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Berlin Marathon

Listed by Aquabear
68 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Aaron K Unaffiliated 3:47:58 4:08:10 4:08:10 50.34
AlanO Greenock Glenpark Harriers 3:00:07 3:00:07 2:59:59 3:00:07 69.99
Ali Beech Ipswich JAFFA RC, Jaffa RC 5:02:28 5:02:28 4:55:00 5:02:28 52.86
Aquabear Unaffiliated 3:13:46 3:13:46 3:24:00 3:13:46 73.37
Barry K Unaffiliated 3:35:40 4:19:59 3:59:59 4:19:59 48.05
berlin boy Unaffiliated 3:51:00 3:51:00 3:51:00 57.08
controversial Clapham Chasers 2:33:54 2:55:54 2:58:34 69.96
Dalya Dorking & Mole Valley AC 4:31:27 4:37:23 4:37:23 53.52
Daz Man Huntingdonshire AC 2:50:16 3:30:42 3:30:00 3:30:42 59.29
DeeDee1 Maidstone Harriers 4:45:27 4:45:27 4:45:27 47.61
deeg Centurion RC 4:02:41 4:44:44 4:44:44 48.98
Dickie York Pocklington Runners 2:41:35 2:59:28 5:00:00 4:32:33 46.25
dizzi Dulwich Park Runners 4:01:05 4:03:46 4:03:46 56.99
faithfulred FERC 3:34:59 3:40:13 3:25:00 3:41:50 56.54
Foxy 100 Marathon Club, Milton Keynes Lakeside Runners 3:09:27 3:24:10 3:44:59 3:24:10 61.19
freak of nature Unaffiliated 3:44:05 3:46:20 3:50:00 3:46:20 60.54
Freeman Mornington Chasers 2:37:07 2:51:52 2:51:52 72.69
GEG Unaffiliated 3:39:08 3:52:22 3:52:22
Joe Hawk Datchet Dashers 2:56:05 3:07:00 2:57:30 3:11:54 65.10
joey8493 Unaffiliated 4:45:58 4:45:58 4:00:00 4:45:58 43.69
Jogging Jon Wrekin Road Runners 3:44:35 4:16:16 4:52:29 44.87
JoPamSam Runnymede Runners 4:06:00 4:06:00 4:03:00 4:06:00 50.78
Kevski Cambridge Harriers, Dulwich Park Runners 2:59:45 3:01:06 2:58:00 3:07:48 66.52
kstuart Trail Running Association, FERC 3:58:03 4:26:23 4:29:59 4:26:23 46.90
Laudy York Knavesmire Harriers 4:13:12 3:59:59
lejog Norwich Road Runners 3:15:19 3:45:31 3:45:31 59.20
lennoxr Maidenhead AC 2:54:34 3:08:04 3:09:59 3:08:04 67.50
Lucian Unaffiliated 3:54:42 4:04:21 4:00:00 4:04:21 51.33
Malibu Northbrook AC 3:31:12 3:31:12 3:31:12 61.11
marathonman&blondy Unaffiliated 4:01:37 4:09:34 4:09:34 50.51
marders Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 2:23:19 2:24:08 2:24:59 2:24:08 86.68
martyb Unaffiliated 4:14:29 5:03:53 5:03:53 41.11
