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Reading Half Marathon

, Reading RG2 UK
266 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
!COGS! Purbeck Runners 1:27:20 1:49:42 1:57:55 50.22
*Anj* Unaffiliated 1:54:57 1:59:38 2:02:36 54.36
Agent Orange Unaffiliated 1:38:42 1:39:33 1:42:00 1:39:33 62.99
Alfadan Real Buzz RC 1:41:57 1:49:38 2:06:01 47.00
Ali Beech Ipswich JAFFA RC, Jaffa RC 2:09:00 2:09:00 2:10:00 2:09:00 58.71
Ali R Unaffiliated 2:21:43 2:25:22 2:30:00 2:25:22 45.53
AndrewJ Unaffiliated 1:41:16 1:48:33 1:48:33 55.96
AndyGB Compton Harriers RC 1:34:52 1:34:52 1:34:52 62.70
AnneD Wimbledon Windmilers 1:36:54 1:41:32 1:41:32 71.86
are we there yet? Unaffiliated 2:21:20 2:23:00 2:20:00 2:24:01 46.28
Athlete In Progress Ranelagh Harriers 2:15:51 2:15:51 2:14:59 2:15:51 43.61
Avon Reading Joggers 1:25:12 1:48:00 1:59:08 50.08
B Rubble Dursley Running Club 1:25:12 1:27:30 1:29:02 70.43
BBSS Unaffiliated 2:10:44 2:16:36 2:20:00 2:18:23 47.83
Bear Foot Great Western Runners 1:20:56 1:21:57 1:24:15 70.32
Becfleck Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers RC 1:50:08 2:00:46 2:06:16 52.14
becksr1 Unaffiliated 1:56:57 1:56:57 1:56:57 56.30
Bex66 Southwest Roadrunners, Women on the Run 2:13:11 2:29:18 2:30:00 2:29:18 46.35
bgillam Woking AC 1:26:17 1:44:29 1:44:29 56.68
BigEvilC Unaffiliated 1:29:12 1:29:12 1:34:30 1:29:13 71.43
Billsy Cruisers Running Club 1:54:07 2:12:02 2:12:02 51.62
Billy Idle Unaffiliated 1:50:57 1:50:57 1:50:00 1:50:57 57.91
Blakey 26.2 RRC 26.2 Road Runners Club 1:38:42 1:38:42 1:39:59 1:38:42 60.77
Blister TeamBath AC, Somer AC, Walton AC 1:23:57 1:23:57 1:40:00 1:36:21 61.52
blue (pete) Unaffiliated 1:49:12 1:53:03 2:09:16 48.90
borobhoy Knaresborough Striders 1:32:15 1:32:15 1:40:00 1:34:11 62.98
Bosun Tony FERC 1:29:55 1:35:20 1:35:00 1:36:18 67.82
Brendan Unaffiliated 2:05:03 2:31:17 2:31:17 40.15
BrettFalcus Unaffiliated 1:31:05 1:40:02 1:40:54 59.16
Broberts Unaffiliated 1:39:42 1:42:44 1:45:00 1:42:44 58.73
Brooker Unaffiliated 1:39:00 1:39:00 1:39:00
Brooksie Unaffiliated 2:32:31 2:32:31 2:32:31 41.45
Bul Clapham Chasers 1:12:36 1:16:42 1:16:42 77.56
Bumface Purple Patch Runners 1:23:19 1:37:23 1:38:00 1:37:23 64.37
Burto Hatch Warren Runners 1:50:50 2:15:39 2:20:27 42.18
buttercup600 Unaffiliated 2:38:14 3:00:39 3:00:00 3:00:39 37.25
carlbob London FrontRunners 1:34:30 1:39:48 1:39:48 59.34
Cavey Handsworth Roadhogs RC 1:37:46 1:37:46 1:45:00 1:37:46 60.60
CB. Unaffiliated 1:54:07 1:55:00 2:05:00 2:00:32 52.44
CDF Forest of Dean AC 1:31:20 1:58:44 2:00:00 1:58:44 57.01
Chazzee Serpentine RC, Westbury Harriers 1:23:18 1:25:09 1:45:59 55.88
chestnut Leeds City AC 1:31:52 1:33:02 1:36:24 61.44
Chich Stubbington Green Runners 1:35:57 1:44:02 1:49:12 56.52
chrisallen Unaffiliated 1:31:11 1:31:11 1:35:00 1:31:11 65.47
ck Sandhurst Joggers 1:53:00 2:05:00 1:56:00 2:05:00 59.08
compo Unaffiliated 2:30:36 2:30:36 2:45:09 2:33:34 43.82
Cormorant Cranleigh Tortoise & Hare Runners 1:35:24 1:40:53 1:40:00 1:45:52 63.28
CR1970 Unaffiliated 1:44:09 1:53:56 1:48:00 1:53:56 59.06
craig07 Colchester Harriers AC 1:29:28 1:39:31 1:43:15 57.79
DaisySun Unaffiliated 1:43:37 1:50:53 1:50:00 1:50:53 59.37
Dave B Unaffiliated 1:27:05 1:35:51 1:45:00 1:40:43 58.83
Dave45 Unaffiliated 1:44:33 1:49:30 1:49:30 54.11
DaveH Unaffiliated 1:21:12 1:36:17 1:30:00 1:36:17 61.53
daviec Carnegie Harriers 1:17:05 1:23:18 1:24:00 1:23:18 71.13
DeeGee 100 Marathon Club, Cleethorpes AC 1:28:55 1:57:17 2:10:00 2:04:08 47.74
Dibble FERC, Maidenhead & District Cycling Club 1:28:11 1:54:54 1:55:00 1:54:54 57.78
DIY Diva Ranelagh Harriers, Vets AC 1:42:13 1:48:03 1:55:00 1:48:12 65.17
donny swindon cripplers 1:28:21 1:31:00 1:45:00 1:38:52 59.93
Doris Norwich Road Runners 1:57:02 2:05:53 2:14:00 2:05:53 54.13
dvc Unaffiliated 1:29:53 1:36:14 1:41:00 1:36:14 63.81
elio Unaffiliated 1:24:05 1:38:15 1:45:26 56.19
emandbelle Forest of Dean AC 2:36:35 2:49:29
emdee Kendal AC 1:29:22 1:57:11 2:00:00 1:57:11 50.56
eMpTy Denmead Striders 1:31:57 1:31:57 1:33:30 1:31:57 73.48
Evil Peter Andover AC 1:18:20 1:32:04 1:39:05 60.01
