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Fortis Rotterdam Marathon

Listed by nrg-b ॐ
  • 26.2 miles
  • Road
  • In PB listings
19 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Bekele Unaffiliated 4:12:00 4:12:00 4:12:00 49.77
Bottom Trotter Unaffiliated 3:31:24 3:35:31 3:44:16 66.99
Bunny Chow Unaffiliated 3:43:17 4:05:39 4:05:39 55.33
Cleo Pembrokeshire Harriers AAC 3:48:19 3:52:16 3:44:59 3:52:16 63.39
Damo666 Striders of Croydon AC 2:56:26 2:56:26 3:10:00 2:56:26 70.81
daveski Cambridge & Coleridge AC 3:20:04 4:00:26 4:00:26 52.83
Fi fi Epsom Oddballs RC 3:49:06 4:06:12 4:06:12 56.99
Glen Bulb Cambridge & Coleridge AC 3:24:38 3:46:45 3:45:00 3:46:45 55.12
halfo09 Unaffiliated 3:03:05 3:09:05 3:14:58 64.10
Hanneke FELL PONIES 4:07:50 4:07:50 3:50:00 4:07:50 59.41
Howard Road Runner Unaffiliated 3:43:23 4:06:35 4:00:00 4:06:35 55.59
Maddy Unaffiliated 5:13:00 5:13:00 5:13:00 44.38
nrg-b ॐ East London Runners 3:16:00 3:16:00 2:59:00 3:16:00 64.02
Nutkey Cambridge & Coleridge AC 2:59:12 2:59:12 2:59:12 69.71
paul a 100 Marathon Club 3:01:26 3:08:35 3:10:00 3:11:06 66.46
Phys Unaffiliated 3:29:23 3:29:23 3:29:23 64.79
Scooby Dave Unaffiliated 3:09:13 3:52:38 3:52:38 53.72
Vitalstatistix Bedford Harriers AC 2:43:36 2:48:29 2:45:00 2:48:29 74.85
warrior Orpington Road Runners 3:22:39 3:26:27 3:00:00 3:26:27 60.54

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nrg-b ॐ
Gutted :-(
Well, that was a good race! Weather perfect, sunny, cool, bit windy. The most boring course you can possibly imagine, although... maybe not? I ran a good race, took 40 minutes of my PB, but made one mistake, which messed up my sub 4 time. I ran well on target for 3.45 until halfway, then the pace dropped slightly to my 3.50 schedule, which I sustained, however, from 25km I had to start taking water and energy drink from the waterstations as my bottles had run out. I choked on the water first time round, so lost a few valuable minutes there and from then on had to stop and drink, losing even more valuable minutes! I reckon I would have run an easy 3.50/3.45 having deducted time for drinking.

Next time around, I am going to have someone stand at 25k to hand me new bottles! Why on earth did they have to serve the drinks in cups!!!

This off course does mean I HAVE to run another marathon!

Good news is: calf torn before NY held out perfectly, legs already almost painfree and the whiplash wasn't too bad in all this, although the neck did cease up at 13k, I managed to massage and stretch the spasm out of the muscle and ran with a stiff right shoulder... but that had nor reflection on my time! It was the water... :-(

Now I better think about my next marathon... Cardiff? Amsterdam??
3rd attempt at sub 3:45 - run 3:48 twice.
**UPDATE** 1st Marathon abroad and thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. Problem with having a hotel 100m from start meant we didn't get to the start very early and was very nearly at the back of the field at the off! Never mind 4th attempt will be Cardiff!
paul a
4th marathon
Howard Road Runner
This is the gun time, chip time was 10 seconds faster...and it was a PB by half a minute...
Cool dry day