matthewpont Reigate Priory AC 3:54:34 3:54:34 3:54:34 53.26
monkey toes Unaffiliated 4:27:52 4:27:52 4:27:52 50.55
MrsJJ Wrekin Road Runners 3:49:24 4:24:48 4:24:48 54.21
Mummy Runner Aldridge RC, Vics Power Runners 3:08:58 3:49:57 5:26:00 41.54
Naomi P Unaffiliated 3:28:37 3:55:33 3:50:00 3:55:33 57.50
nickf Unaffiliated 3:30:13 3:31:05 3:30:00 3:31:05 62.18
northern soul Bellahouston Road Runners 2:41:41 2:50:20
Not built for speed 2 Unaffiliated 4:26:34 4:26:34 4:30:00 4:26:34 49.23
NotFarNow Eton Manor AC 3:07:26 3:07:26 3:07:26 72.25
Odineaters Unaffiliated 2:52:39 2:54:24 3:30:00 3:22:35 61.66
Orlando84 Holmfirth Harriers 2:57:17 3:19:53 3:19:53 62.50
Pain Train Unaffiliated 3:52:48 3:52:48 4:00:00 3:52:48 53.66
paulhiles Plumstead Runners 3:24:35 3:37:00 3:56:00 3:37:00 62.59
pipslack Unaffiliated 3:57:38 4:07:10 3:59:00 4:22:00 51.69
poppysox Watford Joggers 3:46:37 3:46:37 3:40:00 3:46:37 59.86
PostmanPlod Northbrook AC 3:28:20 3:38:33 3:38:33 65.58
Pudjus Unaffiliated 3:04:14 3:13:22 3:13:22 64.60
rainman Unaffiliated 3:45:13 4:03:10 3:50:00 4:03:10 53.08
redpanda Unaffiliated 3:17:17 3:22:00 3:22:00 68.00
Redrunner Wigan Phoenix, Costa Blanca Striders 2:59:54 3:47:24 3:47:24 68.03
Runny Seapark AC Carrickfergus 3:21:43 3:24:28 3:24:28 65.86
ruthb Unaffiliated 4:59:16
scotchegg Unaffiliated 3:20:00
Scott S Unaffiliated 3:35:25 4:09:25 4:25:54 47.03
Smartypants Unaffiliated 3:24:51 3:42:37 3:45:00 3:42:37 57.98
smifffie Knowle and Dorridge Running Club 3:26:40 3:38:49 3:45:00 3:38:49 63.49
Smiling Pete Ilford AC, Orion Harriers 3:25:17 3:25:24 3:30:00 3:25:24 66.46
Smurfhunter Unaffiliated 3:21:41 4:13:51 4:15:00 4:13:51 49.21
Snapstinget FERC 4:13:24 4:13:24 4:15:00 4:39:57 51.67
surreystriderâ„¢ Unaffiliated 3:53:42 3:59:20 4:04:37 51.54
swalsh234 Unaffiliated 4:41:42 5:15:12 4:00:00 5:15:12 41.83
tangledfeet Ivanhoe Runners 2:46:59 2:53:52 2:52:00 2:58:43 75.34
The Croc Unaffiliated 3:28:44 3:30:08 3:30:08 62.46
tick follows tock City Of York Athletics 2:35:04 2:54:52 2:55:00 2:54:52 71.44
tom_craggs Mornington Chasers, Winchester & District AC 2:45:28 3:01:02 3:08:00 3:01:02 69.01
Vixx Unaffiliated 5:15:22 5:33:28 5:33:28 40.68