Fannyfernackerpan Unaffiliated 1:56:33 1:58:59 2:10:00 1:59:29 55.40
flanker Todmorden Harriers & AC, Trail Running Association, LDWA 1:34:49 1:45:30 1:45:00 1:47:21 56.20
fleety Fareham Crusaders 1:34:13 1:43:27 1:42:30 1:44:30 56.70
Floating Runner Unaffiliated 1:43:54 1:43:54 1:50:00 1:43:54 60.36
flocky swindon cripplers 1:27:56 1:34:22 1:38:55 61.91
Flying pig Unaffiliated 1:38:35 1:43:45 1:43:45 57.31
Footpad Unaffiliated 1:47:22 1:58:51 2:00:00 1:58:57 52.72
forbesy Reading Roadrunners 1:53:53 1:53:53 2:00:00 1:53:53 55.50
franciskieran Swindon Harriers 1:42:39 1:57:08 1:57:00 2:12:55 44.56
Freshharris Unaffiliated 1:56:30 1:56:30 2:10:00 2:02:55 48.20
Fuzzy Sandhurst Joggers 1:43:20 1:59:56 2:00:00 2:06:01 47.20
Garfield FERC 2:09:59 2:17:08 2:20:00 2:19:53 49.92
garfieldhouse Southwest Roadrunners 1:42:37 1:45:54 1:54:26 1:51:07 53.32
GAZGIB Bracknell Forest Runners 1:35:38 1:59:19 2:00:00 2:01:17 49.75
GDownes Ealing Eagles Running Club 1:33:54 1:37:49 1:37:49 60.55
Ghengis Redhill Distict Royal Mail AC, Striders of Croydon AC 1:26:58 1:39:50 1:55:00 54.09
go get Unaffiliated 2:21:18 2:21:18 2:21:18 46.59
Go-KL Grantham Running club 1:14:46 1:19:30 1:24:00 1:21:30 72.71
Gobi Unaffiliated 1:13:26 1:13:26 1:17:00 1:15:34 79.84
gray Cranleigh Tortoise & Hare Runners 1:50:59 1:50:59 2:05:25
grinlee Reading Joggers 1:56:18 1:57:57 1:57:57 52.33
gtbaker Unaffiliated 2:02:00 2:10:00 2:10:00 45.58
Gymfreak Datchet Dashers 1:35:38 1:46:20 1:47:28 61.26
Harry Magoota Northbrook AC, Coventry Triathletes 1:32:08
hatstand Unaffiliated 1:34:10 1:34:10 1:37:00 1:34:10 62.93
Heavyweight UKnetrunner 1:41:41 1:44:42 1:45:00 1:57:11 54.83
Hectors House Stubbington Green Runners 1:38:34 1:46:14 1:49:12 62.41
HelenJane Unaffiliated 1:51:42 2:06:25 2:25:00 2:08:41 54.26
Hetty s Unaffiliated 1:40:26 1:40:26 1:40:00 1:40:26 65.55
Highlanderchick Lakeshore Runners 1:48:30 1:51:08 1:55:00 1:51:08 60.55
Hills of Death (HOD) Riverside Runners 1:39:43 1:45:41 1:39:59 1:45:41 57.09
ianb Woking AC 1:34:57 1:43:43 1:43:43 57.33
IanK Unaffiliated 2:08:57 2:08:57 2:20:00 2:08:57 47.49
icklechick Winchester & District AC 1:38:04 1:45:52 1:52:00 1:45:52 62.19
ingy Unaffiliated 1:39:16 1:39:16 1:39:16 64.69
irbentley@gmail.com Unaffiliated 1:43:42 1:56:07 1:56:07 51.02
j77ben Clapham Chasers 1:17:58 1:17:58 1:21:21 72.83
JAPMitch Woking AC 1:11:55 1:14:05 1:16:00 1:14:05 80.58
JBSurrey Unaffiliated 2:16:55 2:16:55 2:30:00 2:16:55 43.29
JEJ Unaffiliated 1:10:54 1:10:54 1:10:55 1:10:58 83.49
JF50 Unaffiliated 1:37:06 1:39:40 1:40:05 69.27
Jigs Unaffiliated 1:19:28 1:22:40 1:22:40 74.08
Jim7 TeamBath AC 1:14:04 1:19:09 1:18:30 1:19:09 74.85
JLP Unaffiliated 2:02:00 2:03:08 1:55:00 2:03:08 54.37
Jock Itch FERC 1:13:30 1:16:35 1:18:00 1:17:37 78.29
Jogging Jon Wrekin Road Runners 1:45:05 1:57:21 2:32:31 41.12
John66 Barnes Runners 2:17:02 2:17:02 2:25:00 2:17:02 45.76
Jonny Unaffiliated 1:27:05 1:31:50 1:38:44 60.10
JonnyB FERC 2:22:53 2:22:53 2:30:00 2:22:53 41.98
K8 Ealing Eagles Running Club 2:04:41 2:09:00 2:13:05 49.62
Kato Unaffiliated 2:34:39 2:35:19 2:35:19 42.39
KDJ Reading Joggers 2:00:15
KevMay Unaffiliated 1:36:40 1:36:40 1:36:40 65.37
Kew Reading Joggers 1:39:54 1:46:01 1:48:08 61.22
kewsmum Unaffiliated 1:59:07 1:59:07 1:59:07 70.64
Kimberlina Wimbledon Windmilers 2:07:04 2:07:04 2:12:00 2:07:04 52.96
Kingy30 Unaffiliated 1:42:15 1:48:58 1:45:00 1:48:58 60.44
KinkyS Todmorden Harriers & AC 1:31:57 1:37:21 1:45:11 62.61
KITCHEN Tadley Runners 1:48:12 1:51:40 1:52:20 58.14
Knox Reading Joggers 1:44:52 1:49:19 1:49:19 64.50
Konaboy Reading Roadrunners 1:36:46 1:36:46 1:37:00 1:38:53 62.91
KStar Clapham Chasers
kstubbs Unaffiliated 1:37:58 1:37:58 1:38:03
Left Foot Road Runners Club 1:39:00 1:39:41 1:39:41 69.42
lennoxr Maidenhead AC 1:19:51 1:30:21 1:35:00 1:32:26 65.71
Lethargic Long Eaton Running Club 1:10:10 1:13:36 1:14:47 79.82
LilMinx Swindon Harriers 1:53:17 1:58:20 1:58:20 55.65
Lincsfella UKnetrunner 1:28:14 1:30:06 1:28:13 1:30:06 67.97
little brown bag Finch Coasters 1:53:03 1:53:03 1:53:00 1:59:58 55.35
