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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Meon Valley Plod

Listed by Burdock
, Petersfield GU32 UK
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21 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Burdock Cambridge & Coleridge AC, Haverhill RC 3:02:30 3:04:03 3:04:03 56.54
CaniRuna Stubbington Green Runners, Royal Navy AC 2:10:57 2:16:40 3:00:00 2:50:59 54.74
Chich Stubbington Green Runners 2:38:50 2:46:09 4:00:00 3:39:06 44.03
Craig David Unaffiliated 3:16:44 3:16:44 3:16:44 47.07
Dina Mo Stubbington Green Runners 3:43:55 3:43:55 3:43:55 46.09
Drew76 Stubbington Green Runners 2:47:24 2:47:24 3:30:00 3:29:24 44.23
filthyfaerie Unaffiliated 4:40:00
Hendo FERC 3:38:47 3:38:47 3:38:47 42.43
Maclennane R2D2 Hash House Harriers 3:30:53 3:30:53 3:30:53 43.91
Miserable Bleeder 100 Marathon Club, Wrekin Road Runners 5:09:00 5:09:00 5:09:00 30.48
Mud Rocs Holcombe Harriers 2:21:20 2:54:00 3:20:00 2:54:00 56.36
Neil E Dunnin Almost Athletes 2:44:44 3:04:42 3:47:00 43.92
par Cove Joggers 2:41:34 2:52:57 4:00:00 3:37:55 48.61
Peteb69 100 Marathon Club, Serpentine RC 2:24:54 2:33:33 3:10:57 49.71
ps-66 City of Salisbury A & RC 2:18:52 2:57:20 3:10:00 2:57:20 54.84
Running Caz Cobra RC 2:47:13 2:47:13 3:35:05 47.79
Siouxsie Dumfries RC 2:50:15 3:56:57 3:56:57 43.76
Speedy2 Alton Runners 2:17:17 2:17:17 2:44:12 58.28
Tarmac Runner Cobra RC 2:28:50 2:28:50 3:38:55 43.71
tramps Saffron Striders RC 2:25:34 3:21:40 3:21:40 47.45
wozzlehunter Portsmouth Joggers Club 2:14:18 2:15:45 2:44:06 63.42

This event is listed on these dates:

Running Caz
Measured 20.75M on Garmin. Ran this much better than last year. Was much stronger at finish. Course was dry and easier in that way but them hills!!! (Time entered is my Garmin time where I did stop it when I briefly stopped at 2 of the water stations and to do a little wee). Bettered last years time by 17mins :-)
great race, well run, and I would like to say a big thank you to all who helped to make this a very enjoyable race to take part in, cheers and again a big thank you!
Was so happy to see the finish line. Great day out, tough run jelly babes and mars bars kept me going.
Great day out, just kept pushing on this one, now feeling battered and brusied but really pleased with my time.
Even the jelly babies are tough on this race.
Not ran at race pace just a steady Sunday run. Not far off last years pace but a better heart rate.
Golly, that's a toughie.
Blimey :-o
hilly but excellent fun
Great race, but bad run for me.
Tarmac Runner
Lot dryer than last year and about 14 mins faster
Measured 20.75 mile
Survival !!!!! Got to enter this again to see if it's as tough as I remember

Yes - It Was !!!!!!!!!!!
Mud Rocs
Course was slightly easier than last year as not as muddy, but a better run 47th.

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