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Course Accuracy
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Based on 1 review
Loved the race, but learn't a valuable lesson, judge your distance off markers, not GPS watches. Thought I was on for 02:58:00, until I went through 26.2 miles and still had nealy 3/4 a kilometre to run! - Obvious looking back. Nevermind, I'll go under 3 next time!

1) 6.35 2) 6.24 3) 6.24 4) 6.22 5) 6.09 6) 6.14 7) 6.24 8) 6.22 9) 6.19 10) 6.22 11) 6.31 12) 6.32 13) 6.32

14) 6.25 15) 6.39 16) 6.33 17) 6.37 18) 6.49 19) 6.54 20) 7.11 21) 7.09 22) 7.35 23) 7.36 24) 7.54 25) 8.05 26) 7.53 27) 4.30 - 0.58 mile - Gutted but this extra bit when I was knackered - next time I need to run in a straighter line and take my time readings from the marker boards not my Garmin!
The Croc
Missed opportunity. Great race, perfect conditions - sunny and cool. Aiming for neg split with over 8 mins for the first 10 or so and sub eight for the second half to bring it in in sub 3.28. First part of the plan went well 10 in 1.23, 20 in exactly 2.40 - all I needed was sub eights for the last 6.2 and I was home and dry. Did manage it for quite a few of those miles but cramping in the calves and quads slowed me up. I don't think I could have pushed much harder over the last mile but it was not to be. (HM in 1.47.47 so knocked at least 4 mins in the second half, perhaps it was asking too much to find 6 mins plus? Even though my knee was way better than last week, perhaps the constant dull pain was trying to tell me something?)
Beautiful city, great crowds, full of historical resonance - all round superb weekend.
Training was interupted through a 6 week injury break but i'm still intending to finish, just not sure on hitting my target time. UPDATE: Lack of training told but i still PB'd by 11 mins
tick follows tock
Great run for me after my training was ruined by injury in the 7 weeks before the race.
Split time
5 km 00:22:10
10 km 00:44:31
15 km 01:06:32
20 km 01:28:43
half 01:33:28
25 km 01:49:34
30 km 02:10:00
35 km 02:30:00
40 km 02:50:04
place (M/W) 1198
place (ag) 240
place (total) 1236
time total (brutto) 02:59:20
time total (netto) 02:58:34
Pain Train
Happy with my fisrt marathon completion - and a sub 4! people defo don't lie about "the wall", I hit pretty strong knee injury in last 5 miles but struggled through and loved it.
Jogging Jon
What a great event, loved it. Reasonably happy with my time with Berlin the my fourth marathon in Four weeks.
Had a wonderful time,most comfortable marathon to date but due to the congestion a PB was never on the cards mainly due to starting near the back of H (toilet queue mostly to blame for that) Just a thought, why did some people throw their cups down in the middle of the road? It was wonderful to hear from another fetchie at approx 30k that Haile had broken the record again.
Dodgy knee meant I had to walk about 10km
This was a race that up until the friday afternoon I was not going to run. After suffering from back spasms and sciatica in July I was signed off from work for two weeks. I was then told to refrain from strenuous exercise for 8 weeks. From the end of July until 27/9/08 all I had run was a leisurely 10km, but as I was representing Round table and a charity, I gave in to pressure from my fellow tablers and goty round in just over 5hours. Although I was incredibly pleased with my time ( I beat my London by a big margin) I would not recommend running a marathon on the hoof!
Best forgotten.
Not happy with the time as I wanted to break at least 3h40 to even be reasonably pleased. I suppose the on/off nature of my training recently due to work commitments and other things meant that I wasn't up for it on this occasion. Seemed to be a lot of traffic right the way through this one, much more than London (where there was a lot in the first few miles, then it was ok). Also the water in cups was a pain as I had to stop at the water stations to take on water. Another gripe was that there were fewer water stations than I would have liked. I shouldn't make excuses though, I just have to train better for the next one.
Provided training over the summer goes well and I stay injury free for a change(!) I am hoping to run sub 3:40 to get qualifying time for Boston 2009. Will update target nearer the time if anything changes! UPDATE: Just been told by Physio I have Adductor Tendonitis. Can still run on Sunday, but not sure that i will make sub 3.40 now. Sorry to everybody who has bet so far. :-( UPDATE. Made it round in a PB, but not quite the 3.40 I was hoping for. Pleased as gave it my all and ran a consistent race.
Started too fast and crashed over last 10K - great weekend though
Mummy Runner
Graet comfortable pregnant pace!
Naomi P
Should be good for a PB here, did 3'57 two weeks ago on a far tougher course (hills and headwinds), plus this is a fast course. Isn't it??? *UPDATE* Just squeaked in with a PB, thanks for all the bets, they really spurred me on! Flat route, but crowded in my bit of the pack. Love the beers in the sunshine afterwards!!
Scott S
Slowest time ever! Found it even more congested than London and water stations were chaotic what with people stopping and/or darting across you at the first sign of a table. Legs were tired although didn't cramp this time as I took gels on board. Did it though!
Wow what a weekend in the German capital :)

On the Saturday morning I decided to join a few other Brits doing the breakfast friendship run, it was a sea of patriotic pride, flags & football shirts & everyone showing where they hail from, so Union Jack shorts & England shirt it was, The Japanesse ladies were keen to have thieir photos taken with the crazy Brits & even kindly gifted the 2 ladies in our group with traditional Japanesse fans. I envisaged a leisurely 40 min run for the 6km but was never able to get up to that speed due to congestion everyone myself included took cameras & there were some good photo oppurtunities,We saw the Olympic stadium & then headed up "Jesse Owens Allee" & turned into the impressive Olympic stadion with it's famed blue track, the Stadium was used for the 1936 Olympics which saw Jesse Owens famously win 4 Golds in front of Adolf Hitler & also 2 years ago witnessed football's most famous Headbutt ! next year the Stadium will host the World Athletics Championships & hopefully see Paula clinch gold again.

The Saturday night saw a return to the 70's with the 35th anniversary of the event the organiser put on a free concert in front of the Brandenburg gate headlined by The Sweet, they played for an hour & a half belting out Blockbuster, Wigwam bam & Fox on the Run (ironic given my nickname !!) etc... it was a wonderful spectacle & I made the most of outside bar to take in some Carb filled lager !