Little Jen Unaffiliated 1:37:59 1:37:59 1:37:59 67.22
LizzieLizzie Unaffiliated 1:41:45 1:41:45 1:41:45
Lully FERC 2:26:58 2:30:49 2:30:49 45.19
MadJonny Unaffiliated 1:44:49 1:49:10 1:49:18 55.60
magoo Scottish Prison Service AAC 1:15:50 1:17:38 1:14:59 1:17:38 81.42
Mal Barnes Runners, Horsham Joggers 1:27:11 1:28:16 1:35:00 1:28:16 67.12
manicstreetpounder Unaffiliated 1:18:58 1:22:37 1:24:59 1:26:42 70.09
MarcT Unaffiliated 1:38:18 1:47:24 1:50:00 1:53:23 52.25
marders Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 1:06:08 1:09:10 1:09:59 1:09:10 85.66
martyb Unaffiliated 1:55:30 1:55:30 1:48:00 1:55:42 51.21
matthewpont Reigate Priory AC 1:50:25 1:50:25 1:50:25 53.64
MattTheRat Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 1:19:59 1:20:30 1:20:00 1:24:27 74.85
Mauja Unaffiliated 1:59:17 1:58:00
Max71 Serpentine RC 2:05:18 2:23:00 2:10:00 2:25:53 45.89
Merlot cat Poole Runners 1:45:35 1:50:20 1:50:20 54.08
Michael G Reading Roadrunners, Trail Running Association 1:18:07 1:18:10 1:18:10 81.49
micklemil Unaffiliated 1:51:59 1:51:59 1:52:41 58.51
milemonster Wrexham AAC 1:11:39 1:16:07 1:17:15 1:19:19 74.70
MilestheCat Unaffiliated 1:35:20 1:35:20 1:35:20 71.01
Miserable Bleeder 100 Marathon Club, Wrekin Road Runners 2:23:00 2:26:44 2:54:27 34.59
Miss Minx Unaffiliated 2:00:02 2:12:04 2:16:00 2:12:04 49.86
MissingPhoenix Unaffiliated 1:35:12 1:38:47 1:38:47 59.99
mitch01 Team Kennet 1:33:20 1:37:45 1:30:00 1:37:45 60.61
molarman Stone Master Marathoners 1:15:41 1:19:23 1:23:20 74.07
monkey harris Unaffiliated 1:54:33 1:56:42 2:10:00 1:56:42 52.47
moorey mbs swindon 1:32:39 1:32:39 1:32:39 64.20
Morf Reading Joggers 1:35:42 1:56:04 1:56:04 60.58
morganpeet Unaffiliated 1:49:01 1:50:38 1:56:13 58.64
Mr Chops Unaffiliated 1:37:49 1:39:30 1:39:30 59.64
Mr Guy Unaffiliated 1:35:51 1:47:23 1:47:23 55.15
Mr_Trim Unaffiliated 1:44:17 1:47:12 1:52:42 53.90
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) Kettering Town Harriers 1:31:50 1:36:53 1:40:00 1:36:53 82.26
Mrs SuperTed Unaffiliated 2:02:32 2:02:32 2:20:00 2:02:32 53.89
MrsJJ Wrekin Road Runners 1:51:44 1:57:54 2:32:31 45.02
Munty Hart Road Runners 1:27:59 1:29:50 1:29:50 74.53
Muriel Tunbridge Wells Harriers 1:31:59 1:43:16 1:50:00 1:50:07 53.80
MvM Hungerford Hares 1:47:28 2:03:26 2:03:26 47.97
mystique100 Unaffiliated 1:40:04 2:10:35 2:00:00 2:10:35 45.55
Neil E Dunnin Almost Athletes 1:41:12 2:03:00 2:03:00 51.81
Nic.1 50 Marathon Club, Reading Joggers, Wargrave Runners 1:33:43 2:08:25 2:08:35 68.28
Nice Van Man! Unaffiliated 1:54:31 1:54:31 1:55:00 1:54:31 51.82
Night..Nurse South West Road Runners 1:38:15 1:39:55 1:39:55 70.70
nixter71 BBC RC, Mornington Chasers 1:33:39 1:36:18 1:36:18 62.28
northernslowcoach Unaffiliated 1:57:29 2:04:12 2:04:12 54.18
not built for speed 26.2 Road Runners Club 1:49:24 2:16:00 2:00:00 2:16:00 48.41
o legs Unaffiliated 1:44:05 1:44:59 1:44:59 68.45
Oldie-baldie Compton Harriers RC 1:27:00 1:29:06 1:29:06 72.11
OllyW Riverside Runners 1:23:23 1:25:23 1:26:00 1:25:23 69.39
oneronaldo Bearbrook Joggers RC 1:43:12 1:47:21 1:47:21 70.19
oprah Unaffiliated 1:37:20 2:15:55 2:15:55 48.45
pablo campo Unaffiliated 1:54:27 1:54:27 1:55:22 59.08
paddy marke Unaffiliated 3:03:00 3:03:00 3:00:00 3:03:00 32.62
Palacebhoy South London Harriers 1:37:07 1:37:07 1:37:07 61.47
Peacey White Horse Harriers AC 1:20:00 1:28:52 1:34:20 62.82
pepp Unaffiliated 1:26:06 1:26:06 1:28:04 69.54
philinstone Stone Master Marathoners 1:29:45 1:36:30 1:43:31 57.44
philk Unaffiliated 20:20:00
philly1105 Unaffiliated 1:46:05 1:46:05 1:46:05 55.92
plodding hippo 100 Marathon Club 1:56:30 1:57:47 2:01:02 57.69
podgella Unaffiliated 1:28:44 1:37:25 1:37:00 1:37:25 60.81
Prof Disco Dean Reading Roadrunners 1:22:36 1:29:49 1:29:49 65.97
Puffing Bertie Unaffiliated 1:58:06 2:05:00 2:08:00 53.24
rachelcronin Unaffiliated 1:57:00 2:06:00 2:06:00 52.25
Raisty Raist Unaffiliated 1:38:00 1:50:00 1:40:00 1:50:00 53.86
rangermouse1967 Mornington Chasers 1:42:38 1:42:38 1:48:00 1:46:02 57.75
Raph Minus1Kidney Headington RoadRunners, Southville Running Club 1:58:31 2:25:41 2:25:41 41.15
