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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Midsummer Munro

Old London Rd, Mickleham, Old London Rd, Mickleham Dorking RH5 UK
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14 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Dalya Dorking & Mole Valley AC 2:14:12
GIjane22 Sheen Shufflers 2:05:00 2:05:00 2:35:22 44.19
hatstand Unaffiliated 1:34:10 2:18:55 2:18:55 42.80
JH1 Farnham Triathlon Club, Woking AC 1:16:08 1:16:59 1:49:00 1:54:04 52.87
KerryGold Unaffiliated 1:33:35 1:34:29 2:27:58 46.40
Liliaicha Trail Running Association 1:49:12 2:05:30 3:00:00 3:04:00 37.04
Lumsdoni Trail Running Association, Stotfold Runners 1:57:56 2:52:27 2:52:27 34.48
Maclennane R2D2 Hash House Harriers 1:42:27 1:42:27 2:52:27 34.35
Missjanice Stragglers 1:51:59 1:51:59 2:20:00
Mr. K. Cove Joggers, Windle Valley Runners 1:38:00 1:42:56 2:42:00 2:33:30 40.19
Mrs BooBoo LaBoy Striders of Croydon AC 1:50:22 1:56:15 3:00:00 2:52:27 38.19
par Cove Joggers 1:38:58 2:30:00
poppysox Watford Joggers 1:36:34 2:42:44 2:40:00 2:42:44 40.58
SuzyWoo Orpington Road Runners 1:27:17 1:33:50 2:27:58 44.50

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Enjoyable but very very tough - I am sure there are more stairs on the way up than on the way down!
Mr. K.
mmmm, was a bit hilly :-O Can`t wait to see the mile splits....My HM pb is 1.42.xx so it was quite `funny` to see the garmin go over to 1.43 at mile Number 9 - so no PB for me then :-) Saw a good deal of folks I knew. Great race but will I be back for more!!!!
Mrs BooBoo LaBoy
Loved pretty much every moment of this hard, hard race. There's pretty much nothing I can't do after doing this.
Running with Boober and the eagle I reckon.
Totally loved this race!!! :-)
this is gonna be a slow run ha ha...
Looking forward to this, not.
This is a silly idea - Why am I doing this (again) - At least I'm not doing the PICNIC