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Ian Williams aka Fetch

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Brathay Windermere Marathon

Ambleside, Ambleside Cumbria LA22 UK
84 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
abdou Kent AC 3:00:42 3:09:49 3:14:00 3:09:49 65.82
Al Williams Altrincham & District AC, Northern Veterans AC 3:15:58 3:54:13 3:54:13 58.49
altyfc Unaffiliated 3:55:24 3:55:24 4:10:00 3:55:24 53.28
andr3wht Metro Aberdeen 3:07:24 4:24:40 4:24:40 47.20
Artzam 100 Marathon Club, Telford Harriers 3:24:10 3:26:39 3:45:00 3:39:51 57.75
beef Kendal AC 3:14:45 3:33:37 3:20:00 3:33:37 63.03
Biastai Unaffiliated 3:18:30 3:30:00 3:15:00 3:31:45 61.98
Buzz Lightweight Crook & District AC 3:18:43 3:18:43 3:18:43 62.87
captian hux Unaffiliated 3:50:27 3:50:27 3:50:27 58.79
Chaz66 Norfolk Gazelles Running Club 4:30:00
Cheeseman75 Unaffiliated 3:49:51 3:49:51 4:10:00 4:15:51 48.83
chewitt Dallam 4:01:25 4:23:55 4:23:55 51.46
coan Unaffiliated
controversial Clapham Chasers 2:33:54 2:45:26 3:52:02 53.84
CumbriAndy Trail Running Association 3:19:28 3:49:52 3:45:00 3:49:52 57.58
Dave A Unaffiliated 2:55:56 3:21:31 3:27:20 60.26
davelord Trawden AC 2:53:32 3:16:55 3:16:55 68.98
derooster Horsforth Harriers 3:27:32 3:32:53 3:30:00 3:34:02 58.37
egan Unaffiliated 3:54:04 3:54:04 5:00:00 4:40:31 44.54
EggFuYoung Unaffiliated 4:30:12 4:30:12 4:30:12 46.24
fff Tri Lakeland 3:40:23 4:08:43 4:08:43 55.85
flanker Todmorden Harriers & AC, Trail Running Association, LDWA 3:15:04 3:46:33 3:56:53 53.60
gingerbreadman Stockport Harriers & AC 2:55:15 3:00:15 3:14:00 65.44
Go-KL Grantham Running club 2:40:47 3:33:47 2:59:59 3:33:47 58.44
Gymfreak Datchet Dashers 3:24:46 3:45:55 4:18:42 52.35
Haddi :-) Unaffiliated 3:52:52 4:09:31 4:32:38 45.82
Haighy74 Unaffiliated 3:56:07
Happy Monkey Northumberland Fell Runners 3:55:00
Janegirl Unaffiliated 3:57:00 4:19:00 4:30:00 4:19:00 58.71
Joe Hawk Datchet Dashers 2:56:05 3:18:06 3:40:00 56.79
Jogging Jon Wrekin Road Runners 3:44:35 4:24:20 5:14:50 42.04
johnymac Doncaster AC 3:38:12 4:18:25 4:18:25 48.34
jonah Stockport Harriers & AC 2:49:59 2:52:33 3:02:12 73.90
Kev Scone Howgill Harriers 4:08:33 4:23:26 4:30:00 4:23:26 47.47
KinkyS Todmorden Harriers & AC 3:01:51 3:24:45 3:53:18 58.14
Kittenheels Kath Unaffiliated 4:16:27 4:47:00 4:47:00 51.73
Lady Sol Anstey Amblers and Runners 5:23:16 5:57:50 5:57:50 37.85
laterunner Ranelagh Harriers, Stragglers 3:47:37 4:02:00 4:00:00 4:02:00 58.68
Lisrun 100 Marathon Club, Elvet Striders, North East Marathon Club 3:53:11 3:53:11 4:28:00 4:30:24 55.03
lizogical Ellesmere Port Running Club 3:58:43 4:00:06 4:04:35 55.37
mafioso Stadium Runners 4:01:44 4:01:44 5:10:00 4:27:40 46.67
mags Stonehaven Running Club 3:46:00 4:02:00 4:02:00 57.80
matteus Unaffiliated 3:37:24 3:45:27 4:09:25 50.54
McNomad Bellahouston Road Runners 3:35:55 3:35:55 3:45:00 3:55:09 53.99
miami mike Wrecsam Tri 4:24:41 4:24:41 4:15:00 4:24:41 47.97
Morriaty Eastern Veterans AC, Riverside Runners 3:14:58 3:21:35 3:46:56 63.74
Mozzer Unaffiliated 3:38:57 3:58:18 4:10:00 3:58:18 52.43
Mr Woo Striders of Croydon AC 3:25:53 3:34:30 6:30:00 3:51:24 53.99
mrs B@edenrunners Eden Runners 3:03:40 3:08:30 3:17:10 71.48
Naomi P Unaffiliated 3:28:37 3:38:59 4:30:00 4:10:58 53.96
newmsey danum harriers 3:26:22 4:14:17 4:00:00 4:14:17 49.13
Nightjar Bedford Harriers AC, LDWA 3:40:42 4:03:38 4:03:38 54.80
Non-runner Chapel Allerton Runners, FELL PONIES 4:29:04 4:50:41 6:00:00 4:50:41 53.63
northernrunner Blackhill Bounders 2:44:33 2:44:33 3:10:00 2:44:33 75.92
northernslowcoach Unaffiliated 4:30:22 4:30:22 4:29:29 4:30:22 52.14
Nun Warthead Unaffiliated 4:08:27 4:08:27 4:08:27 53.73
ogee 100 Marathon Club, South London Harriers 3:10:24 3:10:24 3:45:00 3:35:00 60.03
OVERTHELAST Valley Striders AC, FELL PONIES 3:29:17 4:18:40 4:10:00 4:18:40 52.51
PhilG1968 Unaffiliated 3:46:30 4:25:59 4:00:00 4:47:26 44.54
PJL Unaffiliated 4:06:19 4:06:19 3:59:00 4:06:19 50.72
plodding hippo 100 Marathon Club 4:16:46 4:16:46 4:34:46 54.03
R4R Northern Veterans AC, Penny Lane Striders 3:29:21 3:38:50 3:50:00 3:38:50 65.49
Rents Harmeny AC 3:25:56 3:56:31 3:59:59 3:56:31 55.96
Rice Unaffiliated
Rosielad EVTC 3:55:45 4:15:41 4:15:00 4:15:41 50.07
RunFatBoyDunn North Shields Polytechnic AC 4:00:06
RunGaryRun FERC 3:35:31 3:36:12 3:32:00 3:37:12 60.43
Shades Maverick Runners 4:24:02 4:37:13 5:05:57 53.65
Silvershadow Bedford Harriers AC 5:37:42 6:03:31 6:00:00 6:03:31 42.36
Southcoastpete Unaffiliated 4:33:30 4:42:13 4:29:50 4:47:00 44.24
Stevo_888 Stadium Runners 3:09:29 4:34:21 4:30:00 4:34:21 45.54
SuzyWoo Orpington Road Runners 3:13:40 3:30:58 3:51:24 58.53
Synthpop Unaffiliated 3:40:18 4:00:22 4:00:22 52.03
Ted Maul Unaffiliated 3:58:00 4:08:00 4:00:00 4:08:00 50.38
ThorntonRunner Hermitage Harriers RC 3:10:50 3:29:50 3:29:50 65.88
tramps Saffron Striders RC 3:27:25 3:53:14 4:43:02 45.23
Treacle Unaffiliated 4:28:28 4:28:28 4:45:00 4:28:28 52.10
trumpton riots Evesham Vale RC 4:05:00 4:05:00 4:29:05 48.37
Ultracat Metro Aberdeen 4:18:27 4:18:27 5:10:37 54.28
Ultraslow Road Runners Club 3:01:10 3:12:53 3:35:00
WA Unaffiliated 3:52:06 4:29:27 4:29:27 51.91
woody2run Unaffiliated 3:14:43 3:17:47 3:36:03 65.73
XB FERC 3:55:13 4:22:32 5:00:00 4:22:32 51.29
Yorkshire Pie Unaffiliated 3:44:05 4:13:30 4:28:03 50.55