Rapscallion Farnham Runners, Gloucester AAC 1:45:00 1:45:00 1:45:00 58.76
RoadRunner123 Cybi Striders 1:39:13 1:39:13 1:45:00 1:43:11 58.75
Robinp Unaffiliated 1:40:53 1:40:53 1:43:00 1:40:53 58.74
RogerB Unaffiliated 1:35:07 1:38:56 1:38:56 61.42
RRR-CAZ 🇬🇧 Reading Roadrunners 1:28:23 1:47:42 1:47:42 58.20
Rubber Chicken Unaffiliated 1:58:23 1:59:48 1:50:00 1:59:48 51.12
Rundad Unaffiliated 1:44:30 1:46:21 1:44:30 1:46:21 56.11
runningbean Unaffiliated 1:42:38 2:12:04 2:12:04 44.84
runningritch Pershore Plum Plodders 1:33:25 1:40:53 1:50:00 1:42:40 57.71
runningtink Unaffiliated 2:37:10 2:58:19 3:14:00 33.99
Runstrong Southwest Roadrunners 1:28:37 1:28:37 1:35:00 1:32:54 65.41
RuthB2 Haslemere Border AC 1:41:29 1:43:10 1:55:00 1:57:15 56.17
SarahL FERC 1:36:19 1:36:19 1:44:14 1:36:19 68.37
saskia Unaffiliated 1:55:00 1:55:00 1:55:00 57.25
Scar Tissue Holme Pierrepont RC 1:13:06 1:13:06 1:13:45 1:13:06 82.54
SCD Unaffiliated 2:02:00 2:10:00 2:10:00 2:10:00 50.67
Scott S Unaffiliated 1:41:19 1:41:19 1:41:19 58.92
Scotty_owl South Yorks Police Sports & Social Club 1:27:18 1:30:22 1:32:15 64.23
Script DR Unaffiliated 1:39:46 1:39:46 1:50:00 1:39:46 60.45
SharonD Ranelagh Harriers, St. Mary's University College AC 1:52:05 2:14:00 2:16:00 49.01
Shortstop:o) Unaffiliated 1:46:06 1:48:02 1:49:20 60.73
Sid Sandhurst Joggers 1:35:10 1:46:11 2:18:00 49.75
simmicee Ealing, Southall & Middlesex AC 1:35:45 1:35:45 1:37:00 1:35:45 70.28
skiddy! Running 4 Women Club, Womens Running Network 2:42:50 2:42:50 2:50:00 2:42:50 43.30
smifffie Knowle and Dorridge Running Club 1:35:43 1:38:46 1:41:00 1:42:00 65.63
smiley broadling Unaffiliated 2:04:57 2:18:53 2:30:00 2:18:53 49.07
smileydood@hotmail.com Unaffiliated 1:57:53 1:57:53 1:57:53 56.71
solitude_fairy Unaffiliated 2:25:25 2:26:01 2:29:59 2:26:01 46.36
Sportysteph Unaffiliated 1:39:31 1:44:08 1:45:00 1:44:08 65.44
sprintfortheline Bracknell Forest Runners 1:18:50 1:42:27 1:42:27 62.77
stevep1000uk Unaffiliated 1:41:11 1:38:00
SteveT Hart Road Runners 1:22:10 1:23:12 1:20:00 1:23:12 75.97
superchip White Horse Harriers AC 1:19:34 1:19:34 1:25:00 1:19:34 74.46
SuperSooks Winchester & District AC 1:25:26 1:25:26 1:31:37 71.96
SuperTed Unaffiliated 1:34:07 1:34:07 1:37:00 1:36:13 62.71
Swain New Forest Runners 1:46:40 1:50:56 2:00:00 1:50:56 56.53
Sydney Newbury AC 2:12:22 2:12:22 2:12:22 49.74
Synthpop Unaffiliated 1:36:52 2:03:43 1:56:00 2:03:43 48.08
Targocid Unaffiliated 1:32:16 1:56:39 1:56:39 54.17
Tav H Unaffiliated 1:40:15 2:00:02 2:00:00 2:00:02 50.62
TeeBee Ranelagh Harriers 1:57:57 1:57:57 1:57:57 57.39
The Croc Unaffiliated 1:28:40 1:33:55 1:33:55 66.77
The Outlaw Ranelagh Harriers 1:21:16 1:22:33 1:21:00 1:22:33 81.85
The Wizard Unaffiliated 1:42:06 1:42:06 1:45:00 1:42:06 63.45
TheBeetroot Unaffiliated 2:37:57 2:58:31 2:40:00 3:03:40 39.25
theflyingchicken City of Chester Triathlon Club 1:16:04 1:16:24 1:16:24 77.51
Tia Lonely Goat RC 1:46:52 1:51:02 1:48:00
Tinsel Heid Unaffiliated 1:44:07 1:44:07 1:46:00 1:44:07 57.61
tired_jim Reading Roadrunners 1:42:57 1:49:47 2:10:11 45.67
tjrunning Unaffiliated 1:37:26 1:39:59 1:45:00 1:43:33 60.56
toby Thames Hare & Hounds 1:12:10 1:12:10 1:14:00 1:12:28 81.76
TomM Stubbington Green Runners 1:58:38 1:58:38 2:05:00 1:58:38 59.51
topcorner Sandhurst Joggers 1:56:48
TW Unaffiliated 1:30:57 1:37:56 1:33:00 1:37:56 62.53
UltraMrsR Unaffiliated 1:54:42 1:59:00 1:59:00 55.62
Vicksta Harlow RC 1:36:55 1:37:40 1:36:59 1:37:40 67.77
Waveydavey Reading Roadrunners 1:34:53 1:38:05 1:40:00 1:38:05 63.42
WEBBY RFRC Running Forever 1:26:32 1:26:32 1:31:42 64.58
weiser Unaffiliated 1:35:50 1:35:50 1:35:50
Wiggins Unaffiliated 1:20:39 1:21:36 1:23:00 1:21:36 72.58
Winky! Unaffiliated 1:54:53 1:55:29 1:56:00 56.77
wizlyn Serpentine RC 1:22:42 1:22:42 1:22:42 79.63
WorkersPlaytime Unaffiliated 1:44:59 1:53:56 1:55:00 1:56:14 54.83
Wozza25 Unaffiliated 1:46:36 1:50:12 1:55:00 1:50:12 53.76
youlooktired Unaffiliated 1:18:09 1:18:09 1:20:00 1:18:15 75.72
Zippy 123 Sinfin RC, Derby City Council Running Club 1:47:28 1:47:28 1:50:00 1:47:28 55.33

