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Halstead & Essex Marathon

Listed by kstuart
Halstead, Halstead Essex CO9 UK
61 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
a.k.a Billy Dunstable RRC 3:29:33 3:42:15 3:58:39 52.40
alf_chac Colchester Harriers AC, Trail Running Association 2:33:23 2:38:31 2:38:31 81.43
Ally C RAF AC, Moray Roadrunners 2:42:46 3:00:22 3:07:00 3:24:19 61.70
amys dad Haverhill RC 2:56:06 3:11:16 3:35:24 61.98
Anna Finn VEGAN RUNNERS UK 3:40:54 4:01:18 4:20:36 52.15
Bills Unaffiliated 3:45:56 4:08:09 4:08:09 52.89
billy ray Leighton Fun Runners 3:44:49 3:44:49 3:56:31 52.87
Bunny007 Unaffiliated 4:10:00 4:15:20 4:00:00 4:15:20 55.68
Burdock Cambridge & Coleridge AC, Haverhill RC 3:17:41 3:28:08 3:31:45 66.46
CanaryYellow Unaffiliated 3:59:32 3:59:32 4:11:38 3:59:32 52.16
Chazzee Serpentine RC, Westbury Harriers 3:21:25 3:21:25 3:21:25 62.03
CheekyP Gade Valley Harriers 2:55:00 2:55:00
Chris Beaze Springfield Striders RC 3:10:48 3:10:48 3:29:23 62.15
curlygirly Springfield Striders RC 3:03:22 3:12:40 3:45:00 3:29:22 66.35
Deadliest Unaffiliated 3:09:28 3:09:28 3:09:28 75.64
deanosaur Larkfield AC 3:29:04 3:54:30 4:04:24 57.58
Drifter Driffield Striders 2:59:31 3:13:55 3:09:00 3:13:55 68.84
Duncs 100 Marathon Club, Bracknell Forest Runners 3:23:46 3:49:44 3:15:00 3:53:14 54.89
Eastham75 Dengie 100 Runners 3:31:41 4:19:28 4:15:00 4:19:28 53.76
Els Trail Running Association 2:52:41 3:09:11 3:44:30 57.88
Frame13 Unaffiliated
FRU (KeepTheFaith) Goyt Valley Striders 4:53:36 5:30:43 4:45:00 5:30:43 43.40
Gandhi Coltishall Jaguars 3:57:49 3:57:49 4:26:21 57.52
Gemma F Reading Roadrunners 3:28:11 3:43:12 3:53:29 58.01
GettingThere Bedford Harriers AC 3:49:35 3:58:39 4:22:00 49.68
Ghengis Redhill Distict Royal Mail AC, Striders of Croydon AC 3:49:56 4:50:40 5:05:59 42.53
Gymfreak Datchet Dashers 3:24:46 3:45:55 4:20:36 51.97
jayneb Unaffiliated 3:45:00
john_n Bishops Stortford RC 3:37:25 3:37:25 3:39:59 3:48:58 55.91
Jon B Springfield Striders RC 3:08:34 3:23:32 3:25:11 60.89
jonesj_01 Unaffiliated 4:26:00 4:28:00 4:30:00 4:28:00 46.66
Joopsy VEGAN RUNNERS UK 3:48:37 4:35:33 5:00:00 4:35:33 45.75
Kitty Serpentine RC 4:37:10 4:37:10 4:52:00 46.38
LovelyLovelyGorgeous FERC 4:16:00 4:39:59 4:30:00 4:39:59 49.37
moore06 Unaffiliated 3:55:56 4:21:07 4:21:07 53.90
Naomi P Unaffiliated 3:28:37 3:38:59 4:00:00 3:55:25 57.53
Neets Dunstable RRC 4:06:03 4:06:03 4:23:52 53.88
ogee 100 Marathon Club, South London Harriers 3:10:24 3:10:24 4:00:00 3:46:00 57.11
OllyW Riverside Runners 2:59:01 3:10:32 3:12:00 3:20:59 62.16
Pedro 2 Unaffiliated 2:56:01 3:44:35 3:44:35 55.63
PJK Spitfire Running Club 3:17:20 3:17:20 3:29:59 3:17:20 63.37
plodding hippo 100 Marathon Club 4:16:46 4:16:46 5:23:30 45.89
RFJ Swindon Striders 3:12:55 3:13:46 3:15:00 3:13:46 66.07
Shades Maverick Runners 4:24:02 4:37:13 5:11:02 52.77
sharmanian 100 Marathon Club, Serpentine RC 2:32:40 2:32:40 2:59:00 3:14:58 64.08
Shinny Dunstable RRC 3:33:35 3:50:04 3:57:12 58.97
SMeecham Ipswich JAFFA RC, Ipswich Triathlon Club 3:22:50 3:22:50
stacky Dunstable RRC, Boxfit Tri Club 3:26:32 3:27:53 3:25:00 3:27:53 65.34
stef.w Unaffiliated 4:53:35 5:24:30 5:24:30 43.76
steven.dawkins Orion Harriers, Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies 3:17:24 3:20:01 3:40:00 3:40:00 56.78
Teknik Serpentine RC 3:34:46 4:39:02 4:46:00 45.88
The Egg Dunstable RRC 3:43:16 3:46:27 3:45:00 3:55:19 60.35
Tom Tom Harwich Runners 3:26:27 3:26:27 3:30:00 3:26:27 66.88
Tracey G Harwich Runners 5:06:34 5:23:57 5:23:57 45.83
Trecho Unaffiliated 3:04:26 3:26:58 3:49:20 57.49
Tryffydog Vegetarian Cycling & AC 4:52:17 4:52:17 4:52:17 54.02
Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah!! 100 Marathon Club 4:06:30 4:52:36
Vicksta Harlow RC 3:41:48 3:41:48 3:44:59 3:41:48 61.66
wayne700 Unaffiliated 4:23:45 4:23:45 4:23:45 48.14
wendy woo Dunstable RRC 3:45:09 4:07:02 4:23:48 59.85
Wiggins Unaffiliated 2:53:25 3:02:49 3:15:00 3:02:49 68.34