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Ted Maul
Underestimated the hills - A LOT! Pleased with time though!
had a great race today and was a bit shocked by the out come but iv done my 1 and probably only blog about it. http://www.fetcheveryone.com/blog_other.php?id=12655
tough marathon.
A tough course so I'm very happy with my new PB. Felt good almost all of the way round and only really suffered in the last 3.
I'm now 37 and beat my PB from when I was 25, on a much more challenging course. I'm delighted. I'll let my legs recover before making any promises for next year.
Joe Hawk
DD here we come again :-D .
Can't wait - my all time fave race:):). UPDATE: Died towards the end, but still thoroughly enjoyed:):)
trumpton riots
Hills!. Fab weekend, great and inspiring race
Haddi :-)
great race but suffered with cramping from half way :)
Felt good and strong so went for it.
Would be nice, but wasn't to be today. Great run.
Loved this race last year and returning this year to hopefully beat my time.. Not expecting to beat marathon time from Robin Hood though!!!! **UPDATE** So close to Robin hood time but smashed last years time, very happy...
Brilliant race! :-) Really pleased that we managed to run well for 1st 21 miles and then decided on walking up the hills when we were tired for the rest of it!!! :-)
Naomi P
Won't be racing this but it looks lovely and I get to spend a weekend oop north *Update* Tough race but I had the company of Ogee, Trumpton Riots, Tramps and Magbag, and I found a bit of grit from somewhere to get through the pain. The beer at mile 20 definitely helped. Great to see so many Fetchies, and the TiTs, what an achievement, puts the Distric Double into context!
Mr Woo
fantastic race, SW and i ran much more of it than we'd thought we would and to finish under 4hrs was great :-)
Ps well done everyone else, especially the 10 in 10'ers.
much better run race than yesterday. Must have been down to the great company :)
Great road race, but probably better if you've not run a marathon the day before. The District Double was too tough for me. It will be a pity if Windermere is forever stained as my worst ever race.
My 3rd time, its a great run. Going to take this one easy :-) *Update* not far of forecast. I enjoyed this, but did feel very tired afterwards
The pains in my stomach i had between mile 20 and 25 really affected me. Unfortunately i was forced to walk for some time. Bring on the next one!
Really pleased with this first mara attempt, took it very steady as scared of bonking but didn't happen altho quads got more and more painful and did more and more walking, better conditioning needed. Started at the back, one bonus other than space was collecting and scoffing unopened gels dropped by others - naughty but cheers folks! Great course, support & atmosphere. Will try for 4.30 on a flatter course.
First marathon, will be lots slower if it's hot!
Heard its a tough course, im expecting the unexpected so best not to, maybe wise to try someone else.
Kev Scone
cracking :@)
the worst race ever! hills hills n hills, somehow found the energy to speed in at 20 miles but it was awful!
Doubled up with White Peak marathon previous day
very hilly
Kittenheels Kath
Remember that ITBS really doesn't like downdulates.
The big Sub 4.30 attempt with NSC. However, the more I hear about the hills, the more unlikely I think it is that it will happen. So have amended my prediction accordingly - bet at your peril.
EDIT: I loved this! Can't believe I actually did sub 4.30 on those hills!
Entered this after being double booked by work to be in Bahrain on same day as London Marathon. Looking forward to doing my first non London Marathon. I am training to go under 2:50 if the course was flat - 2:59 may be a touch optimistic...