This event is listed on these dates:

Apologies to all betters. Not a very good day.
Bring it on! Looking forward to it - training going well but won't get a PB. JenJ pacing me for a 2.15 but anything under 2.30 would be good.

2.17.02 thanks to JenJ pacing me :-)
not a bad run really, sorry for those who betted on me, i did try. Not as flat as youd think but a great event, might even do it next year
PRE Race: PB doubtful this time. My calf muscles don't look like they're going to fully recover from Wokingham half.

Only three weeks between Wokingham and Reading halves is a bit mean. Will go out to enjoy this race instead of worring about a PB (although would like to beat last years time...)
POST Race: No PB, no surprise. Health and fittiness had recovered from Wokingham Half, but not endurance. Happy to be near 2hrs. Good race, stadium finish still worth running 13miles for.

RIP the 1000s of jelly babies littered throughout the course.
A PB, but I didn't have the best of runs, just didn't feel right. Legs a bit heavy and didn't feel settled into my pace until 9 miles! The undulations really broke up my pace as well, that hill at mile 2 was a toughie. Missed out on my sub 1.37 goal, but not by a lot, so have to be happy with a PB! Came 1405th out of 11181
My first half marathon ever....HELP! Increased prediction as original 2 hours is probably a bit optimistic, considering my usual running pace.
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
Gun time 1:36:53, 5 mins of my previous best and1st F50!!!! :):):) Well Done to everyone who ran and those who got a PB :) especially Jigs who had a fantastic PB, he is just flying!!!

I had a fantastic race today:)
Brilliant race :) Aimed for a small PB, but it was pretty obvious to me I could keep up a faster pace, felt good all the way round. Lots of Lovely Fetchies running and supporting :) Sadly though, as I was incognito in club shirt so didn't get any Fetchie shouts :( but hey-ho! :)
Result was a massive PB shortly followed by LL :) storming home with an even bigger PB!! Lots of smiles, hugs and kisses :)... plus the cream scones and chocolate later !! :P
Hetty s
1 minute outside my pb!
Hap hazard training. Took 1st 5 miles easy. Didn't check split times. Felt relatively comfortable, especially since previous year when did 1hr 40 with not enough training
Hopefully this will be a conservative prediction
Training hijacked by a couple of weeks skiing (very nice) and now a virus (not nice)! Still be a PB as it's my first half and I am now bricking it... UPDATE: Oh dear! Wheels fell off big time, awake all the night before sweating and shaking, legs like lead after the first mile. Ran walked the rest, Garmin time says 02:55:22 (after having deducted the toilet stop times!) Next time HAS to be better. And they'd run out of medals :-(
Slightly slower than intended, but still a P.B so pleased!
This was my 1st half last year and all going well will be my 4th this time around so definite PB attempt. UPDATE: Not all going well at all and may be pulling out thru injury.
Jock Itch
Hopeful PB attempt. Probably be marginal but go for it ! Tell your wife and kids to make banners saying 'Dont scratch the Itch!' PB baby ! Come onnnnn. Ave it ! (kicks ball awaay)

***UPDATE*** PB by over a minute. Nice strong finish. Im lovin it. :)
Puffing Bertie
Lovely race.......pity my legs wouldnt go any faster but at least i enjoyed it :-)
What a race, can't believe I PB'd. Am well chuffed.
**Update 26/02/08** - training has gone well the last couple of weeks, and I'm pretty much back to where I was in December, still think sub 80 might be just beyond me, but should hopefully be a small PB. I will probably set off at 80 min pace and try to hang on/sprint finish depending how I feel by half way.
32 secs....pants..still a six and ahalf min pb not to be sniffed at :)
blue (pete)
Taking this as a training run as it's been a tough week.

OH is taking photos up by the University and poss.later at the turn back into Green Park (mile 12) so smile - she'll be wearing an Inflatable Cow Girl out fit (last year she was a Sumo wrestler)
So close, until I hit the boredom and headwind of mile 11.
Planning on PBing, as it stand I'm at 2:14 for a half (Sept 07) we shall see closer to the time.

Ive had better races.
Chip time 1:26:21. I was going for a sub-1:25 and was on target up to about mile 9 or 10 but unfortunately due to having a dodgy tummy for the last day or so, I didn't have the energy to put on the fast finish I managed at Wokingham a few weeks ago. Still relatively pleased with the time though, and always great to get a buzz from the bands, crowds and of course the finish at the Madejski.
Ali R
Ran with fozzie, first 11 miles great, last couple horrible.
Garmin time: A PB!!!!!
October 25 I entered, a long way off and who knows what shape I will be in come March. Hopefully peak fitness and ready to break my PB I set on the old course here back in 2000 and at my spiritual race home (First ever race here back in 1996!)
Update: 25/2/08: Training interrupted by injury, I will not be pushing that hard as I do not want to stress the legs too much with the marathon in mind.

Post race: After the good run on Thursday, I was keen to go about this race in a similar manner. Started off comfortably and aimed to gradually pick up the pace, this was made easier / more difficult by the tailwind at the start. Worked quite hard up the first climb and saw myself able to run faster than those around me. This encouraged me and I ran a strong middle part of the race, even on the climbs out of the town and the head wind we had. Worked well to maintain the pace until the end - a great finish at the stadium. Very pleased with the time, especially as I felt I ran well within myself all the way - and HR suggests this too. Finished 198th
Superb!! I love this race, great Fetchie and non-Fetchie support all the way round, and nice sub 100 minute PB as well! ;)
Well organised race, conditions good but with strong breeze. Must learn not to go off too quickly (started at 7:30 pace) which I kept up for about 6 miles but then had to ease up in the second half, but was within my predicted time and therefore can not complain too much. A lot to do to beat 1:40 at Bath in a fortnight.
Likely to find this very hard as haven't done enough LSRs.
Billy Idle
Hopefully with some good mileage behind me and speedwork ,chances of ducking under 1:45 .Race was tough as full of a cold however pb by 5 mins
Nice race, lots of support, lots of Fetchies :)

Managed to PB despite spraining my ankle playing footy, paying the concequences now though, body aching badly still, and it's Wednesday!

