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Ian Williams aka Fetch

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Cranleigh 21

Listed by fetcheveryone
9 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Bul Clapham Chasers 2:09:24 2:28:28 2:28:28 65.52
eL Bee! Unaffiliated 2:44:11 2:44:11 2:44:11 60.73
Fishface Unaffiliated 2:57:08 2:57:08 3:10:00 2:57:08 55.50
Hollywoof! Unaffiliated 2:52:38 2:52:38 2:52:38 56.35
LeGreg - 41% toeslag, 59% onderzoek Unaffiliated 2:58:19 3:45:12 3:45:12 43.20
Lorenzo Dorking & Mole Valley AC 2:32:05 2:46:11 2:46:11 59.54
par Cove Joggers 2:48:59 2:58:12 2:58:12 60.81
Um Bongo Sandhurst Joggers, Windle Valley Runners 3:14:00 3:14:00 3:10:00 3:14:00 53.98
Welsh Alex Port Talbot 2:49:00 3:03:00 3:03:00 54.07

This event is listed on these dates:

Did the full 21 and a bit miles. Quite breezy (not windy). Quite undulating (not hilly).

Very, very glad it's over now!
LeGreg - 41% toeslag, 59% onderzoek
mmm... Only my second ever run at this distance so I wanted to treat this as a leisurely long run (10-10:30 mm), which I eventually did, but I made things very difficult for myself. I was feeling good, so after the first couple of miles I decided to push the pace, and I was at 15 miles in 2:20. You can see from my finishing time that the wheels well and truly came off after that, with 14mm for the last 6 miles. Very disappointed, but plenty of lessons learnt...
Ran constant 8:30 min/miles for the whole distance. Well pleased with time. Heavy legs at the start until warmed up then a mini-wobble at about 16 miles. But finished quite strongly. Confidence for FLM is sky high.
Um Bongo
Found it difficult to run at slow pace at first but managed to keep a relatively steady pace -
Welsh Alex
Missed start by a few mins in Q for the toilets.
eL Bee!
Clocks changed.... <br>so an early start to get to Cranleigh... <br>and REALLY not in the mood for a long race. You know how it is sometimes..<br><br
but the mental thing is as important as the physical thing - so Fuelled up (body and Tractor Car) and of we went.<br><br>

The plan was.... 8 min/mile and under (so planned Marathon Pace for FLM). I had originally intended to do this as another Long Slow, but PT lady insisted that it was a Time Trial for the Marathon, and I'm not brave enough to defy her<br>
So, I wondered if I'd be able to maintain a 7:45ish pace for the duration of the event - programmed Mr Garmin TP and off we went.<br>
Actually decided that I'd run it to a Heart Rate - and chose 165 as the 'ceiling' for it. Not worry about the pace too much, and see how it went<br>
Calf got tight at about 4 miles - it never got any worse - but I still need to work out what I need to do about it.<br><br>

My biggest problem (if you can call it a problem) is that I'm getting really painful feet. I'm going to get advice about less shaped shoes - the arch supports are too high, and trying to create an arch where I don't have one!!!<br>
The perfect shoe is out there - I just have to find it<br><br
Anyway, back to the race. The fist 9 miles (which is a loop) went fine, and the second (shorter) 6 mile loop was reasonable... <br>although I did seriously consider pulling out at that point (it was a 15/21 race).<br>
Anyway - didn't - and a much needed wee stop (being a boy is a bonus occasionally!) saw me on my way!<br>
Little leggies were getting tired by about 18, and I knew that the Killer Hill (already defeated on the fist loop) was upcoming.<br><br>

And it was HARD!<br><br>

Got to the top with nothing left in the tank.. it was just as well that the run in to the finish - another ½mile or so, was a kind and gentle decline!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>
5 or 6 Club Members were waiting at the finish cheering us on - that was brill!<br><br>
Clock time was 2:44:11<br>
Rather pleased with that!!!!<br><br>

So the stats<br>

Distance: 21.14 miles (that's the measured distance)<br>
Time: 2:44:11 (unofficial)<br>
Pace: 7:45min/mile<br>
AvHR: 163 (yes - really!!)<br><br>

I went through ½Marathon at 1:41:00 - the organisers had thoughfully provided a board for us stat geeks!!!!
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