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Sidcup 10

Listed by Scooby Dave
, Sidcup DA15 UK
  • 10 miles
  • Road
  • In PB listings
27 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
AlexJames Unaffiliated 1:19:11 1:19:11 1:22:00 1:19:11 56.06
athlete_tucks Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC 50:51 50:51 50:51 87.28
Big Moose Unaffiliated 1:19:57 1:19:57 1:19:57 55.53
ChrisW Ranelagh Harriers 1:14:10 1:14:10 1:14:20 1:14:10 62.72
Damo666 Striders of Croydon AC 1:00:13 1:00:13 1:00:18 75.98
deanosaur Larkfield AC 1:11:04 1:13:02 1:13:02 69.61
DiscoDancingDan Dagenham 88 Runners 1:13:23 1:14:29 1:14:29 59.60
GazzaC Unaffiliated 1:18:00 1:18:00 1:19:59 1:18:00 58.31
Ginger N Beckenham RC 58:46 59:20 59:59 59:20 74.86
Ishbey Unaffiliated
lovemetendons Unaffiliated 1:14:22 1:14:22 1:15:00 1:14:22 64.04
mad dog Unaffiliated 1:16:58 1:16:58 1:16:58 58.40
Martian Dashes Unaffiliated 1:01:20 1:04:33 1:04:40 77.96
Micksta Invicta East Kent AC, Maidstone Harriers 57:12 1:01:38 1:01:38 72.03
paddyT Unaffiliated 1:17:26 1:17:26 1:17:26 59.62
Race Jase Leeds City AC, Orpington Road Runners 52:58 1:00:07 1:04:58 68.33
reevesie Bexley AC, Petts Wood Runners 1:09:26 1:09:26 1:09:26 67.94
Referee Dartford Road Runners 1:06:39 1:11:11 1:12:00 1:11:11 69.09
Robinp Unaffiliated 1:12:48 1:16:35 1:17:00 1:16:35 58.23
SarahL FERC 1:11:42 1:11:42 1:10:50 1:11:42 69.38
Spooner Runs Bexley AC 1:02:02 1:02:02 1:05:00 1:02:02 71.56
The Ymp Unaffiliated 1:28:00 1:28:00 1:37:00 1:28:00 51.68
touche turtle Hailsham Harriers 1:14:51 1:14:51 1:14:51 68.35
Treacle Unaffiliated 1:29:15 1:29:15 1:37:00 1:29:15 57.00
TZ 100 Marathon Club, Winchester & District AC 57:17 57:17 58:30 57:17 78.89
uglybug Dartford Road Runners 1:26:58 1:28:57 1:28:57 58.71
wookie Tunbridge Wells Harriers 1:04:24 1:08:36 1:10:00 1:08:36 68.88

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The Ymp
Entering on the day was really straightforward. Found the distance quite tough, need to push beyond those regular 5 milers. 1.28's my own recording.
Great race, great course - although 3 laps was a bit of mental torture. Just the right amount of undualations. Got a stitch in mile 6!! Haven't had one for a long time so a bit gutted to lose c. 45 secs there. Would've made my target time had it not been for that! Next time! Still a PB so well pleased! :-) And my highest WAVA so far... I can smell 70% now! :-)
Woohooo! Faster than I ever thought possible - partly due to a PBtastic course, and partly due to my lovely pacemaker husband. Don't remember much about the race other than it was kind of boring scenery, but just undulating enough to keep up the interest. I also realised that I am much better on hills than most people my speed, which made all the difference here.
Ginger N
Aiming for sub 60.....doubt that will be on at the moment but will run hard and see what happens on the day. update: Happy happy happy! First time under 60, I'm amazed at the high standard of times that were 30 people under the hour and 2 guys under 50! Shows what a fast course it was.
Really pleased with the outcome of this race. I knocked a good 5mins from my time achieved at dartford a few weeks back, showing my fitness continues to improve. I struggled the first mile as expected with the weak right knee, it then loosened far quicker than at Dartford, so I was able to push the pace, felt good and able to work my way through the field nicely. Started to struggle a little from mile 8, but gritted my teeth and worked hard the last few miles. I was 3rd home for my club and we scooped the Kent county team bronze, so I got a nice county medal for my troubles! :-) nice also to meet Sarah L on the start line breifly!
Very pleased with the time, and also a pb, thought the course was boring, not a lot to see, but at least it was local.
Had a good run today. Good first mile and manafed to sustain it!
Slept very badly. Maybe 4 hours max.
And awoke with a cold (prob why I couldn't sleep). Well blocked signess (sp) not a cold.

Set off steady, letting S pull away. But I was still holiday 7.15 ave for the first 4 miles. It climbed a little after that as I had trouble on mile 5 and miles 8,9. But a fast downhill section at the begining of mile 10 got me just under the 7.30 average. Didn't have anything left after the downhill, but ran home at 7.30 pace.

Will look to go faster when I'm feeling fitter but v.happy to get a good time under my belt.
Will try to EOL.
Most animated marshall EVER on corner near shops helped make this an enjoyable event (lactic acid aside). New PB like everyone else says more about the course than my fitness. Still nice to go Sarf of the river and live to tell the tale.!!
Late-entry as a substitute for the cancelled Wokingham Half. Not recommended if you enter races for sight-seeing purposes, but if you want a FAST course with great organisation, this is the place for you! Sometimes a bit confusing as to whether to run on pavement or road, and a couple of mild inclines, but make no mistake - this is a fast course, with so many people PB'ing today. I knocked over 1.5 mins off my (decent) PB today! Happy day...
Martian Dashes
Enjoyable race. No niggles ('til afterwards). Smooth organization. Top marshall by the shops right where he was needed.