Big thanks to HOD and A65 for chatting before the race, Cavey for a bit of natter on the way and all those shouting along the route!!
Raisty Raist
did this one a few years ago in 1hr 44
looking for sub 1hr 40 at least as was out of shape last time
Mrs SuperTed
OMG, this will be my first half. I am scared!
Nice PB. Wasn't really sure what sort of form I was in, so doubly good to go just over a minute faster (on a pretty blustery day) than my previous best on the same course at Reading last year.
Flat ... have run most of it in training any number of times (I didn't realise that it was along my normal training routes)... if I don't go sub 2 I will be most unhappy, ideally wanting 1:50

*update* woohoo -that rocked. really pleased with pb ... beyond even my dream time of 1:50.
report in blog.
Best race of my life. Thanks to Blister for pacing me to stonking 12 minute PB :)
Wanted to do sub 10 minute miles which I managed apart from mile 12 and 13 - died a bit on mile 12 but got it back together for last mile. Joe ran with me which helped - also keeping split times fro each mile really helped break it up and gave me targets which worked. Not bad 13 minutes off my PB.
Got a good time here last year, but my training has been concentrated on the Loch Ness Marathon so half times haven't improved. But still want under 2 hours.
monkey harris
great race,really enjoyed it....
DIY Diva
*UPDATE* Well knock me over with a feather! That was purely down to the Fabulous Fetch Support. Thank you. xxx
gah. 5 seconds off a PB. up and down race - will blog in full later on. fell over just outside the stadium at full sprint which was sore, so had to get patched up at the end.
Kept up with my friend until 10, then let him go as I was struggling to keep with him, just jogged the last 3 to ensure I finished without stopping. Was reasonably pleased with the time considering my february lay off, but a bit annoyed to be just over the 2hr.
Not a PB, thought I had fully recovered from my cough but I couldn't keep the pace up. Sorry to those that bet on me. :o( . Thought the race was well organised and overall enjoyable!
They gave me a pink number, so I started not very far behind the Kenyans &c. A PB for 5K and by then I knew I was in trouble. Thought I might have to drop out but recovered, didn't notice the grimness of the dual carriageway or the heartbreak of the Green Park switchback sections and ended up sprinting in to the stadium. Two years ago this was my PB though and I was ten minutes off that pace.
Another good day at Reading - the finish in the Mad Stad is, of course, the highlight. A large part of my race was dominated by race supporters shouting 'C'mon Penguin' and it was only in the latter stages I realised that they were referring to a couple of 'Water Aid' runners (of about my pace) and not to my own running gait, but by then the damage was done...... Also, large parts of the course resembled the aftermath of a lorry carrying jelly babies having overturned, and I found myself trying not to step on them, for some reason.
Gun Pos = 1925
Gun Time = 01:41:48
Chip Pos = 2173
Chip Time = 01:40:53

Mile 2 needing a toilet, mile 3 stopped for a toilet. Miles 4,5 and 6 felt sick and had a stitch. Second half of the race felt good.
Nightmare :-(
Windy and undulating, suffered from 12 mile mark!
No bets, not sure about times quite yet, will need to see how training goes:-)
reasonably happy with this given the build-up. Made me reckon there is a PB in these legs with some training, less ultras and a fast course. Off to race planner now...
This is my pb course from 2006, so lets go for a new one....well not quite what I had in mind! Got caught up in the "mass" start for first 2 miles, then ran like hell to try and get back on pace....at 8 miles realised that was not going to happen, so decided to treat it as a training run for Paris Marathon, so coasted in at 1.37.56.
got a hamstring problem after 8 miles was on for a 1hr 30 or under well gutted
Try again to beat my 2006 PB here. *Update* Despite a spectacular, but ill fated attempt to dive over the fnish line from about 150 yards out, managed nearly 10 minutes off my PB. The race went really well for the 1st 10 miles, then I had to slow down and struggled a bit for the last 3.
Aiming for a quick time sub 1.50.

Enjoyable run just missed out on a 1.45 still took 5 minutes off my PB theres always next time!!
what an excellent race :) loads of support, both fetchie and otherwise, and a good confidence boost before FLM - many thanks to Synthpop and Mrs Superted for helping me knock 4 mins off my PB!!!
Applied on-line on 10/01/2008. Entry received. Current PB 77mins 49 seconds.
Ran with SB (her first half). Left calf has been sore since WHM but today it was the turn of my right calf. Despite this, I had a great race and enjoyed running with SB at her pace.
Agent Orange
Sub 1-40, kerching! Didn't feel too brilliant lining up, but the plan was go 1-40 pace and see what happened. As usual, congestion at the start, but I took a chance and kept up the pace even though it meant running wide and a bit unevenly. The congestion and the hills meant I was 20 seconds down on schdeule after a couple of miles. Picked this up over the next 3. Got to half way at 49.52 - bang on pace but I was worried I couldn't keep it up and worried the wind might come into our face (it never really did). Miles 7-11 were hard work and uncomfortable but each one was a few seconds ahead of target time. Thank goodness for the jelly babies! Slowed a little in mile 12 but the prospect of the finish always spurs you on, and I crossed the line in 1-39-32 with an improbable negative split. Thank you Reading. Met Peter Gates (at last) and Konaboy which made the day really nice.
Tav H
First half-marathon. My main task will be to finish without stopping for this one, although training says I should get comfortably under 2 hours. EDIT - not comfortable at all, and chip time says just over 2 hours, with very wobbly legs at the end. I did so much weaving, I must have covered at least 15 miles.
Tinsel Heid
PB by 13 1/2 mins!! brilliant!
Blakey 26.2 RRC

You have now entered the Asics Reading Half Marathon 2008.