This event is listed on these dates:

started off OK but just not fit enough to keep it up. Will forget about a PB until autumn and make sure I have a good run of training. Great day as ever.
Gamin time
The BIG attempt for 3:15 and a MONSTER PB, and got it by over 20 mins very happy :-)
Ally C
Disaster! If ever there was an urge just to give it all up then this was it. Did the first half in 1.29 and felt good however the heat and the hills caught up with me and I suffered severe cramping from the neck to the soles of my feet for the last 8 miles! Mile 25 I was ready to throw the towel in as I could not even walk let alone run! The masseur reckoned I had drank too much and therefore all the salt in my body left with the sweat. No excuses this was s__t and to top it all the toes on my right foot are covered in blisters. I am definitely guilty of going of too fast but if you dont try you dont get. I am fed up with running now so I am not sure whats next a few weeks off to start with then I will review what I want to do. Sub 3 hour is a distant dream at this moment in time (way out of my league on this performance) I think I have said it all.
FRU (KeepTheFaith)
Shite time, Shite run, walk/run from mile 15.5 - this needs a revisit once 3 stone lighter!
3rd of 3 maras in 3 weeks
Tom Tom
Hoping to pb on this (shouldn't be too hard, as my only other marathon saw me stop and walk 6 times!!). But...have heard it's very hilly and am hoping that it's not going to be another May heatwave this year! Damn these county champs races-why can't they pick a flat one?!;)
*Edit* Well that's the last bloody time I attempt any rain dancing :P Chuffed with my result though, as that course was pretty "challenging". Winning 1st V35 prize and Essex gold and silver medals as well has *really* iced the cake for me!!
back again hope to manage to run it all this year,and beat time of 4.40 i think praying for milder weatherWeather was a bit kinder, Fetch point deserve a medal, an enjoyable run meeting severeal friendly runners, hope for a full training schedule nexrt year though
Well this will be my second marathon in 3 weeks, lets hope its more successful than Bungay (great race but hard). I really want to see the benefit of all of that training showing in my times!!!

Well the result was a big disappointment. Great event but I just wasn't over the virus I had been suffering with. Still I made it round and thats two marathons in 3 weeks. Could have been worse.
plodding hippo
pacing tracey
Rather warm
Great Race with lovely scenery - really enjoyed it once I had finished! Fab support from the Marshalls. Will be back next year with some hill training behind me.
looks like i,ll be racing sarah1 and the egg.oops pb loved it i think.
The Egg
Great first 20 miles horrible last 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
amys dad
that was tough going !! hot and hilly, great course and well run event good day out, although my legs dont agree !!
I'm hoping NOT to start off slow and slow down in the traditional marathon virgin way
Very hot, very difficult, very pleased with the P.B. :-)
Got GFA! Just but it isn't flat and it got a bit warm as well. Fantastic race though
Naomi P
Aimed for 9 minute miles, and averaged 8'59, perfect! Felt strong over the last few miles and didn't let anyone pass me from mile 20. Great route along lovely country lanes with friendly marshals and pockets of great support. Ran past a superb Fetchpoint 4 times. Couple of bumps in here but largely flat, and a fair bit is shady, it was lovely and warm today.
after running paris a few weeks ago, i had the urge (crazy i know!) to run another marathon. have heard its really hilly and was really hot last year?? so will be pleased to just finish this one esp as i managed GFA for london 2010 already so pressure is off.
have since run part of the course and am now having second thoughts about whether i can face the mountains of halstead!
update-loved it-until the last 4 miles then it was deadly! but a new pb made it all worthwhile!
Found it tough but just wanted to get round after the horrors of last weeks marathon performance. But it was a lovely route with really good marshalls & plenty of water stations & support. Also a great fetchpoint.
Garmin time. Well, those undulations turned into mountains on the second lap. Pleased with a 1 min PB. Fetchpoint was great and I enjoyed running with john n.
Excellent race for my first Marathon. Will do again.
Good run nice scenery well marshalled and great local support, thank you all for a really enjoyable race...
Hot, Hilly and very hard!
a.k.a Billy
Good day. Last few miles were hard but quite satisfied with my run.


RFJ 11th May 09, 15:49
Naomi P 11th May 09, 15:23
Gandhi 11th May 09, 08:22
RFJ 11th May 09, 07:22
Tom Tom 10th May 09, 22:45
Vicksta 10th May 09, 20:34
CanaryYellow 10th May 09, 20:10
OllyW 10th May 09, 17:44
OllyW 9th May 09, 17:49