The Brathay Windermere Marathon. Not as I planned it really. All went well with the journey up (Wife and baby in tow) and apart from a bit of normal tummy trouble had no issues. To cut a long story short suffered a suspected lower right calf pull at 16 miles, and after having it strapped up by First Aid, hobbled in over half an hour after I expected to finish. Suffered lots of pain immediately after finishing but a day on hopefully it seems the damage was not too bad. Very disappointed really that so much training was scuppered by, I believe, an injury caused largely by too much driving in the days leading to the race (And the demands of the undulating course).
Well, anyone who saw me coming in to the finish must have been very confused. After struggling big-time for the last 5 miles with thigh muscles screaming in agony, and then being hit by a heavy shower of rain in the last mile, and when I forced those legs to run up the final hill, just as I turned the corner to the finish, Bob Dylan came on my MP3 player with the lines "Nobody feels any pain, tonight as I stand inside the rain". I just had to laugh. Then it dawned on me that I'd actually done it - I'd finished my first marathon, and I went a bit crazy, pumping my fist. Moments after crossing the line though I was a blubbering wreck as all the emotions of the day came to the surface. Totally in awe of the TiTers - I couldn't contemplate doing this twice in a row, let alone 10 times. 5k splits: 26.11 26.46 27.33 27.49 29.43 27.56 32.38 33.16 (14.27 final 2.2km). 429th out of 847.
Did first 11 too fast, suffered because of it during the next 11, and hanging on for the last 4. I'll know better next time .....

Not really a PB by the way, but as my best was over 20 years ago, and my last marathon was about 15 years ago, I think it counts for something :-)
Loved it Kept HR at 150 and chatted along the way. Did negative split. LaST 6 MILES IN 50 MINUTES
'Unfinished business' - I'm ready for that climb out of Bowness this time (honest!)

Fantastic day - the Bowness hill got me again - will just have to have another go
Well I did what I set out to do and that was simply try out my marathon pace ready for Edinburgh two weeks after this one. Did not know the course so could not keep an even pace, so it turned in to a fun run. :-) Decided to romp the last bit home, not that I had a lot left.

For those who bet on me, my apologies, but I did say I was just goin g to run it! So Edy could be good for a PB, maybe, just maybe, a sub 3:15...... No promises, we will just see!
Post London will be using this as a training run for an ultra in early June so not going for a PB.
I will be the one bring up the rear at Windermere.
very tough ascents but lovely run
ran a bad race ? lergy. bad rain
Very hilly - prob about 15 mins slower than it would have been if flat
My first ever marathon wooooo

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  • On 30th Jan 2009 at 10:52am, R4R wrote: Lurking ... lurking ... I know I should either enter and get on with it, or discount it and forget all about it, but I just can't decide .... I haven't done a marathon in over 10 years, and this is probably not the one to choose for my next, but there's something vaguely appealing in a masochistic sort of way .....
  • On 1st May 2009 at 9:56am, johnymac wrote: First time here.. Don't know what to expect
  • On 11th May 2009 at 11:07am, newmsey wrote: just ridden course on mountain bike, it's a tough course very hilly.will be a good test especially if it rain
  • On 18th May 2009 at 12:44pm, altyfc wrote: I'm now 37 and beat my PB from when I was 25, on a much more challenging course. I'm delighted. I'll let my legs recover before making any promises for next year. :-)
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