Entry fee debited: £24.00
B Rubble
Enjoyed the race, reasonably pleased with time. Certainly liked the stadium finish.
Only half so far was 2:40 (Silverstone) so I have to beat that, hope to do it by at least 20 minutes.
Small PB. Still a bit ill so can't complain with the result. Race felt horrible compared to usual though.
Well, well, well you can never tell what's going to happen in this running game can you !! Decided to run on effort for as far as I could at about 10m pace. Remarkably kept it going for the whole race and ran an amazing PB - marathon training really does help with the strength to keep going in the last 3 or so miles which have always ben my weakness.
injured calf a week before race decided to run anyway with donny slow but got round ok happy with time as i was injured
Today was not my day. Was freezing at the start then too hot, really wheezy the whole way around. Was on pace to match last year's hm until mile 11 when I lost all energy. Oh well, there's always the next race...
Wow that was hard - 2 minutes slower than Wokingham but had to try so much harder - running is a strange business!
not built for speed
aiming for sub 2 as a build up for london - edit - didn't do sub 2 but for a first half it wasn't too bad. Have uploaded lots of photos!
Absolutely knackered start to finish.

Shin splints so first road run for five weeks. Bike, cross training and a few treadmill runs otherwise.
The Croc
One of the best. Not for me personally - well off my pb for which there are numerous excuses - but ran reasonably comfortably, slight negative split (47.20 to 46.35), hills were very comfortable, so lots to be happy about. Great to catch up with the Fetchies for a curry - best thing really.
Not a good run - didn't feel good at all so quite disappointed!!!
Rubber Chicken
A challenging target, but I think it shoul be possible
1 sec off PB . how annoying! Still quite please given last week and half with rib injury affecting running. Liked the stadium finish.
A really nice run apart from having to dodge walkers within the first half a mile! The wind and rain didn't turn up but from mile 10 onwards was hard. Did enjoy the stadium finish though.
sub 2:30 attempt YIKES!! **UPDATE** How happy am I??? You have no idea at all. I am the happiest fairy this side of fairydom. Honestly. I have NO energy, but I am bounding about all over the place. I am also very hungry, despite eating tea. I think I may have an elevenses bar. I have earned it.

WooooooHoooooo an 11 minute PB
OK lets see if I'm getting my racing vibes back ;0) Chosen this one as haven't run this course before so won't beat myself up about previous times..............
this will be the big target coming off winter training...sub 1:15 attempt and will be confident on the day!!...Update!! should have reviewed my prediction last month as training hadn't went to plan the last 5 weeks...sorry to the voters. Went into this one with the thought that 1:17 would have to be acceptable and found that due to lack of mileage then sustaining that sub 6 was an effort in itself!! Well done to Gobi for the ease that he pulled away from me at 4-5 miles....AND a big well done to Jock Itch for breathing down my neck and getting that sub 1:18 PB...briliant!! ;-)...give him his due and although I was placed in front of him by a place...he did beat me by 1sec on chip time...thats a beating in my book. Overall enjoyed the weekend thanks to hospitality of Gobi and Rach...great race and course.....i'll be back next year to give it the hiding that it should have got. ;-)
little brown bag
Tough one today!
Floating Runner
hopeing to break pb on this one so long as not got colds through first 3 months of 2008, as did before the 2007 race lol. Marathon training says go for sub 1.45 on this, not sure if can but will go for it.....
first full half since my first ever run in 2006.
confident of getting considerably under 2 hrs his time.
just unsure how it'll be running with 14,000 others, compared to 600 at my last half!!
can't wait to cross to line in the Madejski Stadium. Will be a great feeling, and am expecting an unreal atmosphere!!
POST RACE : Loved it. Great atmosphere all around. The bands playing (especially under the bridge) was amazing, the support for the runners was great everywhere. Huge thanks to all concerned, from Mr. Madejski for the use of the stadium, down to the jelly baby providers, and a special mention to the staff at the Nags Head, for my free fix of beer. All good :-)
Scar Tissue
Not as windy as i was dreading but not as flat as I was led to believe. Would like to have gone faster but can't complain with pb by a minute.
Left Foot
Great fun. Felt pretty strong and comfortable all the way round (except the first 'hill where I thought I was doomed', but I recovered and hit my stride) and pulled off a steady race with a nice bouncy finish in the stadium : - )
'Disappointed' is a one word answer to describe this run. Started off fighting my may through the crowds at the start and then settled into 6.45 - 7 min miling. Very early on my legs felt dead again probably from the Wed & Fri interval sessions. Got to 6 miles and my calves became very tight. Decided to cut my pace but had to stop about 10 times to stretch them during the second half of the race. The lack of any long runs was the deciding factor on my performance. Will attempt to get some in each week for another go at Bracknell where I hope to run around 1.30.
Athlete In Progress
New * PB * but not on my target.

Had shinsplints all week so ran quite well considering
Miss Minx
Thrilled! :-)

New PB by 8 minutes!

Breathing felt good, and legs felt strong.
Two days in bed with the lurgy on Thursday and Friday meant that I probably shouldn't have run. Set off at PB pace but at 3 miles realised my heart rate was way too high. Backed off to 6:30mm for the rest of the run. Did not enjoy being overtaken for 10 miles - not my usual tactic! Not all bad though, still my 2nd best HM ever, would have been a PB 3 weeks ago.
The Wizard
Legs felt tired after 7 miles, dropped 20 secs per mile. Didn't get a good nights sleep and was up at 6.20am.
Happy with performance. Was on 50 minutes at half way so second half was quicker - but was hard work
Very pleased with my time. Slow for the first 2 miles, mainly due to congestion, so then panicked a bit and went for it. Had caught up with my target schedule of 7 minute miles by the 5 mile marker...but the catching up tired me out so the rest of the race was a bit of a struggle. Managed to maintain a reasonable pace although no real sprint finish until the final short stretch in the stadium. Good weather and fairly flat course with a couple of hills, but nothing too challenging.
Remind me never to go drinking with my brother before a race. Couple of pints and a few whiskys the night before seemed a great idea at the time. Well organised race, but I started off too quickly and caught completely by suprise by the hill at 3 miles. Recovered and did OK to 10 miles, but faded again. Lots more trainng needed before FLM
racing against competitive friend who i really want to beat.
Was pleased with this for my first half as have no been able to stick to my training schedule in the last month due to family comittments etc.
Mr Chops
This will be my 10th Reading 1/2.===
2008th in 2008 and only 5 seconds slower than my PB here last year.
Hills of Death (HOD)
One of my favs - if all goes well. UPDATE ran so/so did not bomb I did go for it honestly. It's just my legs are not up to 7.30 min miling for 13.1 miles at mo. If this had of been 4/5 months ago I'd of P+**ed sub 1.40. Passed by Cavey and Konaboy they looked good. Well done everyone. Putting in presective it's my 2nd fastest Half 2nd to errr the Reading Half 07
Hope to beat this time I set last year.
UPDATE on 3/2/08: I did it ! It was a great race, but packed at the start and why, oh why did some idiots ignore the pacing -background colours on their race numbers. I saw some people who were at the front at the start who should have been at the back and they dropped out at mile 1!