Sunday race day, Ii woke at 6.25 & felt rather tired, I struggled to get some breakfast down but forced down some toast,with cold meats & cheese with a yoghurt & cup of Tea (As the line from Lock Stock says "The British Empire was built on cups of tea & if you think I'm going to war without one, you're very much mistaken !") The race started at 9am & shortly before world record holder Haile Gebrselassie was announced the a huge round of applause. The Start is on the main avenue in front of the Brandenburg Gate, 8 lanes of road, i started in zone E & was amazed at how uncongested the start was & I was quickly into my running within 800 yards i had bumped into a friend Gary from up north & chatted for 3 kms before looking to up the pace as i saw the 3 hour 30 pace balloon 150 metres ahead & looked to gradually catch it. The crowd support on the coure was amazing, if you weren't sure where you were you would have thought you were in Denmark, the Red & white flags were been friously waved by viking helmet clad Danes along the whole course.The course was at least 4 lanes wide the whole distance so there was no congestion at all. I got through the half in 1 hr 44 mins & 10 secs & was hopeful of keeping it going to the end to give me a sub 3 hour 30 marathon, with 13 km to go & feeling good I decided to put my foot down & went from 5 min kms to just over 4.30 kms & started to realise that a personal best might be possible with 2 kms to go i realised that not only would I be doing a PB i also had a shot at going inside 3 hours 25. With 400 metres to go I came through the Brandenburg gate to huge roars from the crowds along the route & Grandstands. with 150 metres to go i gave it my all, no chance to airplane across the line, I gritted my teeth & even roared as i knew every second would define my fastest ever marathon. I crossed the line in 3 hours 24 mins & 10 seconds (2 mins 37 inside my previous PB) i was delighted :) Haile obviously knew i was coming he had to once again break the world record to beat me (LOL !!)- Gebrselassie became the first marathoner to break 2 hours 4 mins by just 1 second. The Medals featured the Bandenburg Gte on the front & Gebrselassie's on the back with details of his 2007 World record on the same course, the ribbon was the colours of the host nations flag.

Berlin is a marathon I would recommend to anyone, fast, flat & took organisation to a new level, I thought London & New York were well organised but the German efficency was amazingly smooth.
On for sub 3 at 21 miles then hit the wall big time and collapsed unconcious at the finish line. One rush to hospital later I was discharge (fortunately just exhausion) and crossed the finish line again on 6:25 collect my medal and bag. Big tip for all - do write details and contact number on the back of your race number1
Joe Hawk
I will ammend my predicted time after Windsor Half. I think that three hours is just out of reach this time , but if I feel good who knows. Crashed and burned. Through half way in sub 1:30 and ok, pace started drifting at 16M held it below 7:30's till 22M then boom 8:14,9:42,9:28 and then a bit of a revival with 7:41 and 4:11 for the last 1/2M ?? .
Not particularly happy with the result but it had to be tried you can only PB by that much once , think I could probably of ran 3:05 if I had started of at 7's.
had a bad day full of cold and pulled my leg, maybe i should have put more long runs into the programme
Great race! Tis measured in kilometres - a bit of a bugger! ...and I should have known if I had thought about it. Spent a load of energy converting familiar mile routes to kms and then checking how I was doing... not a great way to expend energy. ...and I didn't even know that the total ks was 42 something or other! Other than that.. a really good run. 17 mins off my last time... and I could have gone faster. ...Keen to do it next year!
Here we go again, another do or die effort at breaking 3hrs.
This is your ultimate glorious failure. Here I am with 10 to 20 metres to go and the line in sight. I have 9secs to get across the line and what do I do, I COLLAPSE. Ran really well up to 20miles then gradually slowed down. Probably ran too quick between Halfway and 20miles. The last km was the most surreal experience in my life and was a total blur. I cannot even remember going thru the Brandenburg gate. When I passed out just before the finish a steward picked me up and I somehow staggered across the line at which point 4 first aiders carried me off.

I should be gutted but to be honest I am extremely proud. I know in my head that I totally flogged myself to the point where I blacked out.

From a racing point of view I would strongly recommend Berlin and I put it up there on par with London
Just have to start making plans for my next sub 3 attempt. Sorry to all those who bet on me.
KM Splits - 4.12, 08, 15, 09, 12, 10, 11, 11, 09, 07, 04, 11, 19, 06, 01, 08, 08, 09, 07, 10, 11, 11, 12, 09, 13, 08, 16, 20, 20, 17, 19, 14, 22, 25, 29, 33, 33, 27, 34, 29, 29, 31, 5.29 (1.2km)
Dickie York
Fractured my elbow 2 weeks ago!
No training since, so I am just going walk the race, cost too much to bin it!!
I will be the one with his left arm in plaster & a sling, so say hi if you see me!
got a pb which was great but gutted that the garmin gave me duff info, did anyone else have this problem?

garmin said i ran 26.22 miles in 3.27.04, problem was it took me another 4.41 running to finish! i pretty much stuck to the race line and my pace was in line all the way. was the satelitte dodgy?

anyway, great weekend but expo was well below par and distance left markers at the end non existent.
Great conditions and great atmosphere. The first marathon I really went for a time, as I wanted to get under 3:15 to get into the women's elite start for the FLM 2009. And - GOT THERE :o)))
Great conditions, great race. 2.24.08 clock, 2.23.53 chip, 26th male, 28th overall. Happy.