbernauld 2:14:00 2:32:12 2:32:12 43.98
Trix-df Dumfries RC 1:59:35 2:25:44 2:30:00 2:25:44 46.45
V66torav Unaffiliated 2:11:31 2:11:31 2:11:31 50.06

This event is listed on these dates:

Ran with Manon, good race.
Part of my 40th birthday challenges so not running for any particular time - just to complete it comfortably will be fine. AFTER RACE - very hot, first water station had ran out of water (not good) and I just didn't feel great so decided just to get round rather than try for a pb or anything. Plus course was long according to Garmins - 13.4? Enjoyed it, sort of, especially when I had finished. UPDATED OFFICIAL TIME - 2.09.39 - adjusted down to 13.1 m by race organisers.
Mr. White
pish time but I have a smorgasboard of excuses so - I'm over it.
Groin didnt hold out ,was ok up to mile 9 then it started to play up .Was a bit long i think or is my garmin on its way out
Injured so ran around with Lynsey
Measured race as 13.38 miles!!!! Times have now been adjusted!!!
Wasnt looking good on tues as hurt my foot and couldnt walk but nurofen plus got me through! Not so sure my feet are happy now but rest day tomorow! Really could have done with some water as had to settle for bogging lucozade. Great weather for my first half mara and would even go as far as to say I really enjoyed it! Garmin got 13.48 but I am chuffed as nuts to be under 2.30 so if they do recalculate and make me faster I'll be even happier!
Poor race for me, even taking into account the race length was extended by 500m. Was absolutely ill during and afterwards. Just a point the cones were moved, I've run the race before & noted that we almost ran all the way up to the bridge at the power station this year where we didn't before. I mapped it out on my Garmin & Google Maps to confirm this. My Garmin mapped it as 21.53km.
Once again another enjoyable Edinburgh Half Marathon, which resulted in a PB both before and after remeasurement. As always a big thank to the organisers, marshals and spectators who make these events possible. a definite 9 out of 10and a will do for next year with a 1.45 as possible goal time. It was good to see fellow fetchies out there, proving what a big community this is. Hope you all had a good race.
Ouch - Crippling stitch at 7 miles - almost DNF'd. Proud that I finished.
no proper training for this and no real idea if i will even make it to the start line, much less the finish one. 2 hours is an optimistic aim at the moment.

on the day i didn't manage what i wanted but the heat of the day , Lack of water and lack of proper training may have had something to do with it...
felt crap with stomach issues,warm day too.
Rossco Peeko
Corrected time
Knacked Matt
This was my adjusted time, after they realised they'd cocked up the course length. I made it slightly longer than even they reckoned and my garmin said 6:51 minute miles which would be sub-90. I'm going to have to try again until I manage it, then I can retire.
Felt pretty good in the early stages but faded badly from about 8 miles then bad blisters (new shoes, heat) from 10 made things worse. Finished in 7th which probably sounds a lot better than the reality. Half marathon split was 1.16.34. ** Update ** The muppet organizers have come up with a nonsense time, so I'm logging this as my Garmin 13.1 split plus 3 seconds so it isn't my fetch PB.
Really enjoyed getting back to half mara distance today as part of a training morning. Did 3mile prior then 4miles afterwards to accumualte 20m+ for the day. Race was good and course was excelllent. Great support from the crowds and water stations were spot on. Only downside was that the course measured 13.4 on my garmin. Pace target was sub 1.20 so added distance 'fecked' things up a bit. Organisers saying they will adjust all results to times at 13.1 but will see if that happens.....hope so as a sub 1.20 would be good as have not been over 1.20 for about 15 years!!UPDATE....times were chnaged to allow for additional 0.23 on course so new time was just over 1.20...damn!!....I want a re-measure!! :-)
measued it at 13.44 miles. Garmin measured half marathon distance was 1.37.57 UPDATE - so my recalculated time was 1.37.55, only 2 secs different from my Garmin time !!
Warm day I started at 8:40 pace kept this up all the way picked up second half to 8:20 Garmin had the course at 13.45 miles felt long!!!!:52 at 13.1m 1:55 atfinish.
Last minute decision to run, felt terrible at 6.5m but opted to continue. Garmin got the course as 13.38m as did other folks. Organisers(via Facebook) have admitted this too and are checking the true length!! (someone moved the turning cone). Half time was 1:26:30 according to the Garmin though, either way happy with time.
alan l
Race actual distance wrong 13.4m
Disco Ron
The course was about 0.25 miles too long, so should really take off 2 minutes from time. I was shattered after 10 miles and had to walk, it showed that my training was nowhere near good enough.
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