Did well, was on for 1 hour 50 until mile 12, where I felt awful and just decided to bring myself home gradually rather than pass out and have ambulance attention! Great race everyone!
Fantastic run. I've never felt so comfortable right through a race. I was well within myself from start to finish, and could probably have taken another couple of minutes of this time no bother, but I've never raced so fast so I just stuck to the planned pace until near the end and then picked it up a bit for the finish. New PB by over 6 and a half minutes and I'm looking to the summer now to take another chunk out of it.
Knackered after bad night with Zack so more than pleased with time
Bosun Tony
I say 1 : 35, would love a 1 : 30, maybe a bit ambitious !!
Update: 1 : 36 : 18 enjoyed the race, no excuses, great course with lots of downhill sections. Some more tempo training for me and less pounding out the miles !!!!
The Outlaw
Reading Half Marathon. Pleased to beat 1:23:00 and achieve 80.50% age graded performance, but slightly disappointed to be so short of sub 1:20:00. Comfortable pace, with only the final couple of miles harder. Erratic mile markers meant it was difficult to pace. 2 miles @ 12:40; midway @ 40:45. Enjoyable morning. 232/11,181, 5th V50.
Felt strangely detached during the race. Started fairly strong but lost time having to pass so many slower runners early on & at an unscheduled comfort break in the Uni grounds! Followed 1:40 pace maker around who slowed down a lot over last 2 miles to hit the target. Saw Caterpillar just before the Uni & passed some fellow clubrunners, HOD & KinkyS enroute. Garmin switched off at just over 8 miles so pace all over the place over last 5 miles. Crossed the finish with Agent Orange who was well pleased with his shiny new PB (well done). I think on reflection I prefer smaller events with more club runners (like Wokingham). Well done everyone who achieved their expectations.
My training is being disrupted this year by spending nearly three weeks in SA and only being able to run on the treadmill in the hotel and then being on holiday somewhere else until the day before the race. 1.45 could be wishful thinking!

1:48:58 is actually not that bad, I ran it all and am quite proud of that. I did make the school girl error of having to have a toilet stop at three miles and queued quite a while for the portaloo, perhaps without that my prediction would be fairly accurate. Quite pleased that I have no knee pains.
smiley broadling
My first half marathon and I really enjoyed it! After a most horrendous final long training run last Sunday when I felt like death and which was probably caused by not eating enough, the large bowl of pasta last night and porridge this morning seem to have done the trick. In hindsight I probably could have gone faster - but there's always next time... Good to have Sid's company.
Another controlled pace effort.
74th, well paced SORTED
run with an calf injury. started slow to see how it felt. felt ok after 6 mile so picked up pace.

was very pleased with the run.
still got a pb.
can i knock 10mins off my first half time?
Hope you`ve all scooped LOADS of points!
Was hard going in places and had to keep pushing on. Spoke to a few fellow runners and relaly enjoyed the support

Saw several people from school which was good and encouraged me loads
Paced SarahL round to a 12 minute PB :-) Woohoooo well done Sarah, absolutely fantastic run. Really enjoyed the day, nice course great atmosphere and fantastic finish. Great to meet and talk to loads of Fetchies. See Sarah's blog for detailed race report. Note to self: if recording race using head cam remember to press stop if I use the Portaloo!
Training run, after some wine.

Pleased with time, not so pleased with the manner at which I acheived it - had to work WAY too hard, but DID start pretty near the back.

Sport Reliefed up to the nines with t-shirt, socks and sweatbands, shouted at the odd Fetchie, watched poor lady stack it on the way into the MadStad
Late entry in to this race so was relying on my Wokingham training to get me round. 8 secs slower than Wokingham and HR was slightly higher. Didn't feel as good in this race. However, only took 40s longer in second half so endurance level was fine.
Found it tough especially round The Forbury and centre of town. Good atmosphere. Pleased with my time although slower than last year.
Didn't mange breakfast due to nerves, so ran on just a banana!
Only started training just before Christmas, trying to get fit again after not really doing much exercise for the last couple of years.
This was the 2nd time I've done this course and it's fab! This year was a PB for me...Woo Hoo! Ran most of the race with a guy dressed as a fireman (well done mate, lots of respect, that suit looked heavy!) and behind fellow fetchie Don Bubbles for a while. Worst part of the course is the last bit of carridge way where you double back on yourself and the stadium doesn't seem to get any closer for a while no matter how hard you run! Dodging the Jelly baby massacre at 10 and 12 miles was interesting, sticky little critters!

Brilliant course, well organised, plenty of drinks (good hot chocolate) and freebies, fell asleep on the bus back to the station again this year! Defo back next year! Oh yeah, Parker, that space onthe back of the medal...it's for engraving your time! ;o) xx
Easy pace, used race as training and to admire the scenery!
Hillier than expected but fantastic Stadium finish.
Ali Beech
More comfortable than expected. Couple of cheeky hills that I wasn't expecting (my friend from nearby assured me that it was flat!). In a very fragile mental state so overall pleased with my time. My last half was 2hrs 26mins and the one before that was 20 years ago and I did 2 hours so not bad for an old, overweight, drinks too much red wine, girl.
flat race, first half marathon (for about 10 years) was fun and really well organised
Zippy 123
Fast race!
Script DR
2120 out of 11181 finishers
Run with Helen - hence slow time
Actually my fastest Half of 2008 was the Nelson Half in New Zealand on 4th May, 1:41:32
Reading was 1:43:06
Pos. 2454 